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To find out how @AmericanExpress Canada has my back and how to get 5 x the points with the #Amex Cobalt Card click the link below 👇🏽

SETTLE AN ARGUMENT: Bacon Cheese Fries or Cheesy Bacon Fries? Which is more important (Bacon or Cheese) . . . ⭐📸 @ryhanks is #EatingFamous at @topgunburgers
So my sister thinks she can pick features as well as I can. This is one of her choices. Let's see if @misshinkson has what it takes!?!? . . . ⭐📸 @goodeatzco is #EatingFamous with these Cheesy Bacon Tots
Currently in Mexico, thinking Hawaii next. . . ⭐📸 @buldogis is #EatingFamous with their Bacon, Pineapple Salsa, Green Onion and Dijon Mustard topped "Hawaiian".
It's #ChEatFamousFriday FEEL FREE TO GET A LITTLE NASTY 😏!!! . . . ⭐📸 @mrhalawa is #EatingFamous at @shakeshack
Guess. YES or NO does this oooey gooey piece of Lobster Mac & Cheese drop? . . 🎥 @ryhanks is #EatingFamous ⭐ The Lobster Mac and Cheese from @snugharbourrestaurant is in the Spotlight ⭐
What % of this meal is Vegan? a) 0% b) 25% c) 50% d) 100% . . . . ⭐📷 @oowee_vegan is #EatingFamous
Yeah, this is a lot of food. But the more I eat, the more points I earn on my #AmexCobalt Card. 5x the points to be exact. So filling my belly with delicious eats and drinks means @americanexpress Canada has my back, and stomach :P To learn more, check out the link in my bio! #AMEXLIFE #Ad
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is this video worth? . . ⭐🎥 @ks_ate_here is #EatingFamous at @bleeckerburger
Voulez vous manger avec moi???? . . . 📷 @tastemontreal is #EatingFamous ⭐ MacBlaze with Mac n Cheese, Buffalo Chicken and Popcorn Bites from @burgerroyalmtl is I the spotlight
What Wild wild thoughts does this Wild Boar Souvlaki give you? Be brave and comment below for the chance of a feature! . . ⭐📷 @whataleats is #EatingFamous at @theathenianuk
#ChEatFamousFriday continues....WIPE THAT DROOL UP BEFORE YOU DROWN!!! . . ⭐📷 @fitwaffle is #EatingFamous at @flanklondon
It's #ChEatFamousFriday LEGGOOOOOOO!!!!!! . . ⭐📷 @mrhalawa is #EatingFamous at @gyrokingtx
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