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10.15.18~We put dinner in the instant pot, and headed to the backyard for some spins
10.14.18~Little man teaching us some gang signs
10.12.18~This was a very special day
10.11.18~Inside venues are so warm! Bring it on:) @contourcreative
10.9.18~It's apple and cute husband o'clock around here.
10.8.18~So fun to be back playing with my favorite nephew ❤️
10.7.18~I'm so thankful for the people who support this little @contourcreative adventure. Even when sharing an epic experience in a far away land, they pack to #wearcontour 😭
10.6.18~Enjoying the North Rim for the first time. What a special place ❤️ #rimtohimfall2018
10.5.18~One photo is never enough for such an epic day journeying from rim to rim in the Grand Canyon. 15 hours = transformation, healing, and lives changed. On Sunday, I took a last minute trip through the Enchantments and while I was up there, got an overwhelming sense that I would be taking people through the Canyon later this week. I was signed up to help out with logistics, but God had other plans. In my mind, it would be last minute, like a leader would get sick or something. Sure enough, once I got back into service, I had three voice messages and a text saying "you're our first choice." When I read that text, I instantly knew what the question was and God had prepared me just hours before to accept. The yes would have been so much more difficult if I had not received that peace or taken that last minute trip through the mountains. It's kinda weird and hard to explain...but yeah! God is super cool like that. #rimtohimfall2018 #loveisgreaterthanfear #whyiguide #womenwhoexplorearizona #womenwhoexplore @revelationwellness
10.4.18~These humans have quickly become my people. Thankful for their love - off to the Grand Canyon for a grand adventure! #rimtohimfall2018 #revelationwellness #loveisgreaterthanfear @laura_freedom_fighter @revelationwellness
10.1.18~Enlisted the help of my #instahubby for this one as the new @contourcreative fall line launched today! If you're looking for a cozy new top, look no further...there's many to choose from:)
9.30.18~Oh hey, let's do the Enchantments tomorrow...alright! @hannahmaepp @lindsayyboyd @jess._.renea #womenwhoexplorewashington #womenwhoexplore
9.24.18~Morning views out the loft window ain't so bad
9.23.18~Nothing beats the beauty of a quiet afternoon in the hometown
9.22.18~Cousin got all growed up and married. Couldn't be more thrilled @jbrend91
9.18.18~Hey, let's check out Stehekin and see what all the buzz is about. Okay.
9.17.18~Hey, let's go to the North Cascades today. Alright.
9.16.18~I'm not often proud of the outfit I slap together, but when I am, I take a photo.
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