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8.8.18~We're kinda obsessed with him 💕
8.6.18~So thankful to have met these beauties through @womenwhoexplore_washington ! What a fantastic day ❤️ #womenwhoexplorewashington #womenwhoexplore #pnwoutdoorwomen #herpnwlife
8.1.18~Four hours in the car for a three hour float with the bro? Not a problem! #keepplainplain Love you @iamconnorpaul @venturebarberco
7.31.18~Another day on the water never hurt anyone @jess._.renea
7.30.18~Stoked to get ma-in-law on the water with her new craft! It took a little bit of convincing, but once we got out there I heard nothing but "this is so relaxing", "I'm so glad we came", "what a great night!" That's what I call SoulSUP....coming soon;)
7.26.18~Why must this trip end 😭 @senseiiiii
7.25.18~My happy place: on the water, surrounded by duckies 🦆@ydadventures #womenwhoexplore
7.24.18~Morning rise on solo day😍
7.23.18~No fun was all😉 How many boats did we stack?! @ydadventures
7.22.18~Love this lady and her heart ❤️@senseiiiii
7.21.18~Sometimes life requires scary things. I constantly faced fears every day this week and God gave me supernatural peace, clarity of mind, and joy! So thankful to be back on the river with my YD family ❤️ Jumping is the fearless @senseiiiii P.S. We had a student lose his glass eye after this jump. Felt so terrible for him, but he handled it like a champ 💪
7.20.18~And boats are rigged for the Slamin' Salmon, 2018! #ydadventures
7.19.18~Couldn't pass up this photo op😍🏵️
7.18.18~I'm so thankful to be surrounded by such beautiful hearts. They keep me centered ❤️ . . . . . #sweatydirtyhappy #womenwhoexplorewashington #womenwhoexplore #herpnwlife #pnwisbest #visitleavenworth #keepplainplain #sheadventures #humanpowered #getoutstayout #weareoutdoor
7.17.18~So thankful for my forever buddy and her willingness to follow me into bug-infested mountain ranges 💕 I'm already missing you @hillary.anne10 #womenwhoexplorewashington #womenwhoexplore #wwexploreambassadors
7.13.18~It's always been the water for me. Something freeing, something wild. From lifeguarding to swimming to teaching to coaching to guiding to just plain fun...the water is my home. #wwexploreambassadors #womenwhoexplore #womenwhoexplorewashington #herpnwlife #ourpnw
7.11.18~Life with him is my favorite💙#stolenwincobasketsighting
7.10.18~We didn't have the best start to our week, but my brother told me to get out and breathe the fresh air Gramma has been for 98 years today. That's what we did and it was perfect. To look down on the valley we all grew up in was super special today 💕love you @hillary.anne10
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