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_ (Swipe ⬅️ left for parts 2-5) HOW SMART ARE ORANGUTANS This World Orangutan Day, let's learn about the intelligence of this Asian ape. Along with humans, orangutans belong to the Hominidae family tree, which stretches back 14 million years. But it’s not just their striking red hair that makes orangutans unique among our great ape cousins. Lu Gao shares some amazing facts about these incredibly intelligent great apes from Asia. Lesson by Lu Gao. Narration by Julianna Zarzycki. Animation by Anton Bogaty. #worldorangutanday #personoftheforest #endangeredspecies #dyingforpalmoil #indonesia #tedtalks
#Repost @barkbox Unfortunately, @k9_jester and Officer Walker will be separated due to him transferring to a different department. There is a petition going around in the hopes of letting Officer Walker purchase Jester so they can stay together. Check out freejester.com or swipe up in our IG story for more info! @K9_jester #policedog #workingdog #dog #goodboy #belgianmalinois #bestfriends
_ CRUEL RATTLESNAKE CONTESTS Thousands of rattlesnakes are lured out of their dens in the United States— so they can be killed at these contests. Video by: Ryan Barrentine Rounding Up Sweetwater Via @thedodo #extremeanimalabuse #aspca #bekindtoeverykind #snakesofinstagram #snakeshelptheecosystem
#Repost @thedodo This very good girl goes right to sleep when her dad sings her a lullaby 😭🎶
#Repost @careforwild Introducing Kayla-Milan at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. Kayla-Milan, one of the two orphaned rhinos that arrived just a two days ago has been moved into a large night-pen where she is doing very well and drinking her milk eagerly. She has no wounds and is in good condition. Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary would like to say a big Thank you to Kruger National Park’s Section Ranger, Albert Smith for rescuing this beautiful orphan rhino and for allowing his daughter, Kayla, to give a helping hand in saving another rhino for future generations. #careforwildrhinosanctuary #careforwild #cfwrs #krugernationalpark #savetherhino #rescue #rehabilitate #release #donate #orphanedrhino #stoppoachingnow #babyrhinorescue #sanparks #southafrica #wildlife #whiterhino
FUNKY BIRD 🐤🐦🐧 This male American woodcock has some glide in his stride and some dip in his hip. Here he is performing an early morning "sky dance" to woo the woodcock ladies in springtime at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge in Maine. #americanwoodcock #funkybird #dancingfortheladies #glideinmystride #dancingforlife #animalhumor
#Repost @bosfoundation Mankind relies on orangutans without even realising it. As keepers of the forests they inhabit, orangutans are vital to our very survival. Yet, orangutans now face extinction at an alarming rate. We are trying desperately to save them, but it isn’t easy. An #OrangutanFreedom journey involves many years of rehabilitation before an orangutan can be returned to the wild. We are still caring for more than 500 orangutans, all of whom are awaiting their chance at #OrangutanFreedom . Please help us this #InternationalOrangutanDay , and give them all a chance at true freedom. DONATE here > support.orangutan.or.id/donations #SaveOrangutans ----------- Manusia bergantung pada orangutan tanpa kita sadari. Sebagai penjaga hutan, orangutan sangat penting bagi kelangsungan hidup kita. Namun, orangutan kini menghadapi kepunahan pada tingkat yang mengkhawatirkan. Kami berusaha sekuat tenaga untuk menyelamatkan mereka, tetapi itu bukanlah hal yang mudah. Sebuah perjalanan #OrangutanFreedom melibatkan proses rehabilitasi selama bertahun-tahun sebelum orangutan dapat kembali ke alam liar. Masih ada lebih dari 500 orangutan menanti kesempatan untuk memperoleh #OrangutanFreedom . Tolong bantu kami di #HariOrangutanSedunia ini, dan beri mereka semua kesempatan untuk mendapatkan kebebasan sejati. Ayo DONASI di sini> support.orangutan.or.id/donations
#Repost @yazminluv_ No Judgements - Just Love 💕 Happy Caturday
#Repost @oceanicpreservationsociety 🚫GRAPHIC CONTENT 🚫 URGENT!! Please read this important update on #TheCove via Director Louie @psihoyos : In the article, “Beyond The Cove: what happened after the Oscar-winning documentary?” director of A Whale of a Tale, Megumi Sasaki claims, “It was like they were pointing a camera at people who can’t raise their own voice. It’s like bullying.” I am the director of The Cove and our team did in fact spend several days negotiating with the Mayor of Taiji and the dolphin hunting union to get their side of the story for our documentary. We even offered to not film the dolphin slaughter if they agreed to let us interview a single fisherman or town leader, but not a single person from that town was willing to step forward and talk on the record about the dolphin hunt. I went to journalism school and getting both sides of a story was always the goal. But do you really need to hear both sides of a story when one of those sides is committing barbaric acts of violence? Is it necessary to hear Jeffrey Daumer’s side of the story to have an accurate picture? Serial killers and pedofiles have a point of view, but do you really need to hear both sides of a story when one of those sides is committing barbaric acts of violence and refuses to speak? Since nobody affiliated with the hunt would talk to us on the record, our team made the decision to break into the area now known as The Cove to see what they were hiding. What we saw and heard there was far more revealing than any interview could have achieved - it was so unspeakable it shocked the world…watch the full clip on our Facebook page - LINK IN BIO. The atrocities in The Cove are conducted within the confines of a Japanese National Park designated in the Town of Taiji as a “wildlife sanctuary.” It was protected by guards, guard dogs, barbed wire and electronic sensors. It was clear why the Taiji mayor and the dolphin hunters wouldn’t speak to the press or anyone else for that matter. Video: @oceanicpreservationsociety
_ (Swipe ⬅️ left for parts 2-4) TREE CLIMBING DOG! This dog copes with his anxiety by climbing the tallest trees possible! Via @thedodo @ringo.the.real.catdog #treeclimbingdog #dogsofinstagram #dogsaresmarterthanyouthink #dogsjustwannahavefun #digsarefamily
#Repost @greenpeace Before being torn down to make way for palm oil plantations, this was once a rainforest in Indonesia. More than 100,000 orangutans have died in the past 16 years because their natural habitat is being destroyed. We must do more to protect these amazing animals. 📸: Ulet Ifansasti . . . . #orangutan #orangutans #deforestation #indonesia #palmoil #rainforest #forest #wildlife #nature #conservation #environment #greenpeace #worldorangutanday #internationalorangutanday orangutanday
_ (Swipe ⬅️ left for part 2) WE LOSE 25 ORANGUTANS EVERYDAY TO DIRTY PALM OIL! In less than 2 minutes this animation tells the story of an orangutan forced from her home. Turn the sound on to hear Emma Thompson narrate the story of dirty palm oil. _ PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION (LINK IN OUR BIO). Add your name, and tell companies to end forest destruction for dirty palm oil: Via @greenpeaceuk #SaveRangTan #DropDirtyPalmOil #dirtypalmoil #indonesia #unsustainable #greedypeople #governmentcorruption #deforestation #animalgenocide #destructionofnaturalhabitats #climatechange
_ (Swipe ⬅️ left for parts 2-4) Rescue Dog Loves To Take His Senior Best Friend On Walks This sweet dog carries around his best friend who can't walk. Via @thedodo
_ (Swipe ⬅️ left for part 2) WOBBLY KITTEN GETS KITTY CASTS TO HELP HIM WALK AGAIN This kitten was born with wobbly legs and six toes on his back paws! But he kept getting back up on his tiny little casts and ran all the way to his forever home! Via The Dodo #kittensofinatagram #catsofinstagram
#Repost @wildpassengers TRAILBLAZER! I cannot imagine walking this dog. LOL Hahahaha 💕🐶🐾#trailblazer #wizz #doghumor #pissingmyself
#Repost @thedodo These adorable baby squirrels fell out of their nest — but luckily their mom comes back for them one by one 🐿️🐿️🐿️
_ BONGOBELLY! Our frenchie loves having his belly played like bongos 😂😂 Credits: @ladbible #howcuteisthat #bongobelly
_ This is an incident from last year but the lesson is still relevant today. A juvenile whale shark was caught off the coast of Indonesia. Due to the unmanageable size, it was towed back to shore where it was used as a prop for selfies and typical ignorant dumbass behaviour. Luckily a Russian tourist intervened, purchased the whale shark from the fishermen and released it back into the open ocean. Via The Dodo #indonesia #whaleshark #extremeanimalabuse #ignorantpeople #peoplelackcommonsense #nocompassion
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