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All black everything! 🖤 Sometimes black is the only (sensible) option, don’t you think?! 😉
Ending the week and ticking off my to-do list (which is currently getting longer not shorter!) But love the achievement of crossing jobs off and feeling productive! Who’s with me?!🙋🏻‍♀️✔️
Currently feeling all the golden details✨👌🏼Love to know your fave jewellery brands in the comments below! I need to build my collection!
More than half way through January already!🙈 How’s everyone’s year going so far?! Got ‘The Calendar’ sorted for the month. I have to have everything written down or else I forget! This downloadable calendar is available to shop and print (in portrait and landscape) on my website. Link in bio. Happy planning! X
Travel essentials that kept me occupied whilst on holidays✈️👌🏼Multiple books is a must (I am still obsessed with Queen after watching Bohemian Raphsody, twice! So now I’m reading everything Queen and Freddie Mercury related!) Laptop, not for work (maybe a couple of emails) but to finish watching ‘You’ on Netflix. My new AirPods, I don’t know how I survived without these, life changing! #technerd What’s your must have travel essential/s?
Summer neutrals obsessions👌🏼🙌🏼
If packing your suitcase wasn’t hard enough, deciding on beauty products to take is even harder right?!👌🏼This is 1 of 3 beauty bags I’ve taken with me! (One for makeup, skincare and those miscellaneous items!)🙈
Completely avoiding going back to work and packed my bags to fly to Tasmania for the week.✈️Made a personal record of only taking 13kg with me! Do you travel light or are you an overpacker?!
You know your still on holidays when you have time to make pretty looking breakfasts like this! What’s your go to breakfast?! 💖😋
Lazy summer days. When it’s too hot outside you bring the summer vibes inside!☀️💦 Currently binge watching ‘You’ on Netflix, have you watched it?! Also a few templates on my stories (or highlights), would love to know your goals for 2019!👌🏼
The perfect way to keep your 2019 organised! ‘The Calendar’ is available to download and print now (in both portrait and landscape orientation) Link in bio👌🏼🖤
Happy 2019 lovelies!✨Here’s to another 365 days of challenges, unexpected surprises, highs (and lows). But whatever 2019 brings, dream big, be you, do you!😉
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