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Relaxing place for a break 👍 Visualization of new development by .. . @designers_need to be feature ..
Unique light fixture using rough concrete by designer Stefan Gant .... #designers_need to be feature Via @ajadesigns__
All in the details with @JNSdevelopment ..... #designers_need to be feature
#OurEverydayinOurSurfaces When #artisans , #designers and #engineers work together to bring #everyday patterns to #surfaces . A perfect weave of black and white, created by Team @topstona
Grand business confederation by alejandro munoz miranda .. . @designers_need to be feature
Furniture design by jung kim .. . @designers_need to be feature ..
What a space by @randybrownarchitects ..... #designers_need to be feature
Power nap chair by nina helena .. . @designers_need to be feature ..
Project: Villa Mistral Location: Sentosa Cove, Singapore Architecture - Mercurio Design Lab Interiors - Mercurio Design Lab Project Architect - AM Architects Credits to @massimo.mdl . @designers_need to be feature ..
Chaise longue by rui silva .. . @designers_need to be feature..
What do you think? Nice interior by @anna__potapenko ..... #designers_need to be feature
Settee designed by charles gibilterra .. . @designers_need to be feature ..
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