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When Five Elms Capital decided to move their office to Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza, the goal was to enhance the traditional idea of a “corner office with a view.” Interior walls were replaced with frameless glass partitions to carry natural light and Plaza views deep into the space. An appreciation for nature is evident in the materials and finish palette, décor and furnishings, including custom C-shape side tables created by our shop. @_hufft also designed and fabricated a mobile reception desk that can easily be moved to transform the lobby into a social space. _Design & fabrication by @_hufft _ Photography by Michael Robinson #designers_need
thanksgiving themed chair with a woven cornucopia as the seat by @nickpbaker ..... #designers_need
Bedroom with lake view ! What do you think? By @modconstruction ...... #designers_need
Ascend by @dandevine and it’s been created for all the cat ladies and fellas out there..... #designers_need
Nice contemporary living room design and visualization by specialized studio for architectural and industrial visualization based in #stockholm #sweden .... #designers_need
Pare pair of wiliam katavolos lounge chairs .. @designers_need for more ..
Nice visualization by @by_visuals .... #designers_need
Light line by mary wallis .. @designers_need for more ..
Tag your archi friend who bad in technical drawings ....... technical drawings by hand via @lifehacksforarchitects ....... Technical design is a huge knowledge gap for students and we intend to bridge it with our range of 2D & 3D detailing videos. All explained with voice overs...... now you can join @lifehacksforarchitects for solving this problem...... Check link in our bio ... #designers_need
The wave by Dmitry bistrov .... #designers_need for more ...
Nice interior by @wafai___ ..... #designers_need
Sculptural lamp designs of great aesthetic value by john procario .. @designers_need for more ..
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