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Celebrating the Creative Process 🌿🌿 #doitfortheprocess to be featured (curated by @Emily_Jeffords )

I have a growing love for (and collection of) beautiful, handmade ceramics. What a beautiful way to blend art into the everyday, physicality of life. My husband is the one who introduced me to @jonosmart ’s work and we both fell in love with the minimal lines, organic material, and simply elegance found in his work. We use his mugs in our daily life and each time, I am reminded of the beauty found in simple, un-flashy objects. That is art. — read Jono’s words in the next two posts and enjoy! Xo, @emily_jeffords #doitfortheprocess
“There’s a rhythm to making pots. Within each day and across the year. The process of making dictates how I live my life. The studio becomes an extension of me. I know where each pot is in the process. How dry they are, how long I have left to work on them before they dry out, when they’ll be ready for the kilns.” - @jonosmart #doitfortheprocess
“I enjoy working physically. Being tired at the end of the day gives me great pleasure. Being able to look up and see all of the physical work in front of me does the same. Each day is a small but obivous accomplishment. Pottery, more than anything I’ve done before gives me immediate results. The path between idea and reality if very quick. I can have an idea in the morning and see it made by the evening. Coming from a background in garden design and architecture where results would take years, I find this exhilarating.” - @jonosmart #doitfortheprocess
“Before I started printmaking, I mostly painted and I placed a lot of pressure on myself with each piece, and faced disappointment at the close of every one. I loved to create, but I don't remember ever being satisfied, to be honest. It was an odd sort of pursuit, knowing I couldn't match my expectations; it was like setting myself up for failure each time. But then printmaking taught me to interpret an idea or scene, rather than try to replicate reality, and to embrace the imperfections along the way. I'm now approaching art with a whole new interest, an earnest and humble sense of experimentation. I start every piece excited to just see what it'll teach me and how it'll turn out.” - Aftyn Shah, @riseandwander // #doitfortheprocess
“My process is very improvisational. As someone who spends a lot of time overthinking other areas of life, often experiencing bursts of anxiety, creating by instinct is a natural release. It's meditation. It's play. Regardless of medium, I start with the roughest of ideas, usually building around a loose image, a detail I want to include, or even just a color. I work around it, adding by instinct here and there, until it feels finished. It's all very informal.” - Aftyn Shah, @riseandwander // #doitfortheprocess
I am so excited to bring you the work of Aftyn Shah today! Aftyn is an amazing & dedicated artist and mum, printmaker & painter. Her work is deep and moody and I KNOW you’re going to love her words. Read on! // PS. The little hands! 😍😍 #doitfortheprocess
Happy Valentine’s Day! Create good work, fall in love with the process, and don’t forget to have fun with it all. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #doitfortheprocess // COMMENT below and tag the artists you love!
Vibrant and dynamic work that feels as energetic and free as a painter’s palette with colors that SING. I’m in love. 💕 #doitfortheprocess
Sharing a bit of valentines love with an artist I admire: @meandering_mari ! She is a fellow palette lover & gem of a lady. SOAK UP THESE COLORS. - @emily_jeffords #doitfortheprocess
Ashley Whiteside is one of those artists that truly allows herself to get lost in the process - in the best possible way - even going so far as to welcome her daughter’s creative energy in the studio every now and then! The two of them fill my heart allll the way up! // #doitfortheprocess
“Control some details, such as color pallet, and let go of anything else. A step outside of the comfort zone makes room for magic. Walking away is okay. Make sure you come back.” — @ashleyswhiteside #doitfortheprocess
“f you aren't getting messy, maybe you're not "in it" enough. Or maybe you aren't working with a preschooler. 😂” — @ashleyswhiteside #doitfortheprocess
I have known @tessapinner for several years and have watched her creative practice transform from art-school-typical mediums into delicious, sugary-sweet mediums. While the process is different, Tessa's vision and heart have stayed true. Her words always encourage me to reach deeper, to be a more beautiful version of myself through their honesty and self-reflection, and I know the things she shares will do the same for you. - @emily_jeffords #doitfortheprocess // photo by @chrisisham
"The less comfortable I am with what I'm creating, the more it has to be about the process rather than the end result. Having something beautiful (or delicious) at the end is important, but without giving a green light to experimenting, trial and error, and some mistakes, nothing can happen. The truth is that a lot of times I don't love my creative process, because it feels uncomfortable. More like the creaky and awkward maneuvering into a new yoga pose than a beautifully polished flow." -- @tessapinner #doitfortheprocess // photo by @mksadler
Though I did attend school for art, I am self-taught baker, which often means that there is a risk that what I am putting time, effort, and love into might not turn out how I expect. But I think that the curiosity and discipline it takes to keep reaching into those uncomfortable and new places is essential. It keeps me interested and makes me feel alive." - @tessapinner #doitfortheprocess
"If I have learned anything from my creative process, it is just to trust myself. I make many mistakes along the way, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow that way." -- @slow.season #doitfortheprocess
"I feel that honoring oneself through one's work is where the value in art is found, and only the process can teach us that. ❤" -- @slow.season #TRUTH ! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #doitfortheprocess
I have been an admirer of Kayla's work for months and months. Her gentle palette and the honesty shown in her brush strokes & likes draw me in each time I see a new piece. Be sure to follow @slow.season for more gentle beauty! Xo, @emily_jeffords #doitfortheprocess
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