Donatella Versace

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Nicki has arrived and now the party STARTED! 💥🔥 💋 @nickiminaj
Feels incredible to be surrounded by such #POWERFUL women!! @irinashayk @ritaora @iosonomariacarlaboscono love you all!! ❤️
Rosie you’re absolutely gorgeous.... ❤️ Thanks for coming!! @rosiehw
Look who arrived to my after party! ❤️ you @thereallukeevans !! Thanks for coming!
THANK YOU everyone for the amazing show!! ❤️💋
Matching t-shirts!! Love you Gigi!! 💋💋 @gigihadid
Love you Bella!! 💋 @bellahadid #VersaceSS19 #bellahadid
Last rehearsals in location before the show TODAY!! Follow the show LIVE on @Versace at 8pm CEST. #VersaceSS19 #VersaceLive
Deciding hair and makeup for my show tomorrow with these two! ❤️💋💋 @patmcgrathreal & @guidopalau
The real ‘Versace on the floor’!! In case you don’t think I ever get my hands dirty 😉 #VersaceSS19
Amazing cover today from @mffashion_com !! Highlighting the #VersaceSS19 Menswear collection... ❤️❤️ Photo by Pier Nicola Bruno
Busy day with #CASTINGS #VersaceSS19
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