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Don’t let this photo fool you, it was actually raining, starting to snow & I was sitting in mud. 🙃 But those aspen fall trees 🤩🤩🤩
Strollin’ in the weekend like... 🚶‍♀️ HAPPY SATURDAY! What are your weekend plans? 🌟 . . . 📸 @joelleriding - Again, this photo was taken in the Fall. Please avoid going to National Parks, Forests, and Monuments unless you’re going to help clean up. 💚💚💚
Just your average little forest fairy frolicking around 🧚‍♂️🙃 . . . 📸: @wilderonwheels / @joelleriding
Hi I’m Courtney & I like pretty places 🤩 . . . 📸: @joelleriding - Check my story for some Yosemite fun! I basically didn’t upload any stories while I was there. 🤷🏻‍♀️ *PS. This was taken in the Fall! Please avoid going to National Parks until after the Gov shut down is over*
On my last post, I shared a quote from the book I’m reading that really hit home for me. So many of you loved it, too. That got me thinking that I’d love to hear what books inspire you or which books do you get lost in?! . I’ll share some in my stories today & then I want to make a story highlight with everyone’s favorites! ❤️
In the book I’m reading, it said “Wake up each morning with giddy disbelief that you get to be you.” & that really stuck with me. So, I though I’d share it with you all and hope you’re all living a life you love. 😘 . . . . . . . . . . #vanlifediaries #vanlifeproject #vanlifemovement #projectvanlife #vanlifegirls #sheexplores #adventurelife #teamkaptainkenny #takemoreadventures #allaboutadventures #radgirlslife #dametraveler #speechlessplaces #goatworthy #wearethewild #wherewillwegonext #travelgirlsgo #girlsthatwander #manifest #bonnevillesaltflats #visitutah #travelinladies #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #wowutah #utahgram #travelxstyle21
Raise of hands for more coastal views this year 🤩🙋🏻‍♀️. PS my mom took this photo! How’d she do?
I was a geology major in college for a while. It was (still is) one of my biggest passions. I’d collect rocks on the weekend (🤓), go to gem & mineral shows, read books about our earth, I’d talk about it to anyone who’d listen. I found it astounding that the evolution of our planet has been repeated events of chaos, destruction, extinction, ripping apart, explosion, a complete upheaval of all life that’s ever existed before us. Yet every little tiny detail has been absolutely perfect and beautiful. How without such utter madness, there wouldn’t be the life we have today. Every single thing has been a building block for life as we know it. Now I’m not saying our planet is perfect, far from it. But we’ve been gifted with this home that’s been working on creating its most perfect self for us to live on for BILLIONS of years. Mother Nature is pretty rad, and thank you for listening to the ramblings of my mind. 🖖🏼🙈 . PC @mm_bates
Happy 2019! Page 1 of 365. New Years are time of reflection, reassessing goals, and starting fresh. I wrote down a list yesterday that I’d like to accomplish and see come to fruition in the next year. I’d like to feel stronger physically, become 100% debt free, and travel my face off. 🎉 I’m excited for new adventures. What are some things you’re working towards this year? Swipe to read my favorite quote about New Years Resolutions. ↬
And just like that, we say goodbye to 2018. This year has been a lot of ups & downs, and I’m excited to see what 2019 has to offer. I can feel this new year will be a good one. Happy New Year to all you beautiful people, I hope it’s the best yet! 🎉
Flying with a toddler today... wish me good luck. 🙈 See you soon, California! ☀️☀️☀️ . PC: @_wildwestmama 💛
Happy Monday! Sometimes I give myself pep talks. Anybody else? I can get so consumed in my own thoughts, it’s like I need to combat them by being my own cheerleader. Here is something I found in my notes from forever ago, and thought I’d share. It’s long AF so to anyone who reads it all, you’re amazing. 🌟 🎉 . Feel the anger. Let it consume every fiber of your being. FEEL IT. Be it. Experience it. ( then...) - Then let that fuel ignite YOUR fire. Use that energy for something positive in YOUR life. Because YOU decide your journey, not others. Take it and run with it. You’re allowed to feel angry; it’s a normal human emotion. It’s healthy to experience it; it’s unhealthy to linger in it. To let it control your emotions, actions, reactions, & decisions. - Use that rush of emotion to become the best version of yourself, because you owe that to yourself. - Disappointment and hurt SUCK. It’s often looked at as “why did they do that to me?” or “something must be wrong with me.” NO. Stop it. Nothing is wrong with you. It’s not personal & when someone doesn’t show up for you, that says a lot more about their character than yours. Instead of falling into a pity trap, set boundaries, stand up for yourself; let it show you where your values lie. You teach people how to treat you. If people continue to show up the SAME way every time & EVERY time you are left with feelings of hurt, sadness, and disappointment, then change. it. up. Set your boundary & leave it there. Walk away with your head held high knowing YOU are worth it. - CREATE OVER CONSUME DIG DEEP OVER DISTRACT INQUIRE OVER IGNORE . I’ll Venmo $5 the first person who actually read this and comments a pineapple 5x! 😜
Lets play a game! 🌟 Comment what 3 things come to mind when you see my account & I’ll do the same back! . Ready, set, GO! . PC: @ridingaroundtheglobe
Doing something crazy, and posting twice in one day 🤪 #breakingalltheinstagramrules . I just wanted to share how excited I am that I’m heading to California on Tuesday! Can’t wait for warmer weather, sunshine, and the beach! ☀️☀️☀️ . Anyway, good night instafam 😘
Recently I partnered with @trespass who challenged me to #dosomethingwild , and I decided to cut down my own Christmas tree! Well, to be honest, my husband is the real one who cut it down. But I tried, I really did. 😂 . Now I challenge YOU to #dosomethingwild ! You could win a 4-night trip to the Northern Lights with £500 spending money for two! All you have to do is tag @trespass in your wild photo & use the hashtag #dosomethingwild . Tag who you challenge below! 💛 . #ad #trespass
Science has proven the probability of your existence, and you want to know something crazy? The odds of you being alive today, through decades of war, plagues, and just the off chance your relatives crossed paths at exactly the right time...your odds are one and FOUR TRILLION. You are, by definition, a freaking miracle. You have a very unique purpose divinely inspired for you to live up to. So, next time you feel pulled in a direction to do something or go somewhere; do it. It just might be what you are here for. 💫
I have been doing some backyard exploring in my home town of Columbus, Ohio. I don’t know why, but it seems like I try to tackle everything under the sun in new places but never where I’m from! Haha Do you ever pretend like a tourist in your own city? . I’ve partnered with @adventurefrogofficial and they’ve encouraged me to really seek adventure in the every day and explore what’s right around me. Click the link in my bio to read more about my backyard exploring adventure with my new hydro powered lantern! I’ll post a story later to show how it works. ☺️#sponsored #adventurefrog
I’ve been less and less active on Instagram lately because I’m trying really hard to be completely present in my life. I’m a full time stay at home mom (while also working from home 😬🤪), and when I do get the chance to post, I’ve really just been wanting some ‘me time.’ I’ve been journaling a lot, meditating more frequently, and focusing on doing one single task at a time. One thing about traveling full time is that sometimes my self care goes out the window. So, it’s been refreshing being in one location for a little bit. (This is the longest I’ve been in one spot for 1.5+ years 😳) But, don’t get me wrong, I’m itching to hit the road again any day. 🤣 . I’ll share some of my tips for being more present and focusing on single-tasking in my stories later! . Swipe to see what we are munching on the road! Thank you @wolosnacks snacks for our delicious snacks!
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