High protein pasta made from chickpeas

Exclusively eating the coziest of bowls today. [📷: @socalfitfoodie ]
🎶 Banza make us dance, Banza make us dance, all these people eating gluten, we’re just cookin Banz'🎶 - Juicy J ft. Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz [📷: @kalememaybe ]
Ball so hard. [📷: x 😋:@beyondmeat ]
Making dinner can be a real handful, or two. [📷: @raw_manda ]
You best believe there's a whole pot of these noodles waiting at the end of your nearest 🌈. Happy 🍀 day! [📷: @natalie_cooks ]
Chopstick the landing! [📷: @stephaniedujour ]
When it comes to broccoli, we don't just talk the talk, we stalk the stalk. [📷: @plantbasedjane ]
You may approach the poach. [📷: @findingbalance_14 ]
Magical pasta like this is best served with wingardium leviosauce [📷: @kalememaybe ]
Rigatoni is the vibe. [📷: @healthymoodsf ]
Just a few of our noodles taking a much needed spa day in this glorious bowl [📷: @alison__wu ]
Please direct your attention to the graph: 📈. On the x-axis we track “spinach leaves in our mac” and on the y-axis we track “happiness.” Quick maths! [📷: @sara.haven ]
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