I like to go to nice restaurants and eat good food.. but I won’t post about that shit

Winter or summer?
Looking down at...? Finish the caption.. 📷 @serg.boy
What should I be for Halloween? 📷 @serg.boy
I’ve been working so hard on a couple new projects that I can’t wait to introduce to you guys when they are done. Also I want to give a big thanks to @trendy_butler for keeping me fresh and fitted so I can get all my work done and still have a fresh outfit. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next, love y’all and I’ll keep you updated on what's next.
When she says she is LATINA 😂😂 Directed by 🎥 @ComedyDirector Ft @JazmineGarcia @dredurhams
Me: Ay Dax I know you got paid for this show you just did can I get that $20 you owe me ? Dax: Didn’t I pay for us to see Black Panther Me: Just take the picture nigga
Balance is not something you find.. it’s something you create.. SWIPE right to see how great my balance really is
Me: Zedd how does it feel to be in “the middle” ? Zedd: Shut up Dre just take the picture..
All this money and we still can't afford jeans without holes @brennen
This year I'm making sure all my friends are into fitness .. and if there not I'll motivate them to start... @raydiaz @chris_baris @johannesbartl
FAVORITE VIDEO OF 2017 WATCH THE END 😂😂 🚨Caution🚨 Follow @dredurham_ @missbrooke_lyn @clop3z Shot by. @Jonnamc
HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND 😂 @curtislepore @hanagiraldo @aribellemari @preach (gear) Shot by @kenahn
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