Derrius Logan

✨Your favorite artist of 2018. #HouseParty x #FreeSpirit

“I’ll bring the chips🌮 & the dip🥑, if you wanna dip🛸 you can dip👋🏾, the water is wet🧜🏽‍♀️ let me dip🏊🏾‍♂️, if you let me dip ⛷I won’t dip🧥✌🏾😅...” #HouseParty #BrunchFlows
I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I love it. #HouseParty #brunchstagram
✨ • • • grab the aux.
✨New music? Vote in my instastory.
✨sleep on me if you want to. • • • 📸@jmpolynice • • • There was a time when I wanted everything. The difference between then and now is... #taste . I love then because I got to explore. I love now because I only taste what I love. Lean into your taste, your flavor. Follow #themotion .
✨I’m proud daily. I laugh out loud daily. I’m grateful for you daily. Thank you baby boy. ••• Thank you all for taking time out to celebrate us dads. 🙏🏾 ••• #BonnetPapi #HeCantReadYet #ThankYouWifeee
✨These days i don’t get sleep past 4am. maybe i’m saying what i couldn’t. maybe it’s just the motion. ••• 🚨Live for it.
✨my dawg. very grateful for things I won’t detail on instagram. you mean a lot to my family. thank you. &&& congratulations on wrapping season 3! @issarae ••• p.s. I told you @pompanopuff took ONE LONELY ASS PHOTO! 😂
falsetto shawty. ••• link in bio. #keepsafe #hooky
this was such a cool way to drop one of my favorite projects of that year, and ever? top 10? ••• y’all remember this time, this year, this post? ••• he just threw a link on tumblr. this album was so well thought out & he had the balls to through the shit randomly on tumblr? that project grew legs, and a car.
I’ve made a spotify playlist with all the #KeepSafe releases so far. Make sure you follow it for updates!
Looking at the plays and I’m glad y’all love this record. Produced by @coopthetruth. Go share this record with bae. I love y’all. Thank you.
✨Hooky. Available everywhere tonight @ 9. - Available on soundcloud now.
When you wanna act ready but you nooottt. #insecurehbo #season3
Maybe just once...we can play...
If you’ve never asked “Is it over?” then you cannot relate. • • • Song only available in bio, just sharing a moment with you.
While I upload Hooky., I want you all to know how grateful I am for this Keep Safe journey. For the opportunity to be on #insecure in a new capacity this coming season, for friends like @pompanopuff & @iamdking to hype me the fuck up & give great perspective and advice, for my wife...continuing to figure out what marriage means to us, and in tern, our generation...oh and her being patient with both my genius and my foolishness...I guess only the record is left.
Season finale. Hooky. • • • because there’s nothing too valuable to share #KeepSafe ...later this week.
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