Today is the best day of my life!

Might have to come back on em 🤔😏 #DontTemptMe
This is how I characterize joy! #Snow
There’s so much to be grateful for. Life is a gift not an entitlement. How will we use our gift to the fullest?
Let’s travel often together! We are blessed with this world, with breath, and a imbedded curiosity to explore God’s miracles.
Thank you God for my beautiful wife and your foundation in our life. I’m filled with gratitude knowing your love for me is shown everyday from the blessing of her, and the light she brings, as her heart gleams. Thank you God for this gift, and thank you @axelinem for your love, grace and doing life with me!
Come Thru Today Before 5pm!
Every time I look at you I’m reminded how much God loves me. My lovely Dr of Psychiatry, you motivate me! You inspire a level of greatness in me that only my other half could! We fit perfectly, and I look forward to the rest of our life together. #SheSaidYes
I prayed for you. With my feet in the sand I talked to God and marveled at His splendor. He assured me that as I grew closer to Him he’d bring me you.
I thank God for you. From doctor to dancer, your light illuminates the darkest places. I love you @axelinem
Belief Faith Conviction. Consistency Patience Purpose. Belief Faith Conviction. Consistency Patience Purpose. ______________ Come on Mantra! 🙌🏾 Let’s shift our reality by feeding our minds hearts and souls with quality substance.
Who would of thought life would be so perfectly painful and pleasant, a balance that reflects nature’s cyclical waxing and waning. I believe that it is only when we accept this reality that we truly begin to enjoy the journey.
#J5 Yo to The Nupes. Blessed to be in the greatest frat in the world.
Be generous with your love and be generous with your gifts
It’s beautiful to realize that time spent is an investment in oneself. As long as God gifts me with life, Every day will have purpose.