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できると信じています。 Music enthusiast, trying to survive in informatics eng.

Slappin’ da Wedding💐
SIAPA KITAAA? #indonesia
Really enjoyed the show and we have so much fun, thanks for coming🙏🏻💐✨ @paramore @yelyahwilliams @tayloryorkyall @zacfarro @jellyquinn @jyplaysguitar @joeymullen @loganjoelmackenzie
FS : Squier Vintage Modified 70’s Jazz Bass Upgrade : Pickup Kent Amstrong Active Preamp EMG BTS 2-band Eq Low action normal terawat. Terpasang Ernieball Super Slinky 45-100 Gigbag tebal included Buka harga 4.xxx.xxx nego Minat? 087861622620 WA/ dm Terimakasih @bassforsale @tgouh #jualbass #bass #bassforsale #squier #jazzbass
"Being me is the best fucking gig in the world." - @liamgallagher
Selamat beraktivitas pemuja kasur! 📷 @bimadn #vespa #safetyinstyle
Now a teenager, it's the oldest of its siblings. Yes it's a bit moody, won't leave it's room and has acne but we still love it so. Happy 13th #AllWeKnowIsFalling
Lam(p) of God💡✨
See u on the next term, with another story dan topik nyacat baru⚠️♻️
Hail “fish eye” Earth🌏
Today on last year, I was listening to all song from this album for the very first time. First impression was, are they paramore? this album is really different. So thank you @paramore for releasing this album at the right time, at that specific time of my life cz it completely changed my view of things. although the last show in jkt was postponed, see you on August!💐
Whats the story? Morning glory🌸
“Kamu terlahir ketika dua orang sedang tersenyum diatas ranjang” - @buyung_kuswandoko
Whatever I like, If it's wrong or right it's alright..
Salam mesin trenteng teng🛵 #vespa
Du Bist Deutschland🇩🇪
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