Hawaii Raised 🌴 Washington Made ☔ Seattle ☔🌃 Photographer 📷 Portland Trailblazer Fan 🏀 Husband and Father 💎

A liar is worst than a Halloween mask Model: @nickplugsyourholes
Seattle is a slice of paradise for rain lovers Model: @amberrocksmusic
Happy Friday
It's quite personal
Shooting in my favorite Alley Model: @nickplugsyourholes
Clouds and rain is my antidepressant
Happy Friday
Instantaneous Model: @nickplugsyourholes
Update. My bellevue timelapse project im working on is going to be a year round theme showing the beauty of bellevue through all the seasons and some festivities. I'm really excited to finish this project by January of next year. It's all i think about everyday.
The Skyline
Happy Friday
One88 Condo Bellevue March 2018 . . Spring is here and more progress is being made. Forms are being built around the construction site which will create more challenges for update shots. Rooftops anyone? ;)
Feeling the spring mood
Good Night Spokane
Y'all catch this crazy sunset? I ran outside in my pj's for this. I know somebody got a crazy shot tonight
The young and the restless
How often do you have deep thoughts Model: @amberrocksmusic
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