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Did a wee loop on Reservoir & The Research trails with the pup today. Bluebird day, great dirt and some warm December sunshine. #boxcarviews #singletrack
My goodness, such a good time. High five to @sabstew for the amazing tickets. Always a pleasure to spend a night in such an intimate setting, not to mention a wonderful venue taboot. #sostupendous
Found a few old pics of the lil guy. Man, we have good times together. #goodtimes
The lower part of Buckhorn canyon was in perfect condition yesterday. A nice frozen road bed and winter wonderland surroundings. #goodtimes #winterralleye #pennockpedalinpowwow #roadslikethese
The #pennockpedalinpowwow was everything it was supposed to be. A great day on the bike. #winterralleye #longlivelongrides #roadslikethese #thepennocking
Nice short ride on the east side of the reservoir with the pup. Short rides aren’t so bad sometimes. Also, nice it was a weekday so we had it to ourselves. #icanseeformilesandmilesandmiles #icanseeformilesandargyles #banjothespacedog #dogsinsweaters #singletrackwillsavetheworld
Enjoyed the crap out this town today. Morning run with the dog, midday ride with @schaefadelics that included a stop at @meohmycoffeeandpie to pick up some sweets and a couple galettes. These pie crust breakfast nummies are SOOO GOOD!
Two years ago on the #pennockpedalinpowwow we only made it to the mouth of Buckhorn Canyon. I was lucky enough to convince two other weirdos to keep pushing to this point but with the temps well below zero and some intense wind chill we decided not to try our hand at cresting the pass. I am beyond excited for this years ride which happens to be next Saturday leaving the @beancycleroasters at 7am. #goodtimes #winterralleye #notgonnabelikelastyear #andrewwillstillwearshortsthough
Today was a perfect breakfast for a chilly day. Made the @meohmycoffeeandpie Bacon/Chile/Cheddar scone in a lil breakfast sandwich along with the natural Rawandan from @harbingercoffee Those beans are like bits of magic and so tasty. Now to watch the snow melt.
Heck yeah!!!! Such a great kickoff to the Winter Ralleye. Thanks mama nature 😘 we had a hoot. The multicolored stalactite-mudcicles were fun to earn and enjoy. I think I will aim to wash it off tomorrow. So much fun. Can’t wait til Pennock 👌 #winterralleye #wycoloborderpatrol #longlivelongrides
Take a look at this hand! So stoked for the Phish Halloween run. Listened to the ‘96 Remain in Light costume, love that one. Should be a hoot for this years costume as well. #setbreakisalmostover #anglerfishfun #capescanbewornonthefrontifneeded
Lake loop for the win 🤙
Enjoyed a nice grind up Rist into Old Flowers today. Been quite a few years since I went E->W on Flowers. Need to get in those Ralleye miles as the Border Patrol is almost here #roadslikethese #ralleyeiscoming
Lil throw back to spending some quality time in the San Juan’s as we dropped into Ophir. Climbing the pass it appeared that we would have some festive weather to contend with. It was nice to get a break in the weather for the descent into town. After that, we got all the rain we could soak up 👌#bikepacking #kelpiekampout2017 #dontforgetyourpackatthepassColin
The valley trails still make my ❤️ happy. #boxcarviews
Almost Follow cam Friday for today’s ride in the dirt. Glad to have the pooch with on the ride. #banjothespacedog
Just a month ago...I would happily take the heat of the Slope again. Maybe even push my bike up some hills with minimal complaining. I could do without those lil pollinators though 🐝🐝. #roadslikethese #shadyroads #kelpiekampout2018 #bikepacking
First MTB ride since the Kampout and the hangover that followed. Felt fantastic to be out pedaling on my @kelpie_cycles Space Cowboy. Still infatuated with that bike. Today was also the first time the dog has come with for the Research->Meadow->Maxwell loop. He did quite well with the exception of a couple 🐰 & 🦌that took his attention off trail. #banjothespacedog #singletracksaturday
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