LEXIE 2k18


Gr8 weekend!
She was big 😍
I’m asking God is this a blessing he just sent my way?
Thicker than blood .
They think their hard till they realize im not average .
Leading not following .
Hi 😋
Pretty girl with mad feelings .
Admosc/ lexieeasley
I’m changin for tha better .
Walk your own path .
Lil peep’s go 2 was xans My go 2 was peep . ),:
Lil peep was one of a kind . We will never get someone that was like lil peep . He was special and sad and happy . His music was my motivation . My reason I kept fighting for the longest time . Rest easy lil peep . 💔 your forever apart of my life . I L Y .
November 15th 2017, lil peep died . November 16th 2017, I died inside .
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