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Walking amongst giants ✨ I think Sequoia National Parks is one of my favorites. What’s your favorite park?
My last post about Salvation Mountain, I was sharing a little bit about how I didn’t have the best experience here. I felt weird and icky posting that because I want to spread a message of positivity. And I believe that where I spend my energy (physically and mentally), is what I get in return. . I recently read a quote that said “Try to say nothing negative about anybody. A) for three days B) for forty-five days C) for three months See what happens to your life.” -Yoko Ono (Thanks @officiallyquigley - if you aren’t following this ray of sunshine, do yourself a favor and check her out! 🌈 ☀️) . SOOOO, I encourage you to try this for a day, and see how you feel. I will be, too! HAPPY FRIDAY! ⚡️
Don’t let life get in the way of seeking what sets your soul on fire 💗 There’s more than just going to work, paying bills, and staying small.
Who says you can’t decorate for Halloween living in a van?! 👻 (Actually JK I’m giving these to a friend because three pumpkins in a van is unmanageable. But I may keep that funky looking one. 😂) . I’m wearing my @nisoloshoes Paloma Mule shoes, and I loooooove them! They were handmade ethically in Peru, which is where they began their operations 7 years ago! Now they’ve expanded to more ethical factories in Kenya + Mexico. Gotta love supporting companies who do good. ✨💛 You can use ‘HAPPYBIRTHDAY’ for $25 off your next order until the end of the month.
At times, I look around with such my gratitude it makes my heart feel like it’ll explode. & then there’s other times, when I have everything I’ve ever wanted, and I just can’t even really fake a smile. Today is one of those days. Feeling blah. In a funk. In a rut. Whatever you want to call it - its the ebb & flow of our humanness. I don’t say this looking for sympathy, but I know what is shared from the heart reaches the heart & maybe if you’re feeling similar, you can know you’re not alone.
Fall is my happy place. 🍁💛 . 🎒: @kellymoorebag ; I looove my Pilot camera backpack. It fits everything I need, so I use it as my purse too. (& the quality is seriously amazing 👌🏼 ) . 📸: @wilderonwheels // edited with ‘Sage’ // check my story later for before & after! #earthcocopresets
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone ✨ . We hear this quote so frequently, often nodding our head in agreement. At least, I can say that’s true for me. This past year has been a compilation of pushing my own limitations and saying ‘yes’ when I’m not fully ready. I spent so many years frozen in my own self doubt. I would live vicariously through you; whatever you were doing. But, eventually I started to follow the feelings that hit me in the gut (or Gods Undeniable Truth I like to think of it). Now, I’m at a place that only existed in my dreams those years I spent stuck in my own fear. So, here is to living life fully, a little uncomfortable, but oh so happy. 💛
Over the years, I have unintentionally evolved into a minimalist. I dont necessarily think minimalism means I only own a handful of items; it means filling my life with only things that bring me joy, and serves a purpose. Which is why I am in love with @ever.brand leggings. They have been my go-to for outdoor adventures because you can wear them up to 5x before washing (thank god because I rarely get to wash my clothes these days 🤣 #vanlife ). . Minimalism has helped me question what things add value to my life & the lives of others. So, when I found out, @ever.brand is on mission to provide clean water to under developed countries and doing their part to minimize waste, I knew I wanted to support them. . There are many aspects of this topic to dive into, and I think the one subject that surfaces over and over is: quality over quantity. I live with less, but what I do live with, I enjoy more. ❤️ PS. Swipe right to see, they have pockets 😍 #sponsored #ad . Check my story for before & after! Photo by @wilderonwheels. Edited with ‘Wanderer.’ #earthcocopresets . . . . . . . . . . #minimalism #sustainablefashion #womenwhoexplore #sheadventures #sheexplores #womenontheroad #wherewillwegonext #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #travelxstyle01 #optoutside #radgirlslife #vanlifediaries #homeonwheels #nomadlife #freshairandfreedom #forgeyourownpath #roamearth #outdoorbella #thevisualscollective #wildernessbabes #lifeofadventure #exploremore #letsgetlost #yosemitenationalpark
Bonneville Salt Flats ✨ . We camped overnight out in the middle of the salt flats (shout out to Utah for having so much BLM land 🙌🏼), and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Thankfully during the day, I had my Explorer sandals from @plaka.sandals to walk around in. The salt isn’t the most forgiving on your feet! Haha 🙈. #plakasandals #ad . 📸 @wilderonwheels
I’ve worn this shirt for too many days in a row at this point. Mostly because I love it, but also because I dont have a washer/dryer. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #vanlife @indybrandclothing
Too picturesque for words 🧡
The past two nights I watched the sun set into the canyons while the moon came up from behind the mountains at the same time. I’m really liking this whole van life living. 🚐 ❤️ . Swipe to see Delilah living her best life. 😂 I just had to add it. 🙈 . Check my story to see before & after. Edited with ‘California Dreamin’ with tweaks. #earthcocopresets
Dancing around the streets of Yosemite Valley in my @joyfolie skirt. 💃🏻 . The first time I visited Yosemite years ago, I had no idea what Half Dome was or the magic that Yosemite held. I wasn’t on Instagram and I didn’t own a camera. . When I left that trip, I had truly fallen in love with the outdoors. I had never experienced something of such grandeur and incomparable beauty. I knew I wanted more of THAT, whatever THAT was. Solitude, perhaps? Feeling small in a good way? I still don’t know, but one thing I know for sure is that Yosemite changed me and I’ll never get tired of visiting this place. ✨ . 📸 @ridingaroundtheglobe
I honestly don’t have the words to quite describe what it felt like standing here. Probably because there are none; just a visceral sense of understanding and completeness. Everything is as it is. . If you zoom to where I’m standing, you can see two Ravens next to me. In that moment, time stood still and everything made a little more sense. It’s funny how nature can be so still, yet create such profound changes inside us. . 📸: @wilderonwheels
One of my favorite moments on our Yosemite adventures. The water was so cold that it made talking and breathing difficult. But there’s something about that feeling that makes you feel a little more alive. ✨ . 📸: @ridingaroundtheglobe . Check my stories for before & after
This place was so wild. Have you been here? . PS van is 100% complete 🙉 ! Leaving Saturday on our venture!
Oh hi, it’s just me in my new little home. 🙊 . Exhausted, achy, drained, but a happy heart. @wilderonwheels & I have been working tirelessly on the renovation, but it’s coming together so perfectly. I don’t know what it is about this place, but no where has felt more like home than this. ✨
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