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A Southern California mountain lion that crossed freeways dozens of times, evading potentially deadly traffic, has died after burning its paws during a wildfire, officials said on Friday. The 4-year-old mountain lion, which biologists had tracked with a GPS collar and had named P-64, was roaming in the Simi Hills, northwest of Los Angeles, when the fire broke out nearby, Jeff Sikich, a biologist for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, said in a statement. It apparently crossed an area burned by the Woolsey Fire, which erupted on Nov. 8 and scorched 97,000 acres (39,000 hectares) before being fully contained nearly two weeks later. Biologists later followed P-64's movements over several miles before it hunkered down. On Dec. 3, Sikich discovered P-64's remains, paws burned, near the cat's last known GPS location. The predator's exact cause of death was not known. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was set to conduct a necropsy. The mountain lion could have escaped the fire's path by venturing into the streets of Oak Park, a suburb between Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks, but instead P-64 stepped into a fresh burn area in its wildland habitat, officials said. Mountain lions rarely venture into urban areas, and P-64's actions demonstrate they prefer to stay clear of populated areas, even in the midst of a disaster, National Park Service spokeswoman Kate Kuykendall said by phone. P-64 may have avoided homes, but was famous for braving traffic. It was the only big cat biologists had observed consistently crossing the 101 Freeway to escape and re-enter the Santa Monica Mountains, Kuykendall said. It had traversed the 101 Freeway 14 times and crossed the 118 Freeway further north 27 times. P-64 is believed to have fathered four cubs born in May, the National Park Service said in a statement. Biologists have not been able to confirm whether the cubs or their mother survived the fire. _ Read more - https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/mountain-lion-that-crossed-freeways-died-after-california-wildfire-1960161
_ NEW DELHI: India's government faces a tough re-election battle next year but first it must deal with an opponent as wily as any political rival, troops of monkeys that have become a big threat around its offices in New Delhi. Red-faced rhesus macaques have spread havoc, snatching food and mobile telephones, breaking into homes and terrorising people in and around the Indian capital. They have colonised areas around parliament and the sites of key ministries, from the prime minister's office to the finance and defence ministries, frightening both civil servants and the public. "Very often they snatch food from people as they are walking, and sometimes they even tear files and documents by climbing in through the windows," said Ragini Sharma, a home ministry employee. Ahead of Tuesday's start of parliament's winter session, an advisory to members of parliament last month detailed ways they could keep simian attacks at bay. Don't tease or make direct eye contact with a monkey, the advisory said, and definitely don't get between a mother and her infant. The rapid growth of cities has displaced macaques, geographically the most widely distributed primates in the world after humans, driving them into human habitats to hunt for food. Many in Hindu-majority India revere and feed the animals they consider to be connected to the demigod Hanuman, who takes the form of a monkey. "This socio-religious tradition of feeding has created a vicious cycle," said ecology researcher Asmita Sengupta. "They become used to being fed by humans and lose their sense of fear," said Sengupta, of the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment. "They start actively seeking supplementary food and if we don't feed them, they turn aggressive." The monkeys have hardly proved an ally for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hundreds of macaques feasting on optic fibre cables strung along the banks of the river Ganges derailed his plan to roll out wifi in his constituency, the crowded 3,000-year-old holy city of Varanasi, in 2015. Men were hired to swat the monkeys away with broomsticks and slingshots, when then US President Barack Obama toured New Delhi that year, media said.
#Repost @wwfsg AVA has called for a public consultation to gather views on a proposed ivory ban in Singapore. While we applaud this monumental move, we are proposing a more robust and stringent ban that can help save the lives of thousands of elephants and rangers. We need your help. Support WWF's recommendations by sending an email to AVA by 27 December 2018. See link in @wwfsg bio. #stopthetrade
#Repost @eia_news Turkey: Authorities seize $2.2 million worth of rhino horns from Mozambique en route to Vietnam Turkish security forces seized 34kg of rhino horns found in an anti-smuggling operation at the Atatürk Airport, officials said on Saturday. The horns were found in luggage belonging to a Vietnamese passenger traveling from Mozambique to Ho Chi Minh airport in Vietnam. ... the Vietnamese passenger's past travels triggered red flags in Intelligence Information System which prompted security forces to detain the passenger upon landing. Source: https://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2018/12/09/turkish-authorities-seize-22-million-worth-of-rhino-horns-at-ataturk-airport #rhino #Turkey #Mozambique #Vietnam #illegalwildlifetrade
#Repost @save.big.cats #Repost @sami_scotty Repost and make go viral please.. This is a shame.. This happened on #6thDecember2018 .. A man killed arguably the last wild lion in #Ogbonicha , #edostate and the whole community is celebrating him.. Nigerians need to be educated real bad about animal conservation 😢 😔 https://abiapulse.com/2018/12/08/see-photos-of-a-wild-lion-killed-by-a-nigerian-hunter/ #bantrophyhunting #animalrights #animaladvocate #nigeria #edostate #lion #ogbonicha #facebookbannedme
#Repost @worldanimalnews_ Less than one month after being appointed the new Minister of Environmental Affairs in #SouthAfrica , Mrs. Nomvula Paula Mokonyane, has announced her crucial decision to establish a high-level panel to review policies, legislation and practices on matters of lion, elephant, leopard, and rhinoceros management, including breeding, hunting, trade, and handling. - - HSI-Africa’s Wildlife Director, Audrey Delsink, said in a statement. “We urge the Department to shut down this unethical industry profiting from animal cruelty, bogus medicinal tonics made from lion bones, and tourist scams.”- - As previously reported by #WAN , the #lionbone trade is allegedly fueled by a network of underground traders in South East Asia: particularly in #Vietnam , #Laos , #Cambodia , #Thailand , and #China .- - As a result, it has been estimated that there are currently a mere 20,000 African free-range lions remaining, compared to 30,000 that were in existence two decades ago.- - READ MORE: 🌍👉WorldAnimalNews.com @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
_ It's been almost 200 years since they roamed free in Indiana. Bison now roam the prairies of Kankakee Sands. _ Bison are just part of what one can view at Kankakee Sands. There are over 750 species of plants and 250 species of butterflies live in the prairie. This is one of the crown jewels of Indiana’s natural heritage. Indiana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy acquired 23 bison from another nature conservancy in South Dakota. These bison are now roaming free over 1,100 acres at the Kankakee Sands Nature Preserve in Newton County, which is in northwestern Indiana. To see bison roaming over a large restored prairie is something amazing. It took a lot of work, money and help from many people to accomplish this welcome event. The Nature Conservancy has been planting native prairie and marsh plants since 1997, slowly restoring thousands of acres from farmland to their native state. Earlier this fall, the first herd of bison were released onto the land. Now 23 bison roam the prairie. Aside from being super cool to watch, the bison also help with prairie restoration. They keep down tree saplings, which stop the prairie from becoming forest, they eat grasses but not native wildflowers, which lets those plants get ahead, and they cut furrows in the dirt with their hooves, which make seed dispersal easier. _ Source- http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2016/12/bison-are-running-free-in-indiana-for.html?m=1
ALICE SPRINGS: Roger the kangaroo, who found Internet fame due to his muscular physique, died on Saturday (Dec 8) at the age of 12, The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs said. In a video statement, Chris "Brolga" Barns, kangaroo rescuer and founder of The Kangaroo Sanctuary, said that Roger died of old age. "It's a very sad day here today, for we have lost our beautiful boy Roger. Roger has passed away, he was 12 years old. Ten years ago I built this sanctuary to house Roger and a couple of his wives - Ella, Abigail - I built it so they would have a place to live," said Mr Barns. "Roger was our alpha male for many years, and he grew up to be a kangaroo that people from all over the world have grown to love, as much as we love him too. So we will reflect on his life today and for many years to come. He will always be here, we've laid him to rest out here so he can be with his family." Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/roger-the-muscular-kangaroo-dies-aged-12-11016862
#Repost @eia_news India: Melghat officials crack major tiger and leopard poaching racket Tiger poaching has once again raised its ugly head in Melghat Tiger Reserve and its buffer zone. Following the arrest of at least 15 people, the tiger reserve officials have cracked separate unorganised local gangs involved in poaching of at least five tigers and an equal number of leopards. ------------------------------------------------------------------ * Do you want to know more? 'China’s ‘legal trade’ announcement could sound the death knell for tigers and rhinos' - http://ht.ly/JR4e30mVoIn ------------------------------------------ ... With China recently lifting [its] ban on tiger body parts trade for medical use, the cases are being taken seriously. Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/melghat-officials-crack-major-tiger-leopard-poaching-racket/articleshow/67016203.cms #India #China #tigers #leopards #poaching #illegalwildlifetrade
_ (Swipe ⬅️ Left) A lion cub was removed from a Lamborghini in Paris. That's one of the many cases of illegal possessing of wild animals in France. Via Brut Nature
How about some baby flamingo love 💕 *Copyright protected 2018* Owner Gretchen Mogensen
#Repost @worldanimalnews_ The #UnitedStates Senate voted by unanimous consent last night to pass the #EndangeredSalmonPredationPreventionAct (S. 3119), legislation that amends the #MarineMammalProtectionAct (MMPA), in order to allow for the lethal removal of nearly 1,000 #sealions a year. 💔 - In June, the U.S. House of Representatives passed similar legislation, H.R. 2083, the #EndangeredSalmonandFisheriesPredationPreventionAct . - It is unfathomable that either passed with blatant disregard of human involvement. - This is wrong on many levels, and sadly, could mean more senseless loss of life of sentient beings. 💔 - Read More 🌍👉 www.WorldAnimalNews.com @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
#Repost @thedodo This kid's reaction to the dog jumping into the bath with him 😂 (📹: @afvofficial )
#Repost @yearsofliving Brazil's new President-elect has an agenda that puts the whole world in jeopardy. ⠀ ⠀ #YEARSproject #climatechange #bolsonaro2018 #bolsonaropresidente #amazonrainforest #amazon #rainforest #deforestation
_ (Swipe ⬅️ Left) The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of America's last untouched pieces of wilderness. The Trump Administration is rushing to open it up to oil companies. Via @yearsofliving #yearsproject #thebeginningoftheend #apocalypse #theebdisnear #stoptheseassholes
#Repost @justice4earth Imagine a trail of destruction more than half a mile wide stretching for 150 miles. That’s how much orangutan habitat has been destroyed by Oreo’s palm oil suppliers in the last two years. To make things worse the makers of Oreo continue to buy palm oil from Wilmar - the dirtiest palm oil giant in the world - for the millions of Oreo cookies that are produced everyday.
Wilmar is the biggest threat to Indonesian rainforests, Indigenous People that rely on them for survival and the orangutans that live there. If Oreo stop buying palm oil from rainforest destroyers like Wilmar the makers of products like Colgate toothpaste and Kit Kat will feel the pressure to do the same. And the entire industry will be forced to change. - Sign the petition in my bio calling on @Oreo to ditch palm oil from Wilmar and set a standard for all large companies which is free from deforestation. — Photo via @steidlverlag#Justice4Earth #JusticeForEarth #PalmOil #Oreo #OreoCookies #PalmOilFree #ConflictPalmOil #Wilmar #InYourPalm #Indonesia #Rainforest #Greenpeace
#Repost @yearsofliving A single rotation of this renewable device can power a home for an entire day 🌬🏠⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #YEARSproject #climatechange #renewableenergy #wind #windturbine #windenergy #renewable
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