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You will never realise a moment's worth until it becomes a memory💭 I am just so grateful to know this art form called Photography, which enables me to, in my capacity, capture, preserve these moments which sometimes are so vivid, so detailed whenever I recall them. The whole process to see a photograph and remember and smile is what makes me happy, makes me believe I am right where I am supposed to be and doing exactly what i am supposed to be doing💫 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Day 18 I have to say Ninh Binh really grew on me; even though the rice fields were not as vibrant as I might have wanted ( i am coming back anyway) but for the first time on this trip, I felt that i was truly experiencing what I was expecting Vietnam to really be, and that is awe-inspiring, untamed, raw and fierce natural beauty. Yeah, that’s what it is... ❤️🇻🇳 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Create because you can, Not because the world wants you to. Create because you want to Not because you are expected to. Create the life you want, Not the one you were given. Create as if thats the only thing you know, Not just out of competition. Create something better, something useful. Create that you wish existed. Create to inspire, to learn. Because you are created to CREATE! . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Have you ever been missing someone and feel them next to you in the same moment? Have you ever been so hurtful to someone that you don't have enough courage to say sorry, although you have been feeling it a lot inside, the words just don't come out? Have you ever been grateful, and murfied (anything that could go wrong is going wrong) at the same time? Have you ever been to a place for the first time and daydream about how it would be like when you visit it the next time? Have you ever been looked down by someone, and praised by the same person after a few years? Have you ever cried upon reaching a place, so beautiful, you just can't believe of your existence there? Have you ever had Deja Vu so strong that you feel like reliving the exact moment again, or it has happened before and you kind of realize it before it actually happened? But the most important one- Have you ever tried to eat food without spitting your chewing gum? Excuse the emotional outflow, Sunsets make me vulnerable! . Taken with my Dji Mavic Air @djiglobal @dji_official . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Ninh Binh♥️ So far away yet it feels like home🍃🇻🇳 . Taken with my Dji Mavic Air @djiglobal @dji_official . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Adobe Premiere Rush It gets really difficult to edit videos while you are traveling. Be it for your Instagram posts or stories and with time it's getting amazing how our cellphones are capable of editing on the go. With the new Adobe Premiere Rush App you can access your projects anywhere, anytime that can sync across phone, tab and desktop making the entire post production process so simple! . Do check out my stories to see how it made this one. . #AdobePartner #madewithrush @adobe . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Being a traveler has its own consequences. You meet new people at the cost of losing connection with your old pals You feel homely, welcomed at some hotel and a departing guest back home. Home becomes hotel, and hotels become Home. Your relationship becomes even harder to sustain, as your loved one is always waiting for you to be back After a while all you want is maa ke haath ka khana, all these fancy food places doesn't intrigue you anymore (it happens with me!) You miss home, everyone and everything about it! Traveling isn't bad, but when you do, make sure, you don't leave these things behind. As traveling even makes you realize, the importance of these people and your life related to them . Picture by @xtermist ( himesh ka bhakt🙏 ) . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Sa Pa 🇻🇳 . The morning we got down in SaPa there was this mist flowing through the town, cold weather and low visibility. Apart from the Rocky Mountain ranges, what really got me were these never ending rice paddies. I did go through a lot of blogs saying to skip Sapa if possible, as it was too crowded and touristy, but I guess us traveling in off season really gave us the time and space to see this magical town. I saw so many birds here. The weather changes so drastically, with Misty mornings to after noon showers and clear bright evenings and cold AF nights ♥️ This definitely is a nature lover's paradise. I highly recommend spending some time in SaPa and nearby villages. Can't wait to go home and post process the images I have got here, till then I hope you like what I created with @lensball . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
Rain, Kids and Portraits go well together. . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam
What started as a Random phone call with @xtermist and @justasthapasta ended up with us being in Vietnam for a month long trip. This is exactly how I like to travel, no itinerary, no booked hotels, no fixed plan. I am glad we are doing this. Vietnam you are one beautiful country, something one can never truly encapsulate in photos. 🇻🇳 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #vietnam #instagram
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Well, sometimes it is beneficial to wake up early!🌄🌲 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram #india
So her family and I was staying at the same hotel, after some bonding over lunch she asked me take few photos of her son, it was their first time in India and her son's first time at any beach. Took few photographs, they loved it and even bought me and my friends dinner and booze. Yeh vala barter aacha tha😜🍺 #freekidaaru is goals . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #beautifuldestinations #india
Can you count the number of camels in this? 🤪🐪 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #beautifuldestinations #india
That's Saumaya, Karim Bhai's daughter. Like I said before, I am not so fond of kids. But yaha me pighal gaya💓 she is so damn cute, I spent an entire afternoon taking her photos. Also, if you happen to visit Turtuk anytime, just stay with them. His family is by far the best host I have ever come across. Just so humble and full of love. Highly recommend. Drop me a DM if you need his contact info 😊 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
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I wish for the same things I have hoped for since the beginning. I wish for a life so brave, so unpredictable, so full of unexpected joy and unforgettable love that no box could possibly contain. I wish to be at places with people I've loved and still do. I wish to a never ending travel❤️ . Ps. Sitting at this shore in Nubra me and @wandering.bachelor had few beers, that's when I shot this photograph. I don't remember the exact conversation, but that was a good sunset. Happy Birthday bawa🤗 Let's travel soon! . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
There is something with portraits that is just so ineffable and yet so apt, that it still delivers the message. Now i am not so good with it. I try. I love candids..where you can't stage a particular shot and it is, in that moment, in its purest form and that's the same reason i love Wildlife photography....just sharing some random thoughts! Enjoy your weekend🍻 . Ps. This photograph Inspired me to take shower today, this is Mom's favorite photo now! Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
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