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GLOBAL BEAUTY EDUCATOR 📍L.A.| Mommy to @babydyf 👧🏻 Founder @DressYourFaceLive_com ONLINE CLASSES👩🏻‍🎨 and @DYFAcademy 🎓 ✨CLASSES & SHOP LINKS BELOW✨👇🏽

Now that all my designs have been revealed we can get back to regular programming 😆😘 So who caught my live class last week on DYFL when I turned my girl @irenesarah into a #BengaliBride ? 🙋🏻‍♀️ It was SO STUNNING I couldn’t take my eyes off her 😩😍 If you missed it don’t worry- it’s been recorded and uploaded to your members pages so you can watch it as many times as you like 🙌🏽 Including our Q&A at the end ♥️♥️♥️ Not a @dressyourfacelive_com member? What are you waiting for?! Link in bio to join us for less than the price of a single lipstick 💄😜📲 👩🏻‍🎨 Details & IG video edit coming next 🎉🎉🎉 • • Artist: @dressyourface Model: @irenesarah Thank you to everyone who contributed to this beautiful look! Wardrobe: @artoflizastyle Jewelry: @shopbees Saree Draping: @hennadilse Hair: @farahwiththegoodhair
And last but not least, my final reveal from the #LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection: “The Black Velvet Punjabi Suit” ♠️ The “little black dress” of desi wear, EVERYONE needs a staple Punjabi Salwar Kameez in their Indian wardrobe. This piece was a corroborative design between me and the @Lashkaraa team based on your requests, and after adding my own personal touches to it, I absolutely loved how it turned out! This piece was created to flatter all ages, body types, and sizes, and meant to be both stylish and comfortable! The gorgeous black velvet kameez and powder pink net dupatta features silver, gold, and baby pink threadwork, sequins, and hand-finished pearl stonework embellishments, paired with a classic santoon Patiala-style salwar pant. A beautiful traditional suit that will bring you back to the homeland 🖤 • Link in bio to shop 📲 and use code DYF10 to save! 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Styling: @styledbyambika Outfit: @lashkaraa x @dressyourface
#LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection “Navy Blue and Silver Net Saree” 🌌 Elegant, stylish, and ICONIC. ”The sari is the world's longest-running fashion story, as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago.” -Vogue. This stunning design features a long-sleeve fitted velvet blouse (which can be customized to cover the entire mid-section for even more modesty if desired) filled with beautiful silver thread embroidery and hand-finished pearl stonework on the entire neck & chest, as well as the cuff of the sleeves, and a net sari drizzled in dazzling pearls throughout. Inspired by the starry night sky, this breathtaking piece is perfect for a grand evening affair. • Also available in fully pre-stitched sari option as shown here, for those who don’t know how to tie or pleat saris 👍🏽 • (Fashion tip: This navy blue velvet blouse is also paired perfectly with the navy blue velvet skirt that comes with the “peachy coral & navy blue embroidered velvet lehenga” to mix and match a whole new outfit if you choose to get both!) 🙌🏽 • Link in bio to shop 📲 and use code DYF10 to save! 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Styling: @styledbyambika Outfit: @lashkaraa x @dressyourface
#LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection “Dark Teal Off Shoulder Gharara” 🦚 A crowd favorite, this gharara suit showcases a stunning jewel green, one of my most favorite colors for traditional party wear! The dark velvet kameez features beautiful zari paisley designs throughout, trimmed with gold lace along the off-the-shoulder neckline, and a wide filigree embroidered design to make the bottom edge pop. Hand-finished stonework is sprinkled throughout the net gharara flares and teal dupatta for the perfect amount of sparkle ✨👌🏽 Link in bio to shop 📲 and use code DYF10 to save! 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Styling: @styledbyambika Outfit: @lashkaraa x @dressyourface
#LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection “Black and Coral Embroidered Lehenga ” 🌺 This young, bold, and lively lehenga is another piece that I was especially excited to see come to life. I literally woke up one morning from a dream, and I felt so incredibly inspired (I’m normally not a morning person!) and ran upstairs as fast as I could to my sketch pad and began drawing. I didn’t even think, I just let my pencil flow, and once I finished, I looked at it and completely fell in love! I already knew what colors I would use. It’s a simple look in classic black, yet carries a bold statement when paired with bright silver and living coral- 2019’s Pantone Color Of The Year. The floral embroidery on this dhupioni silk lehenga features zari, threadwork and sequins to make the design pop, and the velvet boat-neck blouse adds elegance and grace. The sheer bright coral net dupatta completes the look with scalloped embroidered edges and tiny crystals sprinkled throughout. I really hope you all love this! Link in bio to shop and use code DYF10 to save 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Styling: @styledbyambika Outfit: @lashkaraa x @dressyourface
#LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection “Emerald Green Embroidered Velvet Straight Suit” 🌿 This beautifully detailed dark green velvet Punjabi suit features stunning floral filigree embroidery using zari (gold), baby pink, and spring green thread-work, and sprinkled with gold sequins and hand-finished stonework throughout. The off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline gives it a flirty romantic touch (one of my favorite parts of this suit 😍), paired with an emerald green churidar lycra pant for a modern touch, and completed with a baby pink net dupatta drizzled in sequins. Perfect for fashionable social gatherings, or dress it up even further with the right jewelry for more formal occasions. Link in bio to shop and use code DYF10 to save 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Styling: @styledbyambika Outfit: @lashkaraa x @dressyourface
As long as I have these two love bugs to cuddle and squeeze, I really don’t need anything else! Happy Valentine’s Day from my family to you! 🧿🖤 • • (Thank you @loridormanphotography for always capturing the magic, each and every time. No one does it quite like you do!)
#LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection “Peachy Coral and Navy Blue Embroidered Velvet Lehenga” ⚜️ They just keep getting better! This special design was floating in my mind for a very long time before I finally sat down and began sketching and detailing, so I was especially excited to see this one come to life. This stunning ensemble features a bold and unique color combination to bring out the exotic beauty within. The pairing of this bright coral dhupioni silk embroidered blouse with a deep navy flowing velvet lehenga, draped with a sheer net dupatta adorned with floral designs of zari, threadwork, sequins, and hand-finished stonework truly creates a beautiful blend of textures, hues, and highlights. I hope you all love the finished product as much as I do. Link in bio to shop and use code DYF10 to save 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Draping: @styledbyambika
#LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection “Deep Plum and Gold Embroidered Velvet Lehenga” ⚜️ This show-stopper is our most luxurious piece in the collection, created especially for my brides and glam-lovers looking to make a statement. The deep plum velvet lehenga skirt contrasted with zari, thread-work, and gold sequins create movement and volume in this stunning design, while the blouse’s hand-finished stonework embellishments create texture and dimension. All the elements and rich tones come together beautifully for the perfect blend of vintage royalty and contemporary flare. One spin in this and you will feel like a Queen. Link in bio to shop and use code DYF10 to save 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Draping: @styledbyambika
Revealing my first piece from the new #LashkaraaXDYF #VelvetLuxe Collection! Elegant and unique, this light grey gharara suit is one of my personal favorites. The falling leaves design in the embellishments give it a soft romantic feel, and the sheer layers of fabric add to the femininity and grace of this piece. Showcasing a dhupioni silk kameez, net gharara and dark navy velvet shawl all dripping in pearls, glass beads, sequins, and zari threadwork + handwork, this piece is guaranteed to make jaws drop at any formal event. Link in bio to shop and use code DYF10 to save 🖤🖤🖤 • • • Photo: @damir_k Hair: @adamlesimmons Makeup: @dressyourface Draping: @styledbyambika
IT’S LIVE! 🙌🏽🎉 Shop my brand new {Limited Edition} VELVET LUXE Collection, now available to purchase ONLY on Lashkaraa.com - link in bio 📲 • • Get 10% off during launch only! Code DYF10 to save 💸 FREE* Worldwide Shipping available to most countries 🌎✈️ Pieces starting at only $130 with code 🙌🏽 *[Details and pricing listed online on Lashkaraa.com] HAPPY SHOPPING!! #LashkaraaxDYF #VelvetLuxeCollection #Round2 #LetsGO 🙌🏽 • • • • Ps: If you love the videos, just wait till you see the photos!!! BTS/Cinematography @salthousands | Photography @damir_k | Hair @adamlesimmons | Stylist @styledbyambika | @lashkaraa x @dressyourface
How did the time slip by so quickly... Just yesterday I was holding your tiny body in my arms, amazed by how you’re even real. If you’re actually really MINE. Today, I look at you and think the same exact thing... but this time, I’m looking at a little lady. A smart, sassy, BEAUTIFUL little lady, who has made me so very proud to call you my daughter. Your magic radiates for miles and miles, and your smile is felt by everyone in the room. You simply blow me away, Aliya. May your spark never dull, and may the world be yours to shine. Happy 2nd birthday my love. @babydyf #2yearsold • • Incredible photography by @loridormanphotography she always creates the most beautiful fairy tale escape for us 😭🙏🏽♥️ More photos coming here and on the @babydyf page 🥰
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