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✨Turning musical talent & social cache into lives changed, tickets sold, and over 1 million streams, independent af. #InsecureHBO

let em sleep. drop a ✨ if you woke. • @kswiss x @joyrichla • 📸@lilyvachon
Go vote in my story 😁 tryna see somethin. Put a lil ✨ in this bih after you do.
OVER 250,000 plays on YOU CAN TELL‼️😁📈 @adidasoriginals x @bristolstudio
✨Keep Safe is the end of what began with Leimert Park. • I wanted to follow inspiration in hopes of discovering and defining something of my own. That happened to sound like me jumping through genre’s... sharing my stories over 4 projects in this last year. • Thank you all for supporting these releases as we’ve reached an incredible milestone...including 1 MILLION STREAMS‼️🥳 (Independent AF) • This upcoming song & project is the beginning of an even more refined sound. Excited to present it to you. • If you’re excited to hear THE MOTION, lemme get your most used emoji. Mine gotta be the ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
been leaking songs for a while. here’s a compilation with those songs, and a few extras...#keepsafe .(bio)
Issa you ain’t never lie #insecurehbo
#AmericaToo • I’m get inspired. #TheMotion . . . Caught up to #virgilabloh & #takashimurakami collab exhibit. Reminded me I got another project to drop 😂 If you want new music drop some ✨✨✨
✨Listen out for me. Tonight on CW’s #BlackLightning . 9p
Thank you Jon x @ninachantele for allowing me to share some of my story and encourage the kids, but to witness them, their performances and stories was an honor. • I was a kid that the boys and girls club being able to share with this new generation is a blessing. Gotta pull up on them this coming week to continue building the future. • shout out to @real923la x @iheartradio x @bgch_kids x @motownrecords for making a moment like this happen. • 📸 @dirkdd
✨grab tix. sell out the show before the music like beyonce or su’hn. ❤️❤️❤️
tag yo real friends. #litework
tha internetz gif’d me cuhz i’m so happy 😂 #insecurehbo
From chilling in Club Carter VIP watching Jay & Bey #otr , to watching my cameo with all of my friends on TV #insecure x #INSECUREHBO , playing new music @coopthetruth / @pompanopuff / @prodbydsharp & I have been working on, #LITEWORK , & announcing my first headlining show! I’m grateful AF & will be posting all of these moments throughout the week! Thank y’all for supporting the f*ck out of me! Ticket link in my bio!
✨how many⁉️😂✨ • Ima be on the tv momma. sunday. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Comment a ✨ if you’re ready to hear new music.
You Can Tell! Now available on the #insecurehbo season 3 soundtrack! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
✨Made this song thanks to @andre3000. Made this song for an Apple commercial. Made this song right outside of my car. #ThinkDifferent . • • • • • #apple #iphonexs #appleevent #iphonexsmax #faceid
✨Way wayyy in the cut.🎬 Reely. 🎥🎞 • • • 👁 x @nobleox #outtapocket #motion
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