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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior

Get a radiant and slightly velvety finish with the new Dior Forever Perfect Cushion Couture Studded Cannage Limited Edition! Your best ally for on-the-go touch-ups during the day! Available in select markets. #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
"Something that I would wish last forever is? Love!" says @natalieportman. #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
"I do think of myself as seductive in some situation, of course, with a person I want to seduce. And perfect skin is a big part of that." says @natalieportman. Discover more thorugh link in bio! #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
Dior Forever, with its boosted iconic matte finish, combined with the new Skin Glow, loves all complexions more than ever before. #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
“My beauty secrets? Be natural, be comfortable in your own skin. Have a foundation that you can wear 24h, 24h coverage. You never know when you’re gonna have to sleep in your makeup. Forever Dior, you’ll love your skin.” says @natalieportman Discover more through link in bio! #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
Explore the 67 combined shades of the new Dior Forever 24 hour longwear perfection foundation available in two finishes, either iconic matte or the new Skin Glow. #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
Come behind the scenes of the Dior Forever campaign with the sensual and self confident @natalieportman ! 💫 #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
Exceptional lasting comfort, hydration & protection! The new Dior Forever & Forever Skin Glow don’t simply embellish your skin! Thanks to new skin-caring ingredients, they make it more desirable day after day!✨ #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
Love your skin to better love yourself! Discover the new Dior Forever Foundation with a sexier than ever @natalieportman. #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
Truer, longer, more fusional, more skin-caring and now in 2 finishes, natural matte and Skin Glow, the new Dior Forever goes even further. Check it out! 👀 Discover more through link in bio! #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
Your skin deserves the best. Like @natalieportman be seductive all day long with the new Dior Forever 24h high perfection skin caring foundation. You’ll love your skin in Dior. Forever. Discover more through link in bio! #diorforever #lovemydiorskin #diormakeup @diormakeup
The #DiorSummer19 men's collection has arrived in Beijing with a pretty impressive and unmissable splash! The Beijing SKP is hosting a pop-up store until February 17th and its windows are providing a tempting taster of the delights that await. One of the site-specific highlights of Creative Director @MrKimJones ' commissioning of the artist @KAWS is this display of almost inconceivably cute mini BFF characters!
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