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#1 Trust Yourself. #2 Break the Rules. #3 Don't Be Afraid to Fail. #4 Don't Listen to the Naysayers.#5 Work Your Butt Off. #6 Give Back.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Excited to get my space nerd on with this book written by @neildegrassetyson
Fuck yes.
Almost as thiccc as @kevinplatt_. I will get there one day.
Some beltless deadlifts at 365. Trying to get away from using the belt as much as possible with good form as I get heavier in weight. This was my 3rd set and my back was feeling amazing. #staythecourse
The highlight of my 4th of July was getting to talk to my beautiful wife @allylien93. The one and only Bowzer was there as well acting all depressed because I left him and never came back. #depressodog
My best lifting days usually are the most stressful ones. @powerliftingmotivation
Pulling 515 and 535 last night for a 30 pound increase on my deadlift in a week. Should of definitely been sleeping instead of deadlifting at 1 in the morning. #stc #staythecourse #deadlift
That moment when the crosswalk sign gets you.
To all my Rick and Morty fans out there.
Week 8 and im finally seeing some nice results in my legs. It definetly helps squatting 2-3 times a week. Its a pain in the ass but the strength is totally worth it. I have roughly 2 months before I go home for vacation and show my wife @allylien93 that I don't have chicken legs.
Just for you @stiely
100 pound overhead press. #nospotter
Taking the 100's for a spin on incline. #nospot
When you eat refined sugars and refined carbs your body produces endotoxin. Endotoxins disrupt the gut microbial and cause inflammation throughout the body. Just think about that next time you are drinking your 8th coke for the day.
My dog is cooler than yours. #changemymind
Constantly working on my deadlifts in the gym just trying to get stronger with every aspect of this lift. Was feeling good about todays session did 4 sets of 5 reps at 405 then decided to try my luck at hitting some reps as well. Being able to hit 8 reps at that weight was a great feeling.
Working on my deadlift strength yet again. 30 lb increase in 1 week which is a great feeling since I'm trying to hit 600 pounds before I leave this hell hole. These videos are the back end of my workout I did 5 sets of 495 for 1 rep a piece and then 225 with bands to add that extra tension through the entire lift. #staythecourse
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