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Waiting for the weekend...
Stunning art exhibit projected onto the facade of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Using machine learning algorithms, the digital artist Anadol has developed a unique machine intelligence approach to the LA Phil digital archives – 45 terabytes of data. The results are stunning visualizations for the show - WDCH Dreams. This show projects transformed archival materials onto the exterior of Walt Disney Concert Hall in animated, data-driven patterns, seeming to give consciousness to the architectural landmark.
On my way back, waiting for my flight in Schiphol and going through my India pictures. Couldn't resist posting a few more Taj Mahal pictures. So grateful for the opportunity to cross this off my bucket list. So long, India, till next time...
A few more pictures from Taj Mahal. This was truly the main highlight of the trip. It should be on everyone's bucket list
Great hotel in Mumbai with an awesome pool. Life is cool by the pool especially when it is so hot and humid outside. Awesome start of the weekend, can't wait to explore Mumbai.
Visiting this large temple complex. They have no electronic devices policy so I had to snap this picture from outside the complex. This temple is dedicated to a child yogi from 18th century who traveled across India so at times it feels like this temple borrows from Disneyland. For instance, they have a boat ride through displays of Indian history and culture. There's also a water and laser show that is child themed (yogi kid travels through India). The temple is very ornate and I witnessed some religious ceremonies which I had hoped to see. Such a unique experience
Sightseeing in Delhi - their ancient citadel Chandi Chowk or Red Fort. I think I figured out the golden rule of traveling here - when in doubt do the opposite of what would be normal anywhere else. This place is unlike anything I've seen so far...
A few pictures from Delhi. Here's the UNESCO World Heritage site - the oldest tomb from the times of Moghul Empire. Visiting Delhi is such a unique experience. There are so many things Lonely Planet does not tell you. I've travelled a lot but coming here was quite a cultural shock - from the overwhelming poverty to crazy driving and incessant honking. Still, India is a special place and I'm so glad I've got this chance to see it.
I can't believe I've got to see this beauty. Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and arguably the best known / most beautiful building in the World. It is a monument to the great love between the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan and his queen, Mumtaz Mahal. They could not bear to be parted and Mumtaz would often travel with her husband even into war. It was on one such campaign in 1631 that she died after giving birth to their 14th child. Over the next 14 years Shah Jehan employed the empire’s best architects, builders and craftsmen to design this vision in white marble, decorated with precious and semi-precious stones sourced from all over Asia. This building is more than just a piece of architecture, it is king's love wrought in stones and finished by jewellers. I was blown away to see that all the inscriptions and decorations of the building are not painted. Those are gemstones carved into white marble. Words won't do justice to this building, you have to see it to really appreciate it's beauty.
Awesome brunch last weekend at Mon Ami Gabi in Vegas. Made me nostalgic after Paris with its bistros and my favorite Bouillon restaurant. Crisp butcher paper on tables, crackle of a fresh baguette being torn apart, and onion soup au gratin, yum!
Poolside in Vegas this weekend #LikeaCeasar Got to see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert, met old friends, and tasted some amazing food at Hakkasan. What a weekend!
One of the most unforgettable nights this weekend when we've got to spend five hours at the Mount Wilson observatory looking through the second largest telescope in the world that's open to public. This is the same telescope that Hubble used to confirm Einstein's theory of relativity and the theory of ever expanding universe. We were able to see a few planets, nebulae, stars, and even a galaxy 47 mln light years away. It was beyond amazing and it gives you a perspective on life - vastness of the universe and your place in it. For such small creatures as humans, this vastness is bearable only through love.
Stunning sunsets are synonymous with Manhattan Beach. There's nothing better than to end your day watching the sun go down in the most breathtaking fashion.
Amazing start of a long weekend - great dinner and then seeing John Williams directing at the Hollywood Bowl (with Steven Spielberg explaining the art of filmmaking).
Sunsets over the ocean are incredible.
Amazing evening at the Hollywood Bowl. Gustavo Dudamel conducted LA Phil playing masterpieces by Tchaikovsky. Actors performed scenes from Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. And then this spectacular ending with 1812 overture and beautiful fireworks!!
Getty center is my favorite place in LA. It is a magnificent architectural marvel situated on top of a hill with panoramic views of LA. It has an amazing art collection and a beautiful central garden. We had a nice picnic outside and explored Getty's two new exhibits
A few more pictures from Table Mountain. Those views are unforgettable!
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