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An insider look into the world of #DiorMakeup with Creative and Image Director @peterphilipsmakeup. Shop the new #diorbackstage line!

Stolen shots 📸 of #diormakeup brand new lipstick campaign 💄with the divine muse @natalieportman ! A #ROUGEDIOR REVOLUTION coming the 27th of August on @diormakeup ! Stay tuned! #redlips #rougediorultrarouge
For the love of red ❤️! Only a few days to wait ...💋 Stay tuned ⚡️ #diormakeup #lipcolor #rougedior #rougediorultrarouge
Dress your lips like a painter 🎨! Want a hint? A long lasting texture and great colours will turn your lipstick dreams into reality ✨ #diormakeup #lipart #rougedior #rougediorultrarouge
What would you think about a new lipstick revolution? Stay tuned and be re(a)dy ..💋#diormakeup #lipcolor #rougedior #rougediorultrarouge
Star quality, combine your eyeliner with a bold lip, as seen in @voguechina ! #makeup by @peterphilipsmakeup ! #diormakeup products used for this look: #DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL WATERPROOF 091 Over Black DIORSHOW BLACK OUT in 099 Khol Black #ROUGEDIOR LIQUID in 658 Extreme Matte
Dots and lines and a gorgeous lip, as seen in @voguechina , #makeup by @peterphilipsmakeup ! For this look the following #diormakeup products were used : #DIORSHOW PUMP N’ VOLUME 090 Black Pump DIORSHOW BLACK OUT 099 Khol Black #ROUGEDIOR LIQUID 788 Frenetic Satin DIORCONTOUR in 775 Holiday Red #DIORVERNIS in 445 Coral Crush
Frame your eyes with this cat eye makeup, as seen in @voguechina , #makeup by @peterphilipsmakeup ! Check out the #diormakeup products used for this look : #DIORSHOW PUMP N’ VOLUME in 090 Black Pump DIORSHOW MONO 006 Infinity, 071 Radical and 616 Pulse DIORSHOW ON STAGE LINER 091 Matte Black DIORSHOW BLACK OUT 099 Khol Black
“Use the white shade to highlight, the gold for a sun kissed radiance, the bronze to tan it up and the pink for a cute pinched cheek finish » said @peterphilipsmakeup to get the best result from your #DIORBACKSTAGE GLOW FACE PALETTE 001 Universal ! ⚡️ #diormakeup
Shade swatches of the new #DIORBACKSTAGE GLOW FACE PALETTE 001 Universal ! Be ready to glow ✨! ✨ #diormakeup
Want a radiant and natural glow? Follow step by step how @peterphilipsmakeup builds a perfect glowy look on @_chuwong with the new #DIORBACKSTAGE GLOW FACE PALETTE 001 Universal ! #diormakeup
Want to be bold today or more natural? Choose your lip makeup look with the new #DIORBACKSTAGE LIP PALETTE 001 Universal 💋 #diormakeup
Just like this fierce Backstage girls @ruthnotmay and @_chuwong , catch the intense luminosity of the new #DIOTBACKSTAGE GLOW FACE PALETTE 001 Universal ! #diormakeup
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