Kansas City Portraits

Portrait Photographers Joe & Lora Devine.

“I’m going to the gym, I’m going to the gym” (my thoughts while editing this 🤣💪🏻) @miriahl @missmousa is a badass! 🤩❤️ Hair/makeup @loradevine #devinestudios #vanbrosgirls #missmousa #pageant #beauty
Had so much fun last weekend at the Miss Nebraska USA pageant. So great to hang out with friends, both previous and current title holders. ❤️ Huge congratulations to the new @missneusa @lexnutrifit and @missneteenusa @erin.shae Loved watching both of you shine on that stage, we are so excited to work with you! Also thank you to @johnvannattajr and @jasonvannatta for introducing yourselves, it was so good to finally meet! We really appreciate all of your support and praise ☺️❤️ On top of all that we also finally had the opportunity to meet @sarahrosesummers @missusa For the first time! Seeing her in person and watching her interact with everyone you could instantly see all the qualities that lead to her being crowned Miss USA! @chloebartlett15 @michaelaedstrand @bree___coffey @missilteenusa @theamaiyasinclair @missokteenusa @missarteenusa @sydni_bennett @missksteenusa @thetorikruse @missmoteenusa @mrsearth2018 @samstigram1
Tonight the amazing @bree___coffey will crown a new Queen. Congrats on your reign as Miss Nebraska USA, it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you! ❤️ Hair/makeup @loradevine #beautyportrait #vanbrosgirls #missnebraskausa #pageant #devinestudios
Wishing this amazing lady the best of luck at the Miss NE USA Pageant this weekend! Excited to see her rock the stage in person! 😍💕 . #pageantphotographer #pageantheadshot #vanbrosgirls
@michaelaedstrand @missneteenusa is out of this world beautiful! And hilarious 🤣 ...and we get to see her this weekend! 🙌🏻🤩 can’t wait! #missnebraskateenusa #missteenusa #devinestudios #vanbrosgirls #pageant Hair/makeup @loradevine
We haven’t posted for a while bc last month was the busiest December we’ve ever had 🙏🏻😃 Thank you to everyone we have worked with, who has recommended us and cheered us on along the way. We greatly appreciate you all! 😍❤️ Hoping for an even more exciting 2019! Happy New Year 🎊 #bringon2019 #devinestudios #beautyportrait
Merry Christmas everyone 🎄Slugger the Frenchie says hello! Thank you to all my clients, friends and family for making this an amazing year. Even more exciting things to come for 2019 😃🦄
Going for the gold with @haileycolborn @missusa This was one of those “ooh let’s do one more look and see what happens” moments. When we shoot we always want to push ourselves to create something different, something that goes beyond just another pretty portrait. I had an “ah ha” moment with this one and I’m pretty excited about it 🤗😍❤️ Hair/makeup @loradevine #devinestudios #vanbrosgirls #missteenusa #haileycolborn #kansascityphotographer
Happy Birthday to this amazing lady! @bree___coffey 🎉 🎂 💙 Hair/makeup @loradevine #devinestudios #missnebraska #vanbrosgirls #headshots #beauty
Good luck to the adorable Adayre this evening at the Miss Merry Christmas pageant! Can you believe this girl is only 8! 😯🤗 So cute ❤️ Hair/makeup @loradevine #devinestudios #headshots #kansascityphotographer #pageant #kansascity
Happy 21st Birthday to the new @missksusa @alyssaklinzing 🎉Swipe left to see a few images from the first time we worked together 6 years ago when Aly was just 14! Hope you are having an unforgettable 21st! ❤️
Oh my goodness @alyssaklinzing just won @missksusa 😍 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 So incredibly proud of you Aly and your journey to get here! So bummed we can’t be there right now to celebrate with you and @stacey_klinzing ❤️❤️❤️ Hair/makeup @loradevine #devinestudios #vanbrosgirls #missksusa #pageant #missks2019
What a year for this beautiful soul @missksusa @melanieshaner It’s been such a pleasure getting to know and work with you Melanie! Can’t wait to see what’s next. ❤️😍😘 Hair/makeup @loradevine #misskansasusa #vanbrosgirls #devinestudios #beauty #pageant
It may be the last day as @missksteenusa for @huntermycah but I know there is so much more on the way. Loved getting to be a part of your reign! ❤️ Hair/makeup @loradevine #missksteenusa #vanbrosgirls #devinestudios #beauty #pageant
In love with this headshot of @alyssaklinzing 😍 The Miss Kansas USA competition starts today! Wishing all the contestants the best ❤️ Hair/makeup @loradevine #devinestudios #kansascityphotographer #beauty #vanbrosgirls #misskansasusa
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