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Herb-roasted lamb loin chops with potatoes, onions, black olives and goat’s cheese. Supper. Recipe in @stella_telegraph soon
Haven’t marched against anything in 25 years. Marching against Trump in London today
Love this dish: butterfly leg of lamb with honey and lavender (served with claqueret). It’s part of my piece on cooking with floral flavours in the July issue of @bbcgoodfood. There’s also a summer berry cake with geranium cream and pistachio stuffed peaches with orange blossom cream. Lovely photos by @maja.smend.photo
Loved @stleonardsec2 ! Gorgeous room (all sepia tones, hammered metal, wood, concrete), COMFY chairs and NOT NOISY. Also - most importantly- the food. Mixture of gutsy and refined dishes. The picture shows Tamworth pork with Art of Darkness cider and margherita onions and hispi cabbage with pork fat and XO crumbs (latter was best dish of the evening). Also loved potatoes cooked in fig leaves (yes, they did have the scent of figs) and Dexter bavette with cured bone marrow. At the lighter, delicate end a dish of razor clams, courgette and peas was so good I ate before I remembered to take a pic. @jackson_boxer is manning the raw bar, Andrew Clarke the hearth. Ice and fire
White peach and wine sorbet, rose mascarpone cream, raspberries. Recipe in @stella_telegraph very soon
I didn’t post my weekly Telegraph column while I was in the States so I have a backlog to shout about. The first theme is perfect for now - chilled noodle dishes for hot days. They’re one of the things I crave, particularly in humid weather. It isn’t just their cool temperature, it’s also that hot weather makes me long for strong, bold flavours: fish sauce, lime, chilli, mint. This piece has recipes for cold rice noodles with salmon, cold soba noodles with crisp veg and a Korean dressing and egg noodles with chicken and peanut sauce. Link in bio. If you don’t subscribe to @telegraph you can still get two free reads a week. I’ll be making the salmon one to eat today (after the footie, of course)
If you are, like me, a lover of New York, you might be interested in the books I picked up there (from Three Lives bookstore in the Village, a great find). The E.B White essay I’d read before but was glad to find in one volume. It was written in the summer of 1948 and is astute and charming. The two cities book contains both fiction and reportage. Necessary reading as NYC isn’t just, of course, as it appears in my Insta posts. It’s a fascinating book. The yellow book is observations on short NYC walks, partly architectural, partly social. The wrapped book is from the newly discovered Three Lives. I went there to sign copies of Peach and they gave me an O.Henry story. This is fitting as his were the first short stories I read, encouraged by my school English teacher. Not all restaurants made it onto Insta so here’s a select list of others that are casual and good for breakfast and lunch: @ilbuco_av for breakfast (great coffee, bombolinj, eggs, avo and anchovies on toast); @josephleonardny for breakfast, great Caesar salad and the fabulous buttermilk chicken and pickled okra sandwich; @jeffreysgrocery for oysters and buttermilk pancakes (though not together); @barbutonyc because it’s near the Whitney and it’s lovely to sit outside; @cornerbistrolic because it’s a completely unreconstructed NYC bar with great burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches (thanks for the rec @chardrucks 😘); finally @abckitchen. Nobody thinks it’s cool here but I love it - great salads and a knockout lime and basil soda. Take note and google if you’re going to be visiting any time soon
Getting the garden ready for supper
At @wealdenlitfest where the weather is gorgeous - and there’s a lovely breeze - just for the morning. If you live in Kent do think about coming. It’s on tomorrow as well. Interesting talks and some lovely stalls for food, including fabulous hopped mead from @marourde
The last meal in NYC - after a food tour of the Lower East Side led by the wonderful Tenement Museum on Orchard St - is at @loxpopuli (Russ and Daughters). Starting with herring (how can you not start with herring?) followed by pastrami cured salmon and lox with eggs. Could actually eat the entire bloody menu. There’s a great documentary about this venerable institution if you’re interested. It’s great - warm, human and funny. The cafe is on Orchard St, the original shop on Houston. Doggy bags going to the airport 👍
I did an interview with @howiekahn for @prince_street_ (who produce some great food podcasts) in New York. It’s the only time I’ve been asked - out of the blue - to read some Seamus Heaney. Loved doing this podcast. It’s a good one. Link in bio. Do have a listen
I have no idea why New Yorkers have a reputation for rudeness. Every cab driver says ‘Hello ma’am’, the guy on reception gets me tea at 1a.m. and people talk to you on the subway. And chef Brooks Headley from @superiorityburger - who I have never met in my life - brought two bags of perfectly packaged delicious things for me and my kids to @unsqgreenmarket. Strawberry and malt ice-creams, salads of many contrasting textures and veggie sandwiches and burgers. Then @arthurstreetkitchen - who I’ve only met once - brought jars of sweet black coconut rice pudding. I think that’s kind - and actually very New York ❤️
Easter egg radishes at @unsqgreenmarket. The produce is wonderful, especially radishes, all colours of carrots, beans, sugar snaps and strawberries (several varieties of strawberries). Wish I had a kitchen...
Not the cheapest meal in New York but the Monkey Bar is the most spectacular, luxurious and louche dining room. I went because @david_tanis is in charge of the food here (and I love his recipes and his books). The Monkey Bar originally opened with the repeal of Prohibition in the luxurious Hotel Elysee. It was frequented by writers, politicians and Tallulah Bankhead. Revamped in 2009 the new owners commissioned illustrator Ed Sorel to paint a huge mural paying homage to the Jazz Age for the walls. You sit on red leather banquettes, listening to live piano music, surrounded by low lighting from little red-shaded lamps - it is totally glamorous (and the nearest I will ever get to feeling I am in Bugsy Malone). The menu is full of American classics - wedge salad with bacon and blue cheese dressing, NY strip steak, shrimp cocktail - and Italian dishes. They do a great martini too. Quite an experience.
Lunchtime, Lower East Side. Slurping noodles
Via Carota on Grove St. No bookings but it’s one of the very few places I will stand in line for. I just love the cooking. Tonight burrata with garlicky greens, deep fried artichokes with aioli, arancini with ‘nduja, pasta stuffed with smoked ricotta, braised octopus @viacarota
New Yorkers! I’m at @unsqgreenmarket with @foodbookfair. And we have samples! And books!
Brooklyn. Again
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