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#youlive @ZachSkow ・・・ Just wrapped the @drdrewpinsky Podcast with #BobForrest . If you’ve been involved in recovery in virtually any capacity, you will know of these two men. It was a huge accomplishment and an absolute joy to connect with these guys. To have Cora with me as my therapy dog and @chrisvanetten_official as my therapy human, was oc my ok the cake!
Working with my podcast colleague @daxshepard never gets old. The Best of the Best @armchairexppod is here! ・・・ Double D on bonus Thursday!!! My friend @drdrewpinsky is today's Expert on Expert!!! We have a lot of fun with some less-than-fun subjects. ♥️🍒♥️🍒♥️🍒♥️ @armchairexppod
@justjennyhutt reunion. @vent47 jealous.
@sternshow as always, TY for another great morning
@idiotsivan and I are definitely winning
Taking about my awesome 60th Birthday Podcast, celebrity relationships, Kanye and more! @wendyshow is live today! Tune in.
Three Tips For Typhus: Get the latest news today at KABC.com as it breaks during Midday Live with Dr. Drew and Lauren Sivan. Also, more about the homelessness sanitation problems and how disease is continuing to grow, plus precautions we can take to clean up this mess before it’s too late. Listen to the Midday Live podcasts to catch up. All available at drdrew.com. #share
Goat? More like with goat. @firstladyoflove
Atlanta vacation with friends. Thanks for the lovely weekend. @pkburnettatl #host #youlive
I have been warning about this for months. The only effective intervention is restoring sanitation on the streets.
Just cruising around.
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