Human Bulldog

Random Person Below

Guess you could say we are a cute couple
Guess which ones the dog 😉
Hoe hoe hoe
Random tb to when were a tad gone @matt____green @caseybfxxld
Tb to a pretty good night ;)
Lmao he hates me @jacktimothy_
Drama queen... Young and sweet... Nearly 17😇
Minnie mouse, but shorter
She don't half make me giggle. @elliechrissy1998
Late night shop🤷🏼‍♀️
Sorry is this meant to be "impressive"
My dog prefers you, I'm sure.
He's okay❤️ @jacktimothy_
Credit to me for counting these skittles into the jar for children in need day. If any parents are able to see this there are 701 skittles in this jar, do what you will with this information. It took me half an hour to count this bro...
I'm ready, are y'all ready
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