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My name is Duckie Thot, and I am a South Sudanese woman. The South of Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in July 2011 due to an ongoing civil war, that has not changed the history and ties the two countries hold and share. I have family who are still currently in Sudan. I want to clarify, to those who felt like my silence in the past few days that it has been a reflection of my ‘indifference’ toward my home of Sudan, that this is so far from true.. I’ve been processing. My mother was pregnant with me when she fled Sudan in 1994, due to the war- the same atrocities that are currently taking place, under Omar Al Bashir (now ex-president of Sudan). My parents fled over 20 years ago. Growing up, death was not a foreign language in our household — a reoccurring and harsh reality. My father would sit me down and draw on a piece of paper- recreating the village he grew up in, the school he attended, the Nile he would draw water from. Today, corpses are being pulled from that same Nile. Hence why, the recent influx of engagement and concern within the social media world, while necessary and essential, is hugely confronting as it is a reality I’ve lived with my entire life. I have struggled with the sudden pressure from outsiders to share my experience, trauma, and feelings, in such an immediate space of time before processing what the circumstances mean to me personally, to my family and my nation. I am committed to finding sustainable solutions, viable connections and humanitarian support that will foster meaningful changes and encourage competent leadership on the ground. I am demanding, looking to engage with and calling for action from the Government, industry and organisation and individuals and community. Many have lost their lives, but the sight of Hope and the act of resilience is what Africans know best. Presently, there is a media blackout. We need to engage, LISTEN and RESPOND to the requests and do what we can in response directly in relation to those on the ground. It is our responsibility. Please continue to educate yourself on Sudan and South Sudan. Share and Donate when you can. #SudanUprising Stand with Sudan 🇸🇩
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