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LOL j/k... or am I? . I know I’ve been a little quiet over here this week but sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward and refocus. I’ve been concentrating on how to bring the most value to you, my membership group, and coming up with ideas to best serve you when it comes to social media marketing. . With that said, I have a brand new social media tip coming tomorrow, so click the link in my bio to get on my email list & have it delivered straight to your inbox 📨
Lunch was GOOD 😋
Iced coffee season is here! Which also means it’s Spring here in New York City😍 . This is my absolute favorite season (and not just because of my birthday). The weather is just right, there’s no humidity and city just seems so happy and vibrant. This season gets me motivated to crush goals for myself and my clients. . What’s your favorite season and why?
Happy Monday! . I haven’t introduced myself in a little but so here I go! I’m Dhariana Lozano, your NYC based, food and coffee loving social media consultant. I’ve been helping businesses and entrepreneurs expand their brands using social media for the past 8 years - and I love every moment of it! I also recently launched the DhariLo Social Media Lounge - a monthly membership program for those who want to learn about social media and put those lessons into practice. . So tell me a little about you, or what you do - even just where you’re from is cool. And if I can answer any of your social media questions, drop them here or DM me 🙂
You know why I’m here... @innout
Sunday... . Soaking up that Cali sun ☀️
Tomorrow I’m going live right here on Instagram for another #CoffeeWithDhari . . Grab your cup of coffee (or tea, I’m not a hater) and join me at 1 PM EST as I answer your social media questions as well as any questions about my monthly membership program (because doors close on Saturday) . Drop your questions in a comment below and see you all tomorrow! 🙂
I’m trying to avoid reaching for that second cup of coffee today ☕️ . Like a true Latina my favorite coffee is @cafebustelo #notsponsored lol. What’s yours? What keeps you energized and going if you don’t drink coffee? Let me know in a comment below 🙂
Taking the first step towards something new can be hard. I can tell you til I’m blue in the face why The DhariLo Social Media Lounge is great, but instead I’ll use the words of @meganlively , who just joined my membership program. She wrote: . “I have worked in social media for over 10 years. Dhariana continues to impress me with knowledge and expertise in the area of social media. She is up to date on the latest trends, what’s happening right now, and what’s about to change. If that’s not enough- Consider the fact she’s a contributor for Social Media Today, Social Media Week, and Agorapulse. All of these and more make her new online membership a steal! If you don’t work for yourself ask your company or boss if you can join “DhariLo Social Media Lounge” and make social media work for you. She’s has revolutionized mine. Her teaching style is easy and straight to the point” . It’s that kind of encouragement that keeps me going! Wanna know more about how I got this rave review? Join me in the DhariLo Social Media Lounge by clicking the link in the bio. You can DM me with any questions you have about the program. Don’t forget anyone who signs up by tonight will get my free social media strategy class [$497 value]
Can you level with me? There’s a good chance you haven’t considered remote learning, buying an online course or being part of a membership for learning. I get it. It’s easily something that may seem a little out there. But, it’s 2019 and everything is going digital. You probably have a Netflix subscription, or you’re part of Sephora’s monthly make up box. So why not learn how to use social media to grow your business with my monthly subscription? . Why would YOU want to work with me? I can teach you what’s actually working and how to use social media for your business and get results! So be honest, are you ready to try something new? . [The link to sign up for the DhariLo Social Media Lounge is in my bio👆]
Social media changes as fast as a New York minute. Now it’s is no longer about just posting content incessantly. . The one thing you can count on is that it takes a plan. A solid strategy. With all this talk about social media algorithms and organic reach being non-existent, I know people are worried. I’m here to let you know you shouldn’t be - if you have a solid social media strategy in place. Not having a strategy is a real problem, but I'm here to solve it for you, for free! It's time to make the algorithms work for you... You're about to get your hands on the exact process I’ve used and perfected over the past 8 years to build strong social media followings for my agency clients. During the live class on April 30th you'll learn how to: . ✔️Create real connections with your audience ✔️Attract the right audience with quality content and turn them into customers ✔️Have a never ending supply of content with my "Monday - Friday" template ✔️Get your followers to actually engage with your content and ultimately grow your business using social media marketing You'll finally feel confident about what to post, and when to post it, taking the pressure of off being consistent on your social media channels. . This $497 class is completely free when you join The DhariLo Social Media Lounge by March 26, 2019 Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to learn how to create an algorithm proof strategy and turn your followers into raving fans (and customers) . Click the link in my bio to join me now 🙂
How many times have you heard that keeping up with all the changes in social media marketing is impossible? Or that reaching your goals online requires posting all day, every day? Well I have good news: I’m here to tell you that my Social Media Lounge membership takes the guess work out of marketing your business on social media. And no, I won't have you posting every. single. day. I’d love to share more with you about how this monthly membership program will have you using social media like a pro in no time. I’m here to happily overcome your worries, doubts or objections, so leave those here or drop me a direct message. Always here to help!
How many times have you gone to update your social media profiles and you just don’t know what to post, or you realize you don’t know how to maximize Instagram Stories. You may just chalk it all up to the way the world works, and try to keep it moving. But I want you to know, the fix is SO! EASY! My Social Media Lounge Membership program offers you a chance to save time, show up on social media with confidence, build the online presence of your dreams - all without struggling to piece everything together alone, and with support from me. . Stop pulling your hair out over social media, let me help you apply what works to your brand. Click the link in the bio to sign up today ☝️
The doors to the DhariLo Social Media Lounge are OPEN! . If you’re tired of trying to figure out what's new in social media and how you can apply it to your social media strategy effectively and successfully, or just exhausted from reading endless articles, sifting through Facebook Groups and wasting time trying to keep up with all the changes then let me help you! As a social media consultant and agency owner I HAVE to stay on top of all the craziness that social media throws at you. And I have to sift through it all to figure out what works, what doesn't, how things work and who's doing it well! Now imagine having the resources, tools, and support you need to cultivate a social media presence that attracts real fans and customers. Without the guess work and trying to piece together tactics. Each month we'll dive into one specific topic within social media marketing. The program includes: - Masterclass into one social media topic a month - Monthly prompts and challenges - Resources based on the masterclass of the month - Monthly live group call/Q&A sessions - Content planning guides - Exclusive Facebook group - & more surprises along the way! . I'm so excited to finally launch this program and really build on the concepts I talk about on my blog weekly. Join me for the in depth knowledge you need to truly thrive on social media. Get in now By clicking the link in my bio now ☝️
If you’re the type to see a business thriving on social media and wonder what is it about them that makes them successful online, this post is especially for you! Tomorrow hosting a live webinar at 2:00 PM. . I’m breaking down the 5 key elements you need to really own your brand on social media. I’m really excited to share this inside look, so be sure to sign up by clicking the link in my bio ☝️
Sunday dreaming... . 📷: @jeromegalland 📍: Bolivia
I’m dreaming of iced coffees! . My favorite work atmosphere includes a warm day with an iced oatmeal mylk latte in hand. Running your own business is seriously hard work. But what sets me apart from others in this field is my no fluff approach to everything I do. With me, clients always receive straightforward social media advice, actionable next steps and results. Wanna know more? Hit my DM with any questions or leave them here! . P.S. the DhariLo Social Media Lounge opens soon and I’m so excited! Get on the waitlist by clicking the link in my bio ☝️ . P.P.S. Don’t miss my free live webinar: The 5 Key Elements To Owning Your Brand On Social Media happening on Tuesday - link is also in bio
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