Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus The Earth is what we all have in common. Founder: @jameslloydcole My Lofoten workshop👇🏼🇳🇴

Golden hour over the Huacachina oasis in @experienceperu ! Planning a trip to Peru? Follow and email the best tour operator in the country @experienceperu for any help! They got you covered. Photo by @liang.dennis.
If the Hobbit homes were AirBnb’s, do you think they’d be fully booked all year round? 😂 I can’t think of a better weekend getaway! Swipe across to see the whole set. Photos by @kdkuiper Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Have you ever heard of the Proboscis monkey? It’s possibly the most interesting looking primate I’ve seen! Photos by @mogenstrolle Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Visiting New York during snowfall is something I have to do! The photos make me love it more and more every year ❄️ 😍 Photo by @m_bautista330 Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Th beauty of Australia’s coast, who wants to take a coastal road trip?😍 Photos by @benmack_ Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Swipe across to see how Hallstatt looks at Christmas time ✨ 🎅🏼 Photos by @hebenj Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Bear cub shivering ❄️ info below! Deep in a thick stand of conifers not far from the Pennsylvania border in Cattaraugus County, a 238-pound sow had hunkered down for the winter, three feet deep in the middle of blowdown on a south-facing hill. DEC wildlife staff visited a female bear and her three male cubs to collect valuable data that will help researchers and biologists monitor black bear populations and health in New York. While the sow was sedated, biologists were able to tag the cubs and quickly gather data on all four bears. DEC staff had handled the sow this past July in response to a nuisance situation. By placing a radio collar on her neck, DEC biologists were then able to locate her den this winter. DEC will continue to monitor the den and the cubs over the next year. Video & info by @Nysdec , check them out for more! Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Photo by @leventsahinpictures This is how I imagine pathways to look in fairytales 😍 Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
This is NOT acceptable. Every other day I see evidence of what single use plastics are doing to our planet! I live in the U.K. and my country needs to do more than stop fast food joints from using plastic straws... they act like these minors things will make big change, but more needs to be done! Video by @free_from_plastic #EarthFocus #FuckPlastic
No better feeling than seeing some red aurora. Isn’t Finland magical in winter? ❄️ 🌌 Photo by @oscarkes_photo Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Swipe across to see all 4! The snow makes a tigers fur look even more beautiful, I didn’t think that was possible 🤯 🐅 Photos by @inawolfisblickwinkel Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
Primates are incredible to photograph, here’s a snow monkey mother & baby in #Japan . Photo by @jpkrajewski Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus
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