@lordwavy look at this guy and his permit @sincethursday
@chupaco007 @alexnfr5 BIG LOTS!! BIG LOTS!!
I love this woman a lot, she takes care of me, does everything a wife could do and more, she makes me angry sometimes but it's always my fault, she does so much for me and I'm glad she has chosen me and stayed with me for as long as she has. Puts up my my childish ways and my bs! Love you @que2n_v
Didn't get to say goodbye to my boi @moneymathis but good times. Hope you have a good one brother. And don't let that bus stop bullshit happen again! LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
@chupaco007 Siri aka the Chevy voice bitch straight cut @alexnfr5 off and didn't want to speak to him. Lol
@alexnfr5 peep the new phone case. Retro
You volunteer to drive to lunch one time. and then they sit in the car and go to sleep. Like its nothing @alexnfr5 and ash
@chupaco007 soooo you never told me this dude said this! @alexnfr5 haha. Just perfect timing for the gram. Good song tho πŸ™ŒπŸ½
@soldier_2_chef can you make this? They showing off at this banquet. So I gotta know is this fancy or nah?
Sister in law scholarship dinner. @alyf26 w my wife @que2n_v
Who wanna 🍺🍻 tonight?
@maz_1001 at this moment @moneymathis knew he fucked up!! Skunked. Took those damn pats off madden with the saints. Can't stop the pass @moneymathis !! Lol had 2 post. Good morning by the way!
@moneymathis losing the ball and getting it right back for the 6
When you win with only 8 properties!! And 8 houses on blue and 10 houses on red. Knocked out the sister In law. And then the wife felt he end wrath!! @que2n_v @alyf26
Just got this sent to me in a group message from all the old battle buddies from basic.
Madden 16 trial. Ultimate team. Stafford to cooks!! Come see my UT when this drops
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