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🐔WINGS BREADED OR NOT??? SETTLE THE DEBATE. 👨🏾‍⚖️ I asked this the other day on my Insta Story I asked what is better? Bread or Non-Breaded Wings. 1) it was the most answered question ever! 2) it was a tie! So one more time, which is better? ⭐️🎥 @ryhanks is #EatingFamous
Leaving for @foodandrumbarbados in a couple hours but before I go, I had to visit my boys at Rudy 2 at 69 Duncan St. 🎥 @ryhanks is #EatingFamous ⭐️ The Rude Dude (actually a couple Rude Dudes, 2 Rudys and Fries) from @rudyresto are in@the Spotlight ⭐️
Mac and Cheese was a staple of Sunday at my parents house when I was growing up. This pic takes me back to those days. What were your #SundayStaples ? ⭐📷 @yeahfoodbeer is #EatingFamous at @momsmidtown with their 'Return of the Mac' in the Spotlight ⭐
What's your go-to Monopoly piece? Of course I am always the HAT!!?....And I'm Hitting @mcdonaldscanada wanna roll with me? #MonopolyAtMcDonalds is BACK!!! 🎁💰🎲🍟 . . . ⭐️🎥 @ryhanks is #EatingFamous
Besides "Bread" what kind of Burger "Buns" have u had? I am feeling this!!! 📷 @aindogs_burgers is #EatingFamous@eatgorillagrill 's Kong's Double Trouble with 2 Beef Patties, 2 pieces of Pork Belly in between 2 Krusty Friend Chicken Buns is in the Spotlight ⭐
Coming soon... #BeyondThePlate ⭐🎥 @ryhanks is #EatingFamous
It's #EatFamousWhich1Wednesday and today's battle is all about which INSANE #CHEESEPULL you WANT the most. 2nd up in this battle is... ⭐🎥 @thenaughtyfork is #EatingFamous with this Chicago Style Pizza that looks like it's going higher than your average elevator does!!!
It's #EatFamousWhich1Wednesday which means it's a battle of what you want more! This week which RIDICULOUS #CHEESEPULL do you WANT??? FIRST UP... ⭐🎥 @lettucedine is #EatingFamous with these Mozzarella Sticks you could walk across!!!
It's #EatFamousTwosDay which means BACK TO BACK FEATURES FROM 1 BAD A$$ ACCOUNT. Today we are featuring a friend of mine. The first guy whoever put me on a podcast and the only guy to beat me in a Fry fight!!! For his 2nd feature... ⭐📷 @revciancio is #EatingFamous at @littlecaesars
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