Ryan James

I make tasty drinks

Strawberry Smash
Mure and Lavender It’s just ‘Berry Flowerful
Catch that ‘Spring Fever. Rye Limoncello Sour.
‘Grass is always greener. Hello spring!
It is important to know yourself so you can better understand others and the world around you.
You’re falling out of touch And you’re barley there Keeping up with the rush Just to go nowhere We’re lost our way, lost our way Maybe we’re running out of time Driving ourselves out of our minds Maybe we’re missing the signs All of our dreams making us blind Baby we’re leaving behind Nothing to see, Nothing inside We’re out of our minds with nothing inside #sandervandoorn
Let me disarm you I'm not trying to own you I just want to know what it feels like To have your body so close ......Let me absolve you Of the past that controls you I just want to know what you look like Without a weight on your soul I know somewhere we could get away If you want to find another place, like Disappear and never leave a trace I'll take you anywhere you want So let me disarm you There's an army I'm finding around your heart Let me disarm you 'Cause baby I just want to love who you really are Who you really are So let me disarm you So let me disarm you #kaskade
Think thin mint!
Work shot
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