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Big dogs eat 🐕 Lil crying dogs stay on the porch🐶
I rep the hood even when I’m not there...
Dj Get Cha Money 💰
Don’t drown tryin to ride this 🌊
I. Look. Goood.
Grab what ever you want it’s on me🤷🏿‍♂️
Sold Out Dates If your celebrating your bday 📲 WELCOME TO THE VIEW🌴
Putting on for the city!
We’re backkkkk!!!! Welcome back View 👋🏿 📸: @adrianjxhn
Happy mutha fuckin bday to me! #Year25
9/22/18 Bringing the city out❗️ I’m not taking no virgos! Libra’s if you wanna celebrate your bday with me tap in!! Ladies Tap in to host! Bros stay tuned for bottle prices! 📸: @creativenlb5
Drip 💧
It’s like rock climbing ......I’m racing to the top ⬆️ 📸: @creativenlb5
Heard I’m the word around town🤷🏿‍♂️
When you shoot yo shot at yo crush and yo home boys watchin😂 Great pass @asap_poppyyy 🤝 Great shot @djgetchamoney Holla at y’all in the championship
When you & yo boys living life ain’t shit to stress about🤷🏿‍♂️ @chappojr @hmmmjaypee @jaywillisyourlove
Bringing back the 90’s baby child hood @_dspank @wattshomiequan @djtakeflight @fuccswithgames @jaywillisyourlove STREET V.1 🏀
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