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“Good friends do everything together” writes @tanja_brandt #dogsofinstagram
“Filinia is only 4 weeks old and already knows how to melt people’s hearts” writes @kes_theincredible #dogsofinstagram
“Their fur is pitch black, but their hearts are pure gold” writes @toscathecorso #dogsofinstagram
“Winter came early, but we certainly don't mind!” writes @finnickandinara #dogsofinstagram
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“We just like to smile. Smiling is our favorite!” writes @hoosierfavoritegoldens #dogsofinstagram
“Who wants a lil bobble head for Christmas?” writes @the.bone.squad #dogsofinstagram
“zsa zsa is a 2-month-old chihuahua. she is a peruvian chihuahua toy. She lives in Lima 🇵🇪 Perú.” writes @zsazsaworld #dogsofinstagram
“Thanks for the warm, cozy & so adorable tiny hoodie!” writes @ilckenzoo #dogsofinstagram
“😳😳 Ooops I just realized that I blocked the whole road 🤓” writes @puffywolfpack #dogsofinstagram
“Little TANK knows the big dogs can’t get him when he’s in the table compartment” writes @mcintire_mountain_goldens #dogsofinstagram
“Cherish every moment that you have with the people you love ❤️” writes @two_tremendous_tollers #dogsofinstagram
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