Diana Bilodeau

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Just a nice December afternoon dreaming about the family and the holiday season. #iamblessed #dianabilodeau
You can do it! Keep making small steps everyday. #dianabilodeau
Love watching a small squall roll in toward the beach.
Loving A Florida Fall afternoon.
Remember that! I do...
Pool party!!! Happy Birthday Pam and Eric.
Just an afternoon in the park. #bushgardens
Can barely tell it’s pushing 100 degrees. The two of us- happy as a couple of clams together.
Never stop learning. :)
Granddaughter having an “artistic” afternoon on the beach. #hiltonhead
Cooling off after games on the beach. Love my life.
Happy 4th of July from my grandchildren (in 2012).
Be the good!!
Summer Saturdays are the best!!
You get to write the story of your life. What are you writing about in your story?? #bestlifetolive
Love the rainbows after a quick Florida summer thunder shower.
It’s all about your perspective!
Good to know. And I see the progress I’m making month after month...
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