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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior

We are delighted to announce the opening of the exhibition ‘Dior: From Paris to the World’ at the Denver Art Museum in Colorado! Running until March 3, 2019, explore more than 70 years of creative magic with a journey through time and the many countries explored by, and inspiring, the visionary couturier and his successors, starting, unsurprisingly, with ‘The Revolutionary New Look’! #DiorinDenver © @JamesFlorioPhotography
One of eight Mexican female photographers shooting for #DiorMagazine in their native country, the sweep of a full skirt or the tilt of a hat fascinated Fabiola Zamora, who used this as a way to capture in time the controlled poise and daring drama of the escaramuzas, the horsewomen who were a key #DiorCruise 2019 inspiration to #MariaGraziaChiuri . © Baron&Baron and Anchor Light
Photographer @FabiolaZamora headed to the austere setting of a bare-bones room to reinterpret #DiorCruise 2019 by #MariaGraziaChiuri . Eschewing the more colorful elements of the escaramuza horsewomen inspiration, she examined the pieces’ innate movement and sculptural sensibility. She is just one of the eight Mexican female photographers chosen to shoot the collection in their home land for #DiorMagazine .⠀ © Fabiola Zamora
Listen to @MayaGoded , one of the Mexican female photographers who captured the #DiorCruise 2019 collection by #MariaGraziaChiuri for the latest issue of #DiorMagazine , and go behind-the-scenes of her photo shoot in Mexico. © Baron&Baron and Anchor Light
The decorative flourishes and hyper-feminine forms of the outfits worn by the Mexican horsewomen, the escaramuzas, are distilled down for #DiorCruise 2019 by #MariaGraziaChiuri . Captured here for #DiorMagazine , the Mexican photographer Maya Goded is one of several female compatriots to shoot editorials for this stunning new issue in the country that inspired the collection. © @MayaGoded
Take a closer look to the cover of the latest #DiorMagazine which features a striking image by Maya Goded. This powerful issue contains a series of editorials shot in Mexico by a number of Mexican female photographers called on to portray the #DiorCruise 2019 collection by #MariaGraziaChiuri .
Check out our video to discover how one collection - in this case the #DiorCruise 2019 designed by #MariaGraziaChiuri , which was inspired by Mexican folkloric imagery and the outfits worn by the powerful Mexican horsewomen known as the escaramuzas - could engender such a diversity of deeply personal interpretations by the eight Mexican female photographers selected to shoot it for the new issue of #DiorMagazine in their home country. © Baron&Baron and Anchor Light
A mysterious, highly atmospheric, sensually-charged mood unfolds through these images by @TaniaFrancoKlein , one of the Mexican female photographers chosen to interpret, in Mexico, the #DiorCruise 2019 collection by #MariaGraziaChiuri inspired by the escaramuzas, the fabled horsewomen of this North American country, for the latest issue of #DiorMagazine .
@TaniaFrancoKlein is just one of the talented women involved in shooting the #DiorMagazine in Mexico, her contribution portraying one of the key influences behind the #DiorCruise 2019 collection by #MariaGraziaChiuri : this inspiring country itself. Listen as she discusses how she has shaped her career as a Mexican photographer. © Baron & Baron and Anchor Light
Celebrating the unique bond between the Mexican horsewomen known as the escaramuzas and the #DiorCruise 2019 collection designed by #MariaGraziaChiuri , we are proud to unveil the latest issue of #DiorMagazine featuring exclusive stories shot in Mexico by Mexican women photographers, from Maya Goded and Paola Vivas, to Cristina De Middel and Tania Franco Klein. © @MayaGoded
As an empowered woman, playing an empowered woman (the late foreign correspondent Marie Colvin), wearing a dress inspired by empowered women (the Mexican escaramuzas), the actress Rosamund Pike is a symbolically formidable presence on the cover of the new issue of @TownAndCountryMag in white lace cinched with a wide embroidered belt, both from the #DiorCruise 2019 collection by #MariaGraziaChiuri . Photography @LizCollinsPhotographer Styling @TheRealNicolettaSantoro.
Our House muse Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover of @ELLEfr in a trench coat from the Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 collection by #MariaGraziaChiuri accessorized with white gold and diamond 'Rose Dior Bagatelle' and 'Rose des Vents' necklaces by @VictoiredeCastellane. Photography @MarkSeliger
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