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Go to @edailypop #live now to see what I think about your #newyearsresolution this. Year! #addiction #exhaustion #relationships Enjoyed the #DAILYPOP hosts, @theladysitter & @MzGossipGirl. Happy New Year!
Had the pleasure of hanging with the best of the best! Our New Year is opening with amazing guests, @gingerthejester , @onemorejude and my partner for 2018, @mikecatherwood ! #youlive drdrew.com
Well...he needed some help. #TheVoice
Morning run, Riverside Park about 86th. Never seen so many ecstatic dogs! #manhattan
I'm helping @cj_wentz11 raise $$ for his charity #AO1 . Carson will sign and personalize his custom AO1 pregame cleats and the winner gets a LIVE, 1-on-1 video chat with Carson! Enter to win at crowdrise.com/carsonwentz These pregame cleats were worn during Weeks 1-3 of the 2017 NFL regular season and the games were at the Washington Redskins, the Kansas City Chiefs, and home vs the NY Giants. The winner will not only receive these amazing pieces of unique sports memorabilia but also a video clip of their chat with Carson!
On November 20, abduction survivor Elizabeth Smart will answer YOUR questions. Watch a preview of the A&E episode on DrDrew.com!
In November, the Today Show’s male anchors skip shaving to raise awareness for men’s health issues. Don’t be afraid to talk about your mental health. Watch more at DrDrew.com! #NoShaveTODAY
Did Elizabeth Smart forgive her captors? Send questions to be read on air in our A&E tv special. Tweet your questions with the hashtag #ElizabethSmartQA by November 7, 2017, and yours could be featured on the show.
#Repost @mizpiggy111 (@get_repost ) ・・・ Jack and I had a BLAST shooting for @girlsandtheircats !!! This kick ass insta is ran by the ever brilliant @briannewills , who created a space where girls and their cats can celebrate their deep, sweet love. Bc really, it should be celebrated. Thank you for including us, BriAnne!! If you haven't followed already, get on it! 🐾💕CAT LADIES, UNITE!!! 💕🐾 #Repost ・・・ 1/3 "My adoration and obsession with Jack Bird Pinsky is unfounded, unprecedented, and confusing, because I am damaged goods. I had a terrorist for a cat growing up. He would bite me on the face if I got too close; my mother would always laugh and say, “That’s a love bite! He loves you!” But I knew better. Cats did not compute. When I walked into any home and found a cat, I would freeze. Is it going to shoot pee at me? I never knew how to handle them. *** The day after touching ground in New York, I walked into the Petco at Union Square with my ex-boyfriend and my swelling left hand hovering next to my ear. I had tripped the day before, breaking my fall with my knuckles, and I was naively hoping that the elevation would reduce the swelling. I quickly texted my dad, a doctor: If there’s a ring on my finger, and my finger is swelling, should I take it off? I handed the phone to my ex-boyfriend as I walked towards Kathy, whose eyes were open too wide before she eagerly asked questions I didn't have answers for: “What do you think about de-clawing?” “What kind of cat food would you feed your cat?” “Are your windows safe? We check because, well, I lost a cat that way… It was devastating.” Slowly but surely, my hand ballooned, the thin gold ring in the middle of my finger serving as the separation between two different sausage-links. After an hour and a half of questions, I ran up to my ex-boyfriend, who was looking at an exotic fish tank. He showed me my phone screen: DAD: If there’s any question, yes. Take it off. But we had to look at the cats. Walking back over to the metal cases, row after row of cats sat blankly looked out at us. I noticed there was a row close to the ground. I bent down and was met with the crooning eyes of a tuxedo cat.” @mizpiggy111 #girlsa
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