E40 The Counselor

Platinum Recording artist/ Adult beverage King/👨🏾‍🍳Chef Earl Stevens Goon with the spoon🥄E-40 “THE GIFT OF GAB” Out Now! #sickwiditrecords

1991 The Click Down & Dirty vinyl #sickwiditrecords
Follow my ready to pour premixed cocktail drink @e40sluricane I have 4 different varietals 20% alc. 40 proof, Sweet Tea, Hurricane,Blue Lagoon, & yellowBird available at a store near you pour it over ice & get nice!!! 🎵 E-40 “ Winning “
When you been perking all day & the munchies kick in!!! Who eat spam? Who can relate ? 😂#turkeyspam #stillsoilwithit
Don’t be jealous of them Work harder than them - E-40
Follow My new Tequila!!! @e.cuarentatequila In case you are wondering about the name.....It means E40 in Spanish. #Blanco #Reposado #Anejo I have waited for the right time to launch my tequila. I have spent years and many trips to different distillers in Mexico working with master blenders to find just the right product and Taste profile I have selected a small Boutique distillery that still uses the Old world process of making Tequila alone with modern facilities for quality and product consistency. All of my Tequila is 100% Agave . Hand selected and produced from the finest and purest Agave fields. I have produced all three types of the most popular types. Blanco, Reposado, Anejo. I will also be making a special Extra Anejo for Special  holidays. Limited Edition. The distillery is one of Mexico's finest Boutique and awarding winning producers. This is a specialty and premium product. I look forward in getting it into your market for your enjoyment. DISFRUTAR ( Spanish for Enjoy ) #ecuarentatequila
When your haters want to see you fail but God .... has a different plan for you🙏🏾
Mob sh*t B*tch !!!
I remember I borrowed money from me & signed me back in 1988 In 94 it was time for the big plate #sickwiditrecords #independent out the trunk #theclick @blegit72 @therealdshot @suga_t_ #entrepreneur #stillrelevant
NEW MUSIC VIDEO @e40 “ THESE DAYS “ “ ft @yhungto From E-40 new album “ The Gif Of Gab “ OUT NOW! Available on all platforms link in bio! ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 🎥 @omgadrian
Yes I was the first rapper calling ounces zippers/zips, calling keys units, calling booger Suga ice cream, and white girl, first rapper talking bout triple beam scales & Droughts, first rapper calling extrad out dudes bootsy first rapper saying you feel me, first rapper talking bout gumbo pots, first rapper talking about a Plug , first rapper yelling tycoon, slap/slappin, first rapper talking bout poppin my collar, first rapper talking about mobbin & mob music, first rapper yelling choppers & thumpers, first rapper calling weed Broccoli, first rapper screaming twisted when u drunk, first rapper hollering Fedi, scratch, revenue, flamboasting , the soil, A1 yolla, hella sh^t in my raps etc. etc. etc. #facts #sickwiditrecords #theclick
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