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A few more pictures from Table Mountain. Those views are unforgettable!
Iconic Muizenberg beach huts. Bright, vibrant, and very photogenic. So glad to be able to see them as there's a chance they may be removed. After spending some time in Muizenberg we drove to Camps Bay and watched this amazing sunset (last picture).
Cheetahs - the fastest animal on earth, they can run at 60 mph speed! While having a dinner at one of the wine estates, we found out that this estate also runs a cheetah rescue program. They're raising money to train dogs to scare away cheetahs from farms so farmers wouldn't have to kill these beautiful animals. We were able to pet one of these cheetahs and he was purring just like a big cat. These pictures were taken by one of the groundkeepers hence the low quality but I couldn't keep myself from positing it anyway.
Chapman's peak drive is regarded as one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world. With mountains rising up on one side and the Atlantic Ocean crashing below on the other, there is an incredible view at every curve - all 114 of them. It’s tough to find the right words to say about this drive, because it was so absolutely stunning. It reminded me a lot of Big Sur (which remains my personal favorite) and it was a highlight of this trip.
Boulders beach is home to an endangered colony of the cutest African Penguins. It is impossible not to fall in love with these adorable waddling webbing birds in tuxedos. They're irresistible and I think I finally found my spirit animal 😂😁
My very first time in a helicopter. So glad it happened to be in Cape Town. What a breathtaking experience! We flew over Lion's Head, Table Mountain, Twelve Apostles, and the Waterfront. This was definitely a highlight of SA trip.
This view couldn't be missed. We got to climb Table Mountain, South Africa most recognizable attraction and one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. At an elevation of 1 084m above sea level it offers unparalleled views of the Cape Town. It is the definition of stunning and the Meryl Streep of mountains. Nelson Mandela called it "a gift to the earth" and apparently this is the oldest mountain on earth. I am so excited to be here and see these stunning views
A visit to Cape Town and Stellenbosch is not complete without a tour of local wine farms. There are so many (a few hundred) unique estates in this relatively small region. Some of them are dated back to the late 1600s and have a special history and character. They seem to believe that a good wine, good food, and good art go together and so all wine estates feature awesome restaurants and brilliant art installations. I've been to Napa and Tuscany but I like this region way better.
Amazing first day in Stellenbosch. Even though it's winter here, the nature is awesome
I love libraries. When I think of a Paradise, I imagine it to be some kind of a library (and coffee of course). For the past several days I've been working out of this gorgeous library in Manhattan beach. It is modern, quiet, glass-walled, impressively designed. It has ridiculous views of the ocean, art installations, and swivel chairs. Love this place.
Equestrian lesson this weekend right after a polo class. Here's a video of us trotting and following commands. Horseback riding is a great exercise, I could feel my legs for days after polo lessons. It is also a great therapy as you interact with these beautiful animals.
Delicious crepe breakfast near this new art installation. At breakfast we've talked about the news and recent waves of bigotry, xenophobia, prejudice... While walking under these umbrellas I thought of this quote: · "The mind is like an umbrella. Its most useful when open."
Quick morning jog on the Strand while listening to an awesome audio book.'Stop and drop' selfie at the pier and I am ready for some writing and grading on this beautiful Friday.
Catching my first waves as I am trying to learn surfing and showing off my farmers tan I got in Europe. I was not able to stand up just yet but hope to take a proper lesson soon. This is so much fun! Love it!
I had a very long layover in Reykjavik and was able to cross this one off my bucket list. Blue Lagoon is one of the natural wonders of the world - the most iconic geothermal spa with hot waters and silica masks (second picture). Hope I'll be back there soon.
Last few pictures from Prague. Charles bridge is one of the oldest and most beautiful bridges in Europe. It is rich in statues and decorative lamps, and it catches the eye immediately with its beautiful Gothic bridge towers on both ends. The last two pictures are the heart of Prague - the Old Town Square founded in 12th century and famous for its astronomical clock and many churches.
This past months I've travelled through Florence, Rome, and Amalfi coast. My bar was set high for any other place to compare. But Prague is something else, a step up in beauty. It is a spectacular city, with every turn bringing something more beautiful to absorb.
Family reunion in Prague. Love this city, one of my favorites in Europe. Stunning architecture, lots of history, and amazing culture. While many major European capitals were rebuilt and destroyed during the 17th and 18th centuries, Prague’s buildings were left untouched. As a result, the city is a breathtaking mix of baroque, gothic and renaissance architecture, hard to find anywhere else in Europe.
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