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Well, sometimes it is beneficial to wake up early!🌄🌲 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram #india
So her family and I was staying at the same hotel, after some bonding over lunch she asked me take few photos of her son, it was their first time in India and her son's first time at any beach. Took few photographs, they loved it and even bought me and my friends dinner and booze. Yeh vala barter aacha tha😜🍺 #freekidaaru is goals . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #beautifuldestinations #india
Can you count the number of camels in this? 🤪🐪 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #beautifuldestinations #india
That's Saumaya, Karim Bhai's daughter. Like I said before, I am not so fond of kids. But yaha me pighal gaya💓 she is so damn cute, I spent an entire afternoon taking her photos. Also, if you happen to visit Turtuk anytime, just stay with them. His family is by far the best host I have ever come across. Just so humble and full of love. Highly recommend. Drop me a DM if you need his contact info 😊 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
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I wish for the same things I have hoped for since the beginning. I wish for a life so brave, so unpredictable, so full of unexpected joy and unforgettable love that no box could possibly contain. I wish to be at places with people I've loved and still do. I wish to a never ending travel❤️ . Ps. Sitting at this shore in Nubra me and @wandering.bachelor had few beers, that's when I shot this photograph. I don't remember the exact conversation, but that was a good sunset. Happy Birthday bawa🤗 Let's travel soon! . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
There is something with portraits that is just so ineffable and yet so apt, that it still delivers the message. Now i am not so good with it. I try. I love candids..where you can't stage a particular shot and it is, in that moment, in its purest form and that's the same reason i love Wildlife photography....just sharing some random thoughts! Enjoy your weekend🍻 . Ps. This photograph Inspired me to take shower today, this is Mom's favorite photo now! Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
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A cow was raised on the pasture lands of two neighboring families. They were as different as night and day in habits, culture and traditions followed. One neighbor took care of the cow since it's birth, reared it for it's milk, made dairy products, subjected her to repeated forceful cycles of impregnation, seperated her from her calves at their birth and made money from this to provide for his family. Once the cow dried up and couldn't provide milk, it was abandoned and sold to the other neighbour. He slaughtered it for beef, skinned the cow for leather, made money from this to provide for his family. Both used the cow, both made money but in society's eyes only one was socially accepted and validated - exploitation during life was sanctioned, but the same after death was looked down upon. . #_soi #gaurakshak #guardiansofthecow #myanecdote #india #instagram
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Can you spot the human? . That's the frozen Pangong, shot in Feb'18 during my Winter Trip . Traveler with @streets.of.india . #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
So it goes way back to when I was in my 4th or 5th grade. We used to have this trade fair, where students would dress up as sellers, set up our stalls and trade for tokens which were given to each parent visiting the fare. In the end, the student with the highest number of Token wins the prize. Now on my neighboring stall was this ass ( Anuj ) and he was like killing it, the bastard was so natural at it. We were giving the costing for each product we were selling. In order to compete, I start to sell for lesser tokens. My teacher ( Yasmin ma'am ) notices this and gives me this life lesson ' Dikshit, never settle for anything less than what you actually deserve' Mujhe ghanta samaj nahi aaya tabhi..... Next thing, I stole few tokens off Anuj's stall when he was not looking. Came first.🤭 He is still in contact with me ( Probably reading this ) and till this date has no clue how he lost to me. Chomu saala, bohot husiyaar ban raha tha😈. The thing is what Yasmin ma'am told me that day, makes a lot of sense to me today. She is the only teacher I am still in contact with from my Junior school. Taught us till 5th grade and then my school was changed I am just grateful for what all she taught us in those 5 years♥️ Happy Teacher's Day to the teachers in you all🤗 • Ps. In your face Anuj, apne baccho ko sunna abhi what a loser you were🤣 • #_soi #myanecdote #instagram
Everything looks beautiful when seen from a viewfinder!📷 • In frame @roseedwin 🤗 • #_soi #myanecdote
If you don't remember the last time you sat down to see the sunset, It's been long. So open a beer, and start planning your next vacation. Great news as #Becksice is now available in Mumbai, Let them travel plans start rolling with the100% pure malt German beer . #EscapeNow with @becksiceindia 🍻 #ItsPureUpHere #TimeToEscape . #_soi #_soimumbai
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When despair for the world grows in me, I come into the peace of wild things. Who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief. I come into the presence of still water. And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light. For a time I rest in the grace of the world, And am free. • Traveler with @streets.of.india #_soi #_soimumbai #_soidelhi#myanecdote #instagram
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Never has the day arrived when i am not at the window seat while flying to any destination. I like to sit there, envisage, plan.....daydream! #myanecdote . Ps. While watching this if you thought it was actually raining outside, my purpose is served😎 Thanks you @xtermist for helping me out with this one🤘 . Traveler with @streets.of.india . . #_soi . . . #outsidemywindow #windowseatproject #indianphotography #beautifuldestinations #thephotosociety #beautifulplaces #indiaclicks #ig_color #collectivelycreate #bns_sky #windowseatph #india_gram #india_ig #worldbestgram #moody_nature #indiapictures #travelphotography #inspiroindia #ourplanetdaily #streetphotographyindia #official_photography_hub #photographers_of_india #windowseat #flightwindow
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