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2019 is off to a wild start, and today was my last day at @madebyvci . It’s been an incredible 2 1/2 years waking up everyday getting to do what I love. I’ve worked with incredible people and businesses, and found my love for photography there. It’s been bittersweet to say goodbye. I’ll be heading over to @heliumcreative in FTL to join their talented team of people. Here’s to new seasons. 🍻 - pic: @davidgurr -
Last Friday’s spro ✈️
Snow Blur.
Walking down the streets of OTL and @kris_imber proclaims “RUBY!” We look into a bake shop and see our fave @rubyroasters on the shelves. It was a great day.
Lebanon, Ohio
Self Pourtrait.
Mechanic shop turned barber shop. On my list of businesses to open if I win the lotto.
OTR palette
Not from Cincy - but stumbled upon this the other day. One of my favorites from NYC.
First stop in Cincy: @deeperrootsdrc
miss ya @kris_imber
deeply coffee - circa 2018.
Best smile, biggest plant lover: @kris_imber
New finds in Orlando. @theheavywp
@letsdovideo caught in the act.
Not picking up fishing in 2019, but sniped Al reeling in this guy.
Saying bye to 2018 with one of my favorite cigars & cards with Kris on our deck. ✌🏽🎉
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