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12.7.18~Frost, please🙋All this dry air and cold days makes it feel a little more like home ♥️
11.28.18~A week of sales and new releases at Contour...still trying to comprehend 💕
11.24.18~Teaching the little guy a family tradition...lumpia with leftovers!
11.21.18~We've been experimenting on the Contour front much fun!
11.19.18~So thankful to live here
11.18.18~The little man is one!
11.17.18~I don't always take a photo of my booth...but when I do, it gets posted 💪" Hey everyone, come over and see how good it looks!" -Ronny B.
11.15.18~It's been a week of hustle, getting new things in the shop and ready for Christmas markets. I definitely feel much better when there are things to do. Rest is not my forte 😬
11.11.18~Is that my old Jeep? Is that my brother's dream car? How is that dog so still? #somanyquestions #somanyhashtags
11.10.18~Baby got back.....@venturebarberco #yesistolehisjacket
11.9.18~Last minute trip over the mountains to get @venturebarberco up and running. So proud of my little brother, his passion, and hard work 💪
11.3.18~We watched a munchkin cat this week and it was totally hilarious and super fun! Thanks for sharing your baby with us @brezzy_biddy ❤️ #lowrider #limocat
10.28.18~Happy walking boy...zoom in for extra cheese
10.27.18~Our dear friends got hitched today, so I called in the troops for setup...@kkazen knows how to dress for success if you ask me;)
10.26.18~Love these birds ❤️ Last evening before tying the knot 💪
10.25.18~We had plenty of wedding things to do, but these special girls blessed my socks off with a spontaneous photo shoot 💕 Golden friendships are rare and in this photo alone are so many...I'm one thankful human. #wearcontour
10.24.18~Today we celebrated the last few single days of one of my most favorite humans. Words can't express how much I love her and value our friendship 💕
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