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Archipelagonaut. Tech & avgeek. Juggling roles between digital banker & PR consultant. Photograph is just for fun. ISOCELL Image Technology user.

Natural scenery can improve your mood and makes you more productive . . . . . #Bandung #Westjava #Indonesia #weekendgetaway #weekendtime #weekendvibe #rancaupas
Never look back
Why I decided to change my smartphone to @samsung_id Galaxy Note 8? Well, I'm running out of internal memory on my Galaxy S7 Edge (I hate to use micro SD on my phone anyway haha) and hey it's bezel-less + dual-cam era (yass I always follow the tech trend)! . It's been 3 months since I bought this phone from e-commerce site. My interest on this phone: it's hardware. Note 8's infinity display just blend perfectly with the metal body and everything is super vibrant. Big phone but feels perfect in my hand. The S-Pen makes me have a new way (and fancy way) to input something. Camera? I've been able to capture some creative shots with Live Focus feature and my friends were very fond with the result (and asking me to take more pics of them haha). . On the opposite side of things, my biggest issues with Note 8 come from the 18.5:9 screen ratio: black-side-wide bars while watching 16:9 video on YouTube. Instagram always crashes and dunno why. I never use fingerprint sensor and Bixby anyway. Battery? Sub-standard battery life. . Worth to buy? Well if you have a lot of bucks, big hand, Android user, curious with S-Pen, and need 'bokeh' image to level up your Instagram game... go ahead.
The Epicentrum
This human has been updated to version 2.7, bringing some improvements from version 2.6, including: minor bug fixes on analytical-strategic thinking, ability to handle high scalable communication-business research for tech industry with additional big data tools, support information for multiple cloud deployment, workload-optimized to support digital business from conventional company and total customization to support people's lives... especially you :)
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