Hawaii Raised Washington Made Admin: @evolutionofbellevue Husband and father

Mistress of Bellevue
Apple Cinnamon Unexpected patch of color decides to show for a minute, also bump into a local photographer @christos.bowers nice meeting ya
If you could scratch and sniff this photo, the scent would be??.
Energy Model: @amberrocksmusic
"I'm still waiting for the Lord to come hug me send a sign or something, Is it all for nothing, The talent and passion of mine I'm sick of sufferin' I know your plans is greater than mine So I'm asking, Why do you want me dead or alive" -Ja Rule
Steve Pool
The Herd is coming
Orange Julius
Good Morning Model: @sammbrero
Unicorn Frappuccino Came here thinking I was going to get the big "S" for the Storm championship win, instead i got to see a unicorn.... And I bumped into @wolfmercuryphotography @jen_grand
Snap On
Guiding light
Who's ready for some calm clouds and rain? ☁ Model: @itsblairerose
"Shake Well Before Serving" @spar_it sounds familiar?
Peach Cobbler
Bellevue Timelapse Update This project has been extremely inspiring. The summer has definitely been a drag for photography, but I'm stoked for fall rain, and winter festivities. I seriously can't wait to finish this
One88 Condo Bellevue August 2018 Progress is looking great!
Run your circus Model: @amberrocksmusic
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