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DIRECTOR.THINKER.CREATOR Pittsburgh, PA ➡️ Nashville, TN

At it again with @luke__pell. Sometimes you need to slow the tempo down and focus on emotion. #dscreatives
My dude @luke__pell putting on a show. Check it 🔥 #dscreatives
Shots from the shadows 📸 #dscreatives #portraitmode
Good weekend but apparently some bad food 🥘 #dscreatives
Saturday night posts are not successful. @luke__pell making moves #dscreatives
What's the the end of the tunnel?
Step on the crack and break ya momma's back. #dscreatives
A couple frames from a recent wedding. Working on color 🎨 #dscreatives
Just keep climbing. #dscreatives
Off the clock adventuring ☀️ #dscreatives
I was given the pleasure to work on some incredible projects in the past few weeks. @reddigitalcinema taking the game to the next level 🤙🏼. Stay tuned! @troyleonardo24 @createnash @kenneth_herron #dscreatives
Wild week has come to an end; time to see if we can make magic happen. ✨ #dscreatives @createnash @troyleonardo24
Last night marked the first day of an 8 day run. Seven music videos in 8 days. This might be standard practice to most big professionals in the industry, but to have the opportunity to call this my career, that's enough for me. Just doing my thang 🤙🏼 #DsCreatives 📸 @thedavidlehr
We all have passions and goals; but how do YOU reach them? Stoked on this piece with homegirl @grafnow Dir/Edit/DP: @ds_creatives 2nd DP: @troyleonardo24
Life's a haze. 🌙 #dscreatives
Just wrapped my personal favorite story I've ever Directed. Took a stab at a project on the RED Dragon. Time to learn some RED color! Coming soon. #DsCreatives
Urban decay #dscreatives
What does sadness feel like? #dscreatives
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