Jasmeet Singh Bhatia

Sardartist. Pammi. Jizzy. Jassi. Internjeet. Dilli da sardarboy and the cheesy anchor from secret superstar!

Sardarboys Da Nava Gaana out hai, Kalle-Kalle! Timeliners de YouTube page teh!
Well this is how I imagine George Clooney would be if he were a sardar kid in 11th standard..! Sagar's 11th.. Check out the video on main channel and batao kya report hai!
Gems, always a nice anxiety reliever..! Tinder games is live. Dono episode dekho..! I've done few experiments batao kaise lagge!
The amount of effort we are putting in parodies, kabhi kabhi toh lagta apun hi original hai! Episode dropping on 9th October!
A very gratifying project! Well done team @thescreenpatti New video out!
Kuch zyada hi cinematic sketch! Out on TSP YouTube! @damn_sachin
When you are an over expressive cunt and people are loving it..! :)
Ohh tera piyo lagda?
Presenting this 23litres, heat monster only second to sun! Mofos not stopping! Happy birthday @abhishek_yadav22 DM for specs!
Another check on the bucket list, Suna teh chutkule gorii sangatan nu! #internationalOpenMicer
Vitamin D teh O.D. karde hoye! #goraPeopleChochle
Main kya view Inna Sohna hai, apni boothi vkhaa Kyun naas karna! Translation: Considering the beauty of the view, I thought it's only fair to reveal only so much of my face.
Aaj mein uppr, asman neeche and I am not even being poetic! Other one is @spaceneedle
MANN UND MAUS by KATHARINA FRITSCH /When your apartment in Mumbai is on the ground floor/
I mostly never liked the concept of birthdays, but then I also never partied in NY before yo!! I loved my 25th. Thanks for this revelation guys.
Velle time Da durupyog, mera verva Amrikaa de private zoo's daa..! Full video on IGTV..!
Teh aa haege Oregon de mashoor Painted hills!
Dekho content rukna nahi chahidaaa bas! #singhInSeattle Full video mere IGTV vich, profile chh check krro teh meri vivid imagination Da Mazza chakko! Thank you.
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