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An insider look into the world of #DiorMakeup with Creative and Image Director @peterphilipsmakeup. Shop the new #diorbackstage line!

Check out these holiday looks by @peterphilipsmakeup for @ellebelgique / @elle.belgie ! Get a glam clubbing metallic eye makeup using 5 COULEURS MIDNIGHT WISH 057 Moonlight & #DIORSHOW PUMP’N’VOLUME 090 Black Pump, and perfect matte lips with #ROUGEDIOR MIDNIGHT WISH 666 Matte Kiss 📸 @studio_letiquette Stylism by @lievegerrits Hair by @josephpujalte Nails by @nelly_wild_wild #editorialmakeup #diormakeup
Time to Glow! As @noonoouri turn your glow on ✨ with the #DIORBACKSTAGE GLOW PALETTE! #diormakeup
As our backstage girls, @noonoouri took place in the #DIORBACKSTAGE with our master @peterphilipsmakeup for a dedicated contouring session! #diormakeup
Seems like someone became addicted to our new #DIORLIPGLOW 011 Holo Rose Gold 👄! Happy to see you again on #diormakeup @noonoouri ❤️
LIP SWATCH 👄 of the brand new #DIORLIPGLOW 011 Holo Rose Gold! Perfect glowy and holographic gold lips! A @sephora exclusivity in the US! #diormakeup #lipswatch
A new member is born in the #DIORBACKSTAGE family: our iconic lip balm #DIORLIPGLOW in a brand new shade, 011 Holo Rose Gold ✨ It will give to your lips an irresistible gold holographic finish with still hydration! #diormakeup #lipbalm
Nude or Bold? Smoky or Liner? Check out the opinion of our #DIORBACKSTAGE beauties @bellahadid , @ruthnotmay , @_chuwong and @manuelasancheztsh ❤️ #diormakeup #diorbackstage
How to prepare this fresh and natural complexion? “The Face & Body is the ideal unisex foundation.” Listen to @peterphilipsmakeup about how he prepared men’s skin for the #diorprefall show, last Friday in Tokyo! #diormakeup #diorbackstage
What is your vision on men’s makeup? “ I thinks it’s about equality between man and woman almost like a unisex universe.” Listen to @peterphilipsmakeup about his opinion on men’s makeup. #diorbackstage #diormakeup
What is the inspiration of the makeup look of the show? “A combination between a very natural beautifying men’s grooming and added cyber elements.” Listen to @peterphilipsmakeup about the look he created for the #diorprefall show! #diorbackstage #diormakeup
Robotic-chic 🤖! Details of the skin accessories @peterphilipsmakeup created for #diorprefall by using in an abstract way the new #dior logo designed by the guest artist @hajimesorayama_official for @mrkimjones men’s collection. #diormakeup
#How to get the look of the #diorprefall men’s collection show? 1️⃣ Create a fresh and natural complexion with the #DIORBACKSTAGE FACE & BODY FOUNDATION and #DIORFOREVER UNDERCOVER CONCEALER 2️⃣ Groom your brows with the #DIORBACKSTAGE BROW PALETTE or #DIORSHOW BROW STYLER 3️⃣ Prepare gently your lips with LIP SUGAR SCRUB 4️⃣ Customize your look with #DIOR 3D metallic designs on the neck, below the ear, on the forearms or on hands. #diormakeup
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