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Great start of the weekend after a stressful week. Visiting Smorgasburg LA on Santa Monica pier - a collection of food stands and artsy vendors. We also ended up watching Boy Erased. Amazing movie, a bit disturbing and moving.
I love to walk through the streets of Wynwood and to feel immersed in eye-catching compositions, from multi-story murals to diminutive hidden paintings. Home to one of the largest open-air street art installations in the world (along with art galleries, artisanal restaurants, breweries, and boutiques), this eclectic district in the heart of Miami carries an unmistakable identity as one of the country’s most exciting destinations for artists. 10 years ago it was a rundown place. Its revival is connected to art.
Miami really comes alive at night. Buildings are decked out in colored lights, the water reflects moonlight and the lights of Miami’s skyline.
When in Key West... This is the farthest South latitude of the mainland United States and it is only 90 miles to Cuba. Our hotel had a nice Cuban feel to it with these classic cars parked in front (second picture). On the third picture is one of many roosters roaming the streets of Key West. These gypsy chickens can be the spirit animal of Key West - colorful, wild, historic, and a bit noisy... Love this place!
After cold temperatures in Pittsburgh it is great to be on the island time. Relaxing by the pool in our hotel - Havana Cabana. In Key West we're closer to Cuba than to a Walmart!! Hope to see Havana one day
Thanksgiving day with my US family in Pittsburgh. Grateful to have them in my life and cherish this opportunity to spend time together. I have so much to be thankful for. I am healthy, I am happy, and I'm loved.· · · Pittsburgh skyline during the day on the first picture and the night view on the second. Won't miss the cold and gloomy weather.
California dreamin' 🌊🏄🌅 Such a blessing to live in this gorgeous place
The fight back to LA was amazing with the sky turning all shades of blue and red. Such rich and varied dyes, such mellowness of light, such a spectacular sunset during our take off and short flight.
Amazing birthday weekend with a surprise trip to Vegas, scrumptious birthday food, and seeing Celine Dion perform live. I was completely unaware of this trip and practically kidnapped, thinking until the very last moment we're driving to a restaurant near the airport. So grateful for all the love and thoughtfulness invested into these birthday preparations. I'm also grateful for all the birthday wishes, texts, and calls. I'm so blessed to have so many special people in my life.
Much needed weekend by the ocean after hearing about mass shootings and depressing news. Remembered this Ghandi quote · · "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."
This was an amazing weekend - ASBH conference presentation in Disneyland and the opportunity to see many colleagues and friends. Then Sunday by the ocean and bike ride to the California Yacht Club.
Little Tokyo is one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA. As a National Historic Landmark District, Little Tokyo has a unique variety of historical, cultural, shopping, and food destinations to give you a taste of Japan without having to fly there. My favorite sushi and ramen places located in this little neighbourhood. Every time I am in downtown, I try to stop by this unique place to grab a quick snack or even to find a bit of Zen in its gardens.
Waiting for the weekend...
Stunning art exhibit projected onto the facade of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Using machine learning algorithms, the digital artist Anadol has developed a unique machine intelligence approach to the LA Phil digital archives – 45 terabytes of data. The results are stunning visualizations for the show - WDCH Dreams. This show projects transformed archival materials onto the exterior of Walt Disney Concert Hall in animated, data-driven patterns, seeming to give consciousness to the architectural landmark.
On my way back, waiting for my flight in Schiphol and going through my India pictures. Couldn't resist posting a few more Taj Mahal pictures. So grateful for the opportunity to cross this off my bucket list. So long, India, till next time...
A few more pictures from Taj Mahal. This was truly the main highlight of the trip. It should be on everyone's bucket list
Great hotel in Mumbai with an awesome pool. Life is cool by the pool especially when it is so hot and humid outside. Awesome start of the weekend, can't wait to explore Mumbai.
Visiting this large temple complex. They have no electronic devices policy so I had to snap this picture from outside the complex. This temple is dedicated to a child yogi from 18th century who traveled across India so at times it feels like this temple borrows from Disneyland. For instance, they have a boat ride through displays of Indian history and culture. There's also a water and laser show that is child themed (yogi kid travels through India). The temple is very ornate and I witnessed some religious ceremonies which I had hoped to see. Such a unique experience
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