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A very determined three-month-old @devilsden_tuco (WGKs Apollo son) ❌ @devilsdenbullies
These 2 back together again being that we didn’t get any breedable offspring the first time around we will try it again Follow us for updates thank you } The breeding that made @devilsden_kano @devilsden_miklo { } @devilsdenbullies @devilsdenpitbullsxxl
Damn we made some OK puppies in 2018 and this year is going to be much better . Stay tuned and always remember there is a good reason why there is never any small dick energy coming from this page , so make sure your notifications are on and your following us 🤣 we appreciate it and Support back 👇🏼 👇🏼 @devilsdenbullies
I get black coffee in the mornings from @blackriflecoffee , the dogs get the secret bodybuilder formula in the mornings. It’s the best way to Conquer a hard productive day.. that’s what she said “ 👇🏼 follow us @devilsdenbullies Or not that’s ok too 🤣
Check out this Apollo son half brother to Ranger You can Follow him At @devilsden_tuco or not , that’s ok too we know how transgender some of these closet lady boys are about following and hitting the like button but Not us, we follow anyone who asks and we support everyone that shows up in our news feeds. We hit the like Button so fast we end up liking dudes with no shirts on And dogs that look like crippled Coco puffs but hey, it’s all good because we didn’t have experimental surgery to have our ball’s removed. I’m talking about those guys that have been breeding for 5 or 6 years and think that’s a life time, they learned how to train dogs and buy Instagram followers now they to good to follow or like the next guy 😂 but one things for sure.. they all know who we are 👇🏼@devilsdenbullies . . @devilsdenbullies
This is Joe and Joe is every dog breeder's dream client. Not only does he take your dog you sold him into the ring with the same fucking face on, but he also wears a shirt in the ring with the dog you sold him with the same fucking face on 🤣. I’m lucky to have clients like Joe who also become friends. I get to watch him work his way up from not having any experience at all to showing his own dog in the ring. And although he's been told the dog we made and sold him maybe too muscular for the classic class and a too lean for the standard class, Joe is never afraid to lose because he’s here to enjoying the ride and experience with a smile Definitely my type of dude 👍🏼 he ant fucken smiling in this picture tho 👇🏼 @genovesefamilybullies : : @devilsdenbullies .. #razorsedgebloodline #razorsedgepitbull #devilsdenbullies
DM we have one or two puppies open inquire within, If you’re a guy make sure you have the money before you ask questions and waist your time , if you’re a girl we promise not to sexually harass you unless you ask us to ~ @devilsdenbullies
Brother and sister love Large Marge in front Negan in the back ‘ ‘ @devilsdenbullies
Attention Walmart shoppers: kids boring , puppies boring, put them together = Not Boring ~ We support the people who support us ~ @devilsdenbullies _
Just another day at the office ~ “ @devilsdenbullies
When champion Diesel comes back to visit his roots , Follow Devilsden’s champion big Diesel At these fabulous locations 👇🏼 @joe_devilsden @devilsdenbullies @devilsdenpitbulls
Some of the new puppies all went home to their new owner @reddyy_set_go , some people hate us so much for just being awesome they like to report our page while, some people like us so much they have to buy three 🤣 thanks again , @devilsdenbullies
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