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What's life without some drama? 😜 The new Samsung #GalaxyJ8 with the Advanced #DualRearCamera lets me do some really cool things to my photos - like this Portrait Dolly effect. Give it a shot and share your photos too! #WithGalaxy @samsungindia
#Cocoon 🦋
France vs. Croatia! Who’s gonna take it home tonight???!!! #WorldCup2018 @fifaworldcup #WorldCupFinal #FranceVsCroatia
#Repost @graziaindia ・・・ Check out all the action from @DianaPenty 's July cover shoot with GRAZIA INDIA! The July issue's is out on stands now ~
#TBT to when I needed some tea 😜 #TeaWithD @rohanshrestha @bridestodayin
#Repost @graziaindia "I’ve been constantly questioned about my height and built because the hero might not be tall enough. For me the competition has always been myself and I want to bring more diversity to my body of work”. Printed crepe blouse and skirt both by @MichaelKors Collection Silk scarf (worn in hair) by @hermesindia 📷: @taras84 👗: @dhfranklin 🎨: @nikita_315 💄: @eltonjfernandez
#Repost @graziaindia “Getting into the skin of this character was such a grueling process. I remember being made to stand at the end of a room to deliver my dialogues because I wasnʼt loud enough” on her character ‘Happy’ on her movie ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ Lace dress by @redvalentino Satin pumps by @michaelkors Collection 📷: @taras84 👗: @dhfranklin 🎨: @nikita_315 💄: @eltonjfernandez
#Repost @graziaindia "People assumed I had gone off on a sabbatical and I didn’t bother correcting them. I wanted to treat my career in an organic manner.” Pussy bow lace dress (two worn layered) both by @aikeyah 📷: @taras84 👗: @dhfranklin 🎨: @nikita_315 💄: @eltonjfernandez
#Repost @graziaindia “Being skinny can be quite traumatic in your adolescent years, people blatantly shame you without realising how hurtful they can be. I developed a terrible slouch because I was so conscious of my height.” Organdy dress by @bloni.atelier Embellished lace drape by @anamikakhanna.in Gold earrings by @manisharorafashion X @swarovski Confluence 📷: @taras84 👗: @dhfranklin 🎨: @nikita_315 💄: @eltonjfernandez
#Repost @graziaindia "Being the girl who begrudgingly wore floaters and cargo pants to Christmas lunch it was such a strange transition into modelling.” Embellished sheer dress by @temperleylondon Layered necklace by @Swarovski Confluence 📷: @taras84 👗: @dhfranklin 🎨: @nikita_315 💄: @eltonjfernandez
किसकी होगी जीत? किसकी होगी हार? ब्राज़ील और मेक्सिको कर रहे हैं एक दूसरे पर वार! #DianaKiPathshala #WorldCup2018 #BRAvsMEX
Don't judge a book by its cover...... Unless I'm on it 😜. Thank you @graziaindia for a really fun shoot! @taras84 @dhfranklin @eltonjfernandez @nikita_315 @raindropalterego
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