Miami for the winter .. where should I go next ?
Just teaching my dog how to fly.. what should I teach him next ?? @jackattackdurham
What would our rap name be @jackattackdurham
Merry Christmas from me and @jackattackdurham.. What do you think we are looking at lol
Caption what I'm thinking about...
Looking down at...? Finish the caption.. 📷 @serg.boy
What should I be for Halloween? 📷 @serg.boy
I’ve been working so hard on a couple new projects that I can’t wait to introduce to you guys when they are done. Also I want to give a big thanks to @trendy_butler for keeping me fresh and fitted so I can get all my work done and still have a fresh outfit. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next, love y’all and I’ll keep you updated on what's next.
Me: Ay Dax I know you got paid for this show you just did can I get that $20 you owe me ? Dax: Didn’t I pay for us to see Black Panther Me: Just take the picture nigga
Me: Zedd how does it feel to be in “the middle” ? Zedd: Shut up Dre just take the picture..
This year I'm making sure all my friends are into fitness .. and if there not I'll motivate them to start...
Always look towards your goal.. and right now it's almost lunch time.. so I'm looking forward to that. Stay hungry my friends 😇 Shot by @kenahn
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