Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

Being off the grid means hardly any technology and hardly any screen time. That means more physical activity -- a lot more. When I whipped out my iPad, swiping at the screen, the #Tsimane thought I was a sorcerer. #ChasingLifeCNN #Bolivia tonight 9 ET/PT on @CNN
As we cruised around La Paz, Bolivia in his '71 Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Gustavo Zubieta blew my mind with his high altitude research. It challenges almost everything we think about the heart. #ChasingLifeCNN SAT 9p ET/PT on @CNN
Within minutes, this helmet took me to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro -- 19,000 feet. It is a simulation of the low oxygenation, to show the connection between high altitude and a healthy heart. #ChasingLifeCNN #Bolivia SAT 9p ET/PT on @CNN
We all know #yoga is a big deal in India, but they’re taking it to the next level. They want to study how it changes the body and the brain. Check out the premiere of my new show, #ChasingLifeCNN . We visit #Japan and #India , tonight at 9 ET/PT on @CNN.
In #Okinawa , I got schooled by locals 30+ years older than me while playing #gateball . Amazing to see how the elderly here are so physically, mentally and socially active. See what else we learned, on the series premiere of #ChasingLifeCNN , tonight at 9 ET/PT on @CNN.
When I was a kid, my mom would use massage oil on me whenever I was hurt or feeling sick. It certainly made me feel better, and it made me wonder about the science behind traditional medical practices in India. See what I found there, tomorrow at 9p ET/PT on @CNN. #ChasingLifeCNN
Have you ever been hit on by a 97-year-old? Umeto Yamashiro is a legend in #Okinawa and she welcomed me and the @part2pictures crew with open arms. She changed my life and will change yours as well. Join us for the series premiere of #ChasingLifeCNN , tomorrow at 9p ET/PT on @CNN.
When my parents left India, they never imagined their son would one day return to interview India’s prime minister. What an honor. Thank you, @narendramodi ! See what he had to say about his country’s approach to health care on #ChasingLifeCNN , Saturday at 9p ET/PT on @CNN.
Could a 3-minute bath in scorching 115-degree sulfuric water help you live longer? See what else #Japan has to offer on the series premiere of #ChasingLifeCNN , Saturday at 9p ET/PT on @CNN.
Usually I’m the one studying the patient! I wore a lot of interesting helmets and outfits while we were shooting #ChasingLifeCNN . Here, I got to see what different #yoga exercises did to my brain waves. Join me for the series premiere of my new show, Saturday at 9p ET/PT on @CNN.
#ChasingLifeCNN gave me a chance to do some really unexpected, amazing things, like taking #karate lessons from a 78-year-old master in #Okinawa . My new @CNN Original Series premieres Saturday at 9p ET/PT.
Don’t worry. Your screen isn’t cracked, but the country is starting to crack. Why is the United States dropping in life expectancy? Please watch our film for some surprising answers and insights. @hbo Monday 9p
Thursday night, we held a screening for #OneNationUnderStress . Very nostalgic — last documentary screening in this historic theater before @hbo moves to @hudsonyards. Hope you get a chance to watch Monday night at 9p. 📸 @gettyimages
Since I started my training to be a neurosurgeon 25 years ago, I have always wondered: Is the mind in the brain? Is it even in the body? And, what does that say about consciousness and free will? A fascinating discussion with @deepakchopra , as the first guest on his wonderful new podcast, #DeepaksInfinitePotential .
Remember Jadon and Anias? They are the formerly conjoined twins we have been following for more than two years. Here is another milestone moment: Jadon, taking his first steps.
I can’t wait for you to see my new series on @cnn , "Chasing Life." We’re on the hunt for surprising traditions and practices to live a healthier life. What odd and interesting remedies do you want to know about? #AskSanjay
Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight? You should know: Diet is far more effective than exercise — by a long shot. (Link in bio)
Hard to believe it’s been more than two years since I first met Jadon and Anias McDonald. Born joined at the head, they’re now learning to navigate the world apart. Wishing the boys and their family a 2019 filled with more breakthroughs, inspiration and laughter. (Link in bio)
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