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G 💰
One of my initial favorites from my shoot with @cigarclubdotcom this week in Tampa.
Beams & Shadows.
hanging with @thebandkids this past week in Denver. 🐣
From the Denver crawl.
ATL or Riverdale?
One of the best. Matt G. From the Vancouver archives.
PSA: Atlanta is v cool. Anything else you hear is false.
Good times in Pensacola last weekend celebrating @griffithboone & @meaganrushh wedding. Went all iPhone on these.
Here in ATL for a few days. Of course a @thecoffeestandard crawl is underway.
Mane Coffee is the place. @manecoffee
Coffee with the homies @pumphousecoffeeroasters last week.
Our Uber driver was the nicest guy. He even got all of our bags for us.
The contrast between the biker in the front and the guy behind him is amazing.
Aside from being significantly cooler then me, Kris is: Kind, loving, patient, confident, passionate and beautiful. I am better because of her. I am smarter & obviously cooler because of her. She is my best friend, my love, and my favorite person to dream with. Kris is also our in house (literally) Creative Director and has an incredible knack for turning a ‘place to live’ into a home and it’s one of my favorite things about her. She rocks. Happy Anniversary my doody.
For the record: these were actual laughs. Great times in PR with friends this weekend.
Old San Juan
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