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🤯@willsmith just posted my illustrated filmography of him! 🙌
A look back at covers for singles, EPs, and albums I was lucky enough to work on. • • • • • • • • (Natural Language layout: Jessica Martins, The Spring Standards and Heather Robb photos: Shervin Lainez, Freddy & Francine photos: Jessica Robles, Lauren Balthrop photo: Tom Krueger)
@laurenbalthropmusic ・・・ “It’s hard to believe it BUT this record comes out this Friday 9/21 on @tonetreemusic - you can still pre-order vinyl and cd’s on my @pledgemusic until then. I’m so excited for it to be out!!!!” Cover design: @derek_eads Photo by @tom.krueger Produced by @kaufyismynamo Mixed and Engineered by @djamesgoodwin in Woodstock, NY at @theisokon Mastered by @trindysmom Featuring @yardudeguy @kaufyismynamo @djamesgoodwin @jasonbemislawrence @maiafffff @thecatapult @annienerd @lmadrazz @violistakaren @tom.krueger #laurenbalthropmusic #derekeads
@freddyandfrancine ・・・ “Grateful for the opportunity to grow as artists and collaborate with talented folks such as @danknobler , #samhoward , @shaferhaiss , @robbyhecht , @shoots_with_jessica and @derek_eads to make a product we’re SUPER proud of. We love writing songs. We love recording them. We love performing live. We love our job. Thanks for being supportive of our art. Thanks for sharing and listening and letting us know what our music means to you. It never gets old. I’ll never get tired of someone saying a song of ours helped them through a tough time... or was the soundtrack to their first make out session with their now husband... or that one of our songs got stuck in your head for 3 days and now you despise it. These are the comments that make it all worth while. Keep listening and we’ll keep making music. Deal?” #moonlessnight #freddyandfrancine #derekeads
( James Smith/ @silverpig12 : “After this long and Iife changing year, it’s finally time to start the release process of my first solo album, #thefortunateones . Follow @jamesesmusic to get the news as it come out!!” ) Design by @derek_eads
Circa 2013. Inspired by my favorite song - “Trampoline” by @youwontmusic 💚
More Book News: I did the illustrations for @geraldedwardfunfunfunfunfun ‘s wonderful instructional guitar book! ・・・ Hello friends! It’s the final week of the Kickstarter for my new guitar book for little ones. You can preorder the book, picks, and more (and pledge your support!) at the link in my bio, • #kidsguitar #guitarteacher #brooklyn #books #selfpublished #childrensbook #teachmusic #acousticguitar #author #learnmusic #guitartabs #tablature #readingmusic #sheetmusic #songs #folksongs #guitarplayer #easyguitar #fun #musicbook #bookone #readysetguitar #guitarpick #derekeads
I’m overjoyed to have a page in Gavin Edward’s “The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses”, featuring a large assortment of talented artists. Check out your nearest book store, or grab one online, so you can draw along.✏️ @theexquisitebook @penguinbooks #exquisitecorpses #exquisitecorpse #derekeads #dandelions #illustration
✨Gina Linetti ✨#brooklynninenine #chelseaperetti
💪🏻Zoya painting. 🎨#glow #alisonbrie #gallery1988 #netflix
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