PEORIA ILLINOIS get ya 6 piece suits ready!! Let’s have some fun.. Friday Dec28th 🌀 PeoriA Civic center
happy holidays. naughty or nice I think she’s gettin gifts regardless...
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chicago it all starts SAT DEC 29th @ ARIE crown theater better have your tickets now!
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how u sleep knoWiN your ex girl questioning thee FUCK outta her new Nigga because of everything u did.
ok. LONG STORY SHORT.. hey loyal love .. it was a long day.. but I’m happy because I did a lot for this day myself. so I’m proud of me.. almost as proud as I am of you @karytasantos “I’m not from here” 😂 you LOVE as if you invented it. You fight for what u want as if GOD himself put in a “go get it girl” request... you’re a professional caregiver.. you’d rather drive off at 150mph than argue with me. Even when I feel I’m in a mental maze u help show me I’m already close to the end of the madness. I love how our arguments are about the LITTLEST SHIT EVER... u do be stealing shirts tho’ but u also stole a part of my heart I could never want back because u take care of it like it’s your own. you’re peace & the important piece of this love puzzle we have.. I’ll Love u until your mother wants to be with me.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATA.. kk.. my Lil playboy that shouldn’t be in this party bunny.. late post cuz u been AROUND A NIGGA ALL DAY.. I’m even writing this in front of u now..but my face look like I’m arguing b cause I’m a good actor.. 😂🎁🎂🎁 Happy Birthday we will make 🇧🇷 with these mixed kids! And u have NICE KNEES.
it almost Grammy time!! I’m in the studio like...
Peoria ILLiNOIS. FRIDAY DEC. 28‼️ PEORIA CIVIC CENTER‼️ Ppl always ask why do I take shows there. When I started til now it’s BIG for me to perform in RICHARD PRYORs home town just knowing I touched the Illinois ground that his pain vs peace on stage was invented. To me it’s dope that my COMEDIAN COMPADRE’s come rock with me from the “BIG” markets to the “CHITLIN CIRCUIT” as they say.. & it ain’t no BIG CHECK.. it’s FUN & the ppl there LOVE it‼️ they show up & show out.. I appreciate y’all for real!! & can’t forget my day UNO @djcaptain always helps me make it 🔥 see y’all DEC 28th @ PEORIA civic center #WeAreStreetStar #DCyoungfly #JESShilarious #JUSTnesh #MICHAELblackson #DERAYdavis
DeRAY does DAYTON 🎁 OHIO COME GET THIS GIFT. Friday Dec21 & Saturday Dec22‼️
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