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@santaclaritadiet is really a love story. Thank you Tim Olyphant for being the best partner a girl could ever ask for. We wrapped the third season tonight, and I am just emotional. I am proud to be a part of a show that is a metaphor for empowerment and a marriage where both man and woman are equal. And supportive of each other. Thank you Victor Fresco (our show’s creator) This has been an amazing 3 year journey. When you make movies, it’s not like this usually. You don’t get to live the life of your character over such a long period of time. This is the beauty of television and content. That said when you work for years on something, you also hope it had meaning. That it made sense for you and your family. And that you grew alongside the experience. When anyone works, they know that is time spent away from your kids. You pray it is worth it. That said, my kids loved hanging out on set and these last few years have been very good to us as a family. And life has been good to me with this job. (Thank you Netflix) I have gotten to be in this very humorous and happy place and I am sad to say goodnight to it... for now. Again! Thank you for this opportunity. Illustration by @danisartworks
My daily thought book. I like the one today. #happysunday
And in my other life... @flowerbeauty did you know we know what matters? And since day one! This is my reality! To make sure we get the best make up without compromise . Just joy. Just empowerment! #beautyisforeveyone the lip I am wearing is MIRACLE MATTE IN SCARLETT LETTER link in bio to buy
Vote for @peopleschoice Link In bio best comedy actor in a tv show @santaclaritadiet @netflix
When you get to go to @grandcentralmarketla on your lunch break and you literally have that feeling of “it’s the little things” and you feel so lucky to have the privilege of just being with your friends and having a break in the day @debraferullomakeup @tonythetigercrago
@theworldsbestcbs it’s here and official. Best team! Most wonderful group! Can’t love being apart of this more. I said I was born to do this. All my life and love of pop culture, world travel and admiration of the arts for over 40 years! And now I get to be a part of this. This is global. This is diverse talent. This is a glimpse of the extraordinary around the world. This is also just fun! And we need that. And we need to celebrate one another. But to be in the company of @j_corden @rupaulofficial @faithhill is simply a dream come true. They are the most talented and likable, creative, cool, kind people and have earned their place in the world by years of being incredible in their fields. I am honored to stand next to them. Oh, and we are having so much fun tooooooo! Thank you @theworldsbestcbs for this opportunity! I will work hard and enjoy every minute!
Kids and dogs and dogs and mamma and kids and dogs and kisses and Mamma and kids and kisses and dogs and mamma and more dogs and kisses and dogs and kids
Sunday moment. May I share my new favorite book... it’s called MANY MOONS and I am obsessed. Trust. It’s a small print but what it has in it’s pages is a wonderful bouquet of so many wisdoms. Be it about the moon and the way the universe works to what it’s pulling and beautiful sayings that inspire. My friend Andrea turned me onto this, and now it comes with me where I go. It also comes in volumes. This the current one. https://www.amazon.com/Many-Moons-2018-Vol-July-December/dp/B07FSCNJ87 also sold at amazing independent books stores we must support! The FUTURE book shop in Minneapolis, where I got my copy !!!!!! @thefuturempls @modernmystic_shop @spellboundsky @powellsbooks @thealchemistskitchen @takeheartshop ALSO to support and have the proceeds go to #blacklivesmatter purchase from here for http://www.lulu.com/shop/sarah-gottesdiener/many-moons-2018-vol-2/paperback/product-23710785.html
So proud of @savannahguthrie and this amazing accomplishment! I am also honored to be working on this with her to bring it to life! And make Princess Penelope continue to represent the greatness and capacity of girls. Congratulations to the creator of something so special and meaningful.
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