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20 years old. Just getting started. I think back to my mindset, my ambitions and my actions at the age of 20 and can’t help but feel sad about this. 7 times out of 10 when I pass RJ the phone to pick a song he would pick a X song. How do you explain to a 10 year old that one of their favorite rappers is dead at the age of 20? 🙏🏼
This Saturday, bring your fam & friends to COOLER JAM! And yep, fill as many coolers as you want and can pack in your car to the rim with all the adult beverages you want! Bring your tents, chairs, blankets, grills.....whatever. We LITT! My set starts at 7:30. Plus the homies @djmoney_mook + Pac Man + Reddi Teddi & More!
Here we have the result of me finessin’ Charlee’s big brothers and big sister to take a pic with her new and fresh and never used personalized crib mattress sheet. Why? Because me and @bronzebutterfly got excited as hell when it came in the mail. As you can tell the boys could care less. 🙄😂 At least Sinaii found enough enthusiasm to smile. 🤷🏻‍♂️ We’re getting close.
In honor of Fathers Day. In honor of family. In honor of friends. And in honor of winning by any means necessary 🏆😆😆 @bronzebutterfly thanks for the greatest gift that can be given. - Aye @dhustle365 let me know when you ready for the rematch. Sincerely, Dad Juice.
@gullahmama - A very interesting and very inspiring #SouthCarolina woman who created the wildly popular and highest rated preschool show of its era, Gullah Gullah Island back in the 90’s🌙🌴 - “They invited us to come up to New York to discuss the show, and I ended up in this boardroom, with my five week old baby, surrounded by people wearing suits that cost more than my car. We had no agent, no television experience, nothing.....and we were on the air in less than a year.” - She didn’t let where she was determine where she was going. She took inspiration from the beautiful things around her and made her own little miracle. She was obviously bold and brave and she believed. A warrior of the light.....right here in #SouthCarolina 🌙🌴 - PS: that’s not her in the picture. That’s one of her paintings titled “Saint Septima with Carolina Jasmine.” 🎨She’s a very talented and successful painter now. This short post doesn’t do her story justice. Learn more about her and her work at (you can just click the link in my bio) and check her IG @gullahmama - - #nataliedaise #gullahgullahisland
They tried to say that they caught me wiping a tear away......but in all reality, it was 98 degrees out in the #southcarolina sun and that was mostly sweat I was wiping away. And what’s the difference between sweat and tears anyway? Don’t argue. @bronzebutterfly
As a society, as humans, we have a tendency to stick mostly to what we know. It’s how we’re wired for the most part. We have a built in “fear of the unknown.” That’s one reason why some TRADITIONS that may have been beneficial to us years and years ago, but are no longer beneficial to us, tend to stick around longer than they serve us. Humans at scale, tend not to push past the traditional boundaries of our society. In this case, some traditions become prisons. We’re entrapped by rules and societal parameters that were made a long time ago for people living in a much more difficult and physically dangerous world. People that challenge these traditions are often called “crazy” or much worse. But I believe that without challenging tradition there will be no growth, no maturity and ultimately no progress. So no, we’re not everything we want to be, but we’re more than we were and yep, we’re still learning and still out here fucking shit up. In other words, fuck what people think. Do you. Whatever that means. Take that trip. Start that business. Go to that restaurant. Talk to that person. Apply for that position. Tweet that tweet. Write that Whiteboard. Experience a different culture. Record that song. Post that poem. Help that woman. Help that man. Read that book. Look past that persons skin color. Befriend that stranger. Marry that woman. Marry that man. Divorce that woman. Divorce that man. Try and fail and try again. Whatever you’re scared to do, DO THAT. Don’t let tradition be your prison. - PS: I wish @Instagram gave us the capability to underline text. I would underline TRADITIONS BECOME PRISONS. - #southcarolina #columbiasouthcarolina
The “finer” things in life aren’t always more expensive. But sometimes they are. 🥃 I’ve always been a fan of strong brands, and behind every strong brand is a strong story. I learned a lot about @remymartinus today and more specifically #louixiii 🥃 and now it all makes sense. Stay tuned.
I’ve been to 36 of the United States. I’ve visited Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and I’ve drove through some other small European countries that I was too hungover & tired to wake up for. I’ve vacationed in Mexico, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and more. And I loved every minute of all of it. Traveling played a huge role in opening my eyes and mind to other people, cultures, and ways of thinking. I still have tons places I want to visit before my card is called. But don’t get it twisted. I love where I’m from and more importantly I love living here. This is not only where I’m from, it’s where I belong. #SouthCarolina 🌙🌴
Well, well, well....what do we have here? - Save the date and stay tuned for all details as we put our entire best effort into bringing you the best #RedCupKickback to date! SUNDAY JULY 15th, 2018 Columbia, South Carolina In a very special venue!! 6-11pm! You will want to be there at 6 when the doors open! TRUST! - Sign up for text notifications to be the first to know when tickets go on sale by texting the phrase REDCUPKICKBACK to 33222 - #djblordredcupkickback #columbiasc #columbiasouthcarolina #southcarolina #redcupkaraoke #redcupcrew #500dollarcashkaraokecongest
I had to go through all sorts of negotiations and bribery just to get him to 1. Take the pic 2. Smile. - Sunday with my crew. We’re riding around eatin’ #smashburger shopping at #homegoods and listening to #Adele and FYI, I’m having the time of my life!
PSA from @redcupkickback - Why? Because you gotta have a certain amount of social experience to truly understand and appreciate the #redcupkickback 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️ - But if you’re not 25 or older yet, you will be one day and then you’ll understand. - NEW DATE COMING SOON! - #columbiasouthcarolina #djblordredcupkickback #columbiasc #redcupcrew
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