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Your Everyday Artisan Coffee Bar GI | WTC | Citos | Gancit | Blok M Puri | Maxxbox | Living World T3 | PVJ | Beachwalk | TP4 #MyDailyDjournal _

While you're having the time of your life at @we.the.fest , let us take care of your caffeine fix! #djournalmoment #mydailydjournal
Can you believe we only have one more sleep until @we.the.fest ? Drop by our booth at We The Fest for a cup or two, join our fun competitions, and try out our Avocoffee Pengunci Ingatan special menu! 🥑☕️ #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
WTF starts TOMORROW! Here you have the schedules for the exciting programs happening at Eats & Beats from 20 to 22 July, PLUS the complete lineup of food & drinks that will be available throughout all 3 days! From a complete list of scrumptious bites, cooking battles, as well as challenges happening every day for all 3 festival days—Eats & Beats is the one-stop destination for everything fun, tasty and refreshing! Which one will we be catching you at?
WTF Supper Series Episode 7: Barasuara x Djournal Coffee AvoCoffee Pengunci Ingatan is a special menu from @djournalcoffee , designed by @barasuara , inspired from their song called 'Mengunci Ingatan'. Watch the video to find out how the song has inspired the sweet avocado coffee!
There are two tastes in life most of us enjoy : sweet and salty. Put them together and you get a magical concoction of Iced Salted Caramel Chocolate. Sometimes you really can have it all! 🍫 #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
Home it’s not a place, It’s a feeling 🏠☕️ #djournalmoment #mydailydjournal
Let's grab a real nice snacks, such as our Croissant selection as your coffee companion ☕️ #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
Great coffee made with care just for you ☕️ #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
The moment Nutella Blast and Regally Blonde united in one frame, they become everyone’s favorite 🍫🥛 . #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
Introducing WTF Supper Series: Designed especially by eight #WTF18 artists, at We The Fest 2018, you'll get to enjoy 8 special menus from 8 Ismaya's most-loved F&B brands exclusively at Eats & Beats. These special menus are named and crafted after the music of 8 amazing artists—goodness that you surely haven't heard of before! Swipe left to take a sneak-peek of the delightful bites and slurps! Follow: @ismayaeatsandbeats P.S. Stay tuned to find out which menu is named after which artist! Can you take a guess?
When home is calling, nobody can resist the temptation 🏠☕️ #djournalmoment #mydailydjournal
You can say she's da man, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't enjoy a bowl of two of @tokyobelly ramen! Fancy a chance to see @ramengvrl LIVE in @we.the.fest and meet your favorite artists? All you have to do is recreate the looks of #WTF18 headliners and post your picture on Instagram while mentioning #WTFiconeats ! Check out our bio for more info 🎉 @ismayaeatsandbeats @ismayalifestyle #WTF18 #ismaya
The ideal move for a busy Wednesday: perfect blend of sweet palm sugar and the bitterness of strong espresso in one sip of Es Kopi Susu Batavia ☕️ . #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
Come and watch our Barista brewing a cup of something good you could imagine ☕️ #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
Your Monday blues need a counterattack! Red Power Tamarillo comes to the rescue with its punchy blend of sweet and sour sure to give you a needed energy boost ⚡ . . #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
May your weekend be long and your coffee be strong 💪🏻 . #djournalmoment #mydailydjournal
Coffee : A Liquid hug for your brain. How do you like yours? Comment below if you like yours with milk ☕️🥛 . #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
Make sure you pull through the last few hours of work this Friday and let our steamy cup of joy keep you company! #mydailydjournal #djournalmoment
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