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Here's a sunrise shot from Buttermere in the Lake District. Despite sleeping in my car, the 2:30 alarm start and hiking up a mountain in the dark, I wouldn't have had it any different! Can't wait to get back out again!
Always love exploring Dinorwic Quarry, here's a shot from yesterday
No mountains, hills or cliffs in this shot but here's a shot of last night's sunset, let me know what you think!
Tent view goals
Saturday's snow over Pen Yr Ole Wen before it all melted away in just a few hours!
As I left home early on Saturday morning I was not expecting to see any snow in the mountains, so was supprised to see all this to say the least! With the sunny weather, it made for some pretty photogenic mountains. Who else was out and about in Snowdonia on the weekend?
As I set off from my car at 3am, I didn't quite know what I had in store for myself as I made my way up towards High Crag. An hour in, walking through the darkness with only my headtorch, I thought the summit mustn't be far to go! I reached Seat and could see this huge mountain silhouette standing infront on me! Hoping this wasn't the route up, I followed the path only to find out minutes later I was climbing it... a tough last section to High Crag but well worth it for the sunrise views!
What a bank holiday weekend we had here in the UK! Here's a shot from the famous St Cwyfan's Church... is there honestly a better location to build a church?
Here's a shot from Chrome Hill a few weeks back
I took my first trip to Buttermere over the weekend after lots of recommendations to visit, it certainly didn't fail to impress! Here's a shot of Hassness House from High Stile
Swapped the mountains for some hills last weekend and it's really starting to feel like springtime now! Who knows the name of the water in the background?
Mountain layers A bit more abstract than my usual posts but let me know your thoughts?
After reaching the top of Devil's Kitchen I couldn't see much because of the mist and fog but once this cleared, the views were stunning! Who else has been up here?
Here's a shot from Friday evening, who can name that hill?
I arrived at Llyn Ogwen at about 5am on Sunday morning. Already awake from my 3am start I grabbed my bag, put on my headtorch and began the hike up towards Llyn Idwal. I could see someone's torch up at Y Garn but the place I was heading to was Glyder Fawr. As I passed Llyn Idwal I began to ascend towards the main gulley leading up to Llyn y Cwn. As I looked up, the whole summit was shrouded in a thick layer of cloud / fog so I set up my camera and waited for the sun to rise - what an incredible morning this was!
Crib Goch wrapped in it's winter colours
Can't beat sunrise views from the top of a mountain! Hoping 2019 brings plently more weather like this
Absolute scenes from the top of Snowdon for Sunday morning's sunrise, can't believe how nice the weather was, it really felt like Spring or Summer!
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