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Multiply how happy I am in this picture by approximately 500 and that’s about how I feel right now 🙌🏼✨🤩😁 . I am SO beyond thrilled to announce that I’ll be hosting a yoga and wellness retreat this upcoming March in Puerto Vallarta. This has been a dream of mine for SO long; to cultivate and lead an experience that will nourish your mind, body and soul, create connections and memories to last a lifetime, and to empower you to live your best life. I have envisioned how it would look and @yogaretreatsandco has made the vision come to life. . . This retreat will offer the opportunity to disconnect from the demands of your daily life in order to reconnect with yourself. Join me for a week filled with yoga, meditation, delicious meals, lounging by the pool and plenty of adventure ☀️🧘🏼‍♀️🌴⛰ . . What’s included: * 8 days at luxury jungle villas * Sunrise and sunset yoga sessions * Guided meditations * Optional spa treatments * 3 delicious, nourishing plant based meals daily * Access to the villa’s private and main pools * Guided adventures including snorkeling, a jungle hike and a private beach * A day of service to give back * Optional individual health coaching session . . 💥💥 First Access spots available for as low as $1200 for the ENTIRE week. This pricing will only be available for a couple of weeks so save your spot ASAP! . . Link in my bio for all the details! DM or email ( ) with any questions! . . . #yogaretreat #yogaescape #yogatrip #yogavacation #puertovallartamexico #yogajourney #yogainmexico #wellnessretreat #mindbodygram #retreat
excuse the break in the regularly scheduled yoga programming, but these FUDGY protein brownies are now up on the blog 🙊🤤 . when I posted these to my story I received a TON of messages asking for the recipe. Ask and you shall receive my friends👍🏼 these brownies are beyond easy to make and SO delicious. all you’ll need to make them are bananas, peanut butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, and protein powder. That’s it 👌🏼link in bio, enjoy 😘😘 . . . . . . #veganrecipe #healthyeating #veganbrownies #paleorecipe #holistichealth #nosugaradded #healthydessert #eattolive #vegandessert #paleodessert #glutenfreebrownies
what drives you? what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? what do you hope to accomplish with your life? . . these questions have been circling in my head for the past couple of days as I grapple with what I feel my purpose is, both on this platform and in life in general. I believe strongly that we all have a unique purpose, a reason for being, a gift to contribute to the world 🌍 . . for the longest time, I have felt in my heart of hearts that mine was related to nature. It is in nature that I feel most grounded, most myself. the crisis of climate change is urgent and is a call to action for all of us. I feel my path, my purpose, is to contribute to shifting this world towards sustainability and towards a loving relationship with mother earth 🌎 going forward I hope to share more with all of you on how you too can care for the planet and care for all of our futures. . . step 1) be a conscious of the product you buy. we live in a consumer’s society 💸 money talks. be mindful of new purchases, and when you do NEED something, choose eco-friendly products 🌲 I am practicing here on my @joiyogi mat. Made from 100% natural tree rubber, these mats are renewable and sustainable. 💥 bonus: these mats can also be hosed off or put in to the laundry 👍🏼 . for 20% off, use my code: EATFLOWLIVE 💛 . . #ecofriendly #sustainableliving #consciousconsumer #naturelover #wheelpose #yogabythebeach #urdhvadhanurasana #mindfulliving #earthchild #openheart
the only meaningful thing we can offer one another is love. not advice, not questions about our choices, not suggestions for the future, just love. @glennondoyle . . . . . . #yogaposes #handstand #inversion #mindbodygram #lovealways #dailyyoga #yoga4growth #hollowback #sdyoga #sandiegofitness
what does yoga mean to you? . for me, yoga is a journey of self discovery. each time I step on my mat I become more aware of my body, my thoughts, my inner dialogue, my fears, my ambitions, my perceived limits. this awareness translates off my mat and permeates into every nook of my life. It shifts my relationship with myself and my loved ones. It changes what I envision for my future. yoga is the vessel through which I am able to be grounded in my true self and rise to my fullest potential. . . . . yoga is such a personal practice and journey. I would love to know what it means to YOU. Share below or DM me 💛 . . . . #yogajourney #myyoga #mindbodygram #dailygratitude #yogaposes #beachyoga #livebeyond #selfawareness #healthcoach #spiritualgangster #instayogi #mindfullness
hey hey friends! exciting news! a NEW blog post is LIVE: Countering Cube Life: top yoga poses to open hip flexors and relieve back pain 🙏🏼 . . this post is one i’ve been meaning to write for awhile and I finally got around to it! if you’re like me and spend your Monday - Friday in a 9-5 job, you likely spend most of your day sitting in your cube - not ideal. . . sitting compresses our hip flexors, causes us to hunch our shoulders over our keyboards, and has been linked to a whole bevy of negative health impacts including an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. In the body, sitting for such extended periods of time can also lead to joint stiffness, low back pain, and tight hips. . . I’m sharing my top tips and poses to counter the cube life, bring mobility to your joints, open up your hips, and start to feel your best! . link in bio 🤓☝🏼 . . #yogaforeveryone #beginneryoga #yogajourney #yogaforhealth #hipopener #yogaforbackpain #yogadaily #sdyoga #yogaposes
stop stand here and breath in all the things that make you grateful for this life x @iamhertribe . . . . . gratitude made easy by this view 🌞 pc @apow81490 . . #yogaposes #beachyoga #dailygratitude #spiritualgangster #gratitude #sdyoga #sandiegofitness #flexibility #yogabasics #balanceposes #mindfulnessmeditation
inhale // exhale . . . for the final day of #NiyamasandBeyond we have the fourth limb of yoga, pranayama or breath. for me, this is the most powerful limb of yoga. the breath is our life force, rejuvenating and bringing life to the body. through breath we are able to access our parasympathetic system; when this is activated, it signals the body to relax. breathwork during my yoga or meditation practice has be a powerful tool to release stress, center my mind, and move into a place of healing. . . if you’re new to breathwork, try to inhale for a count of 3-4, hold for a breath, exhale for a count of 3-4, hold for a breath, and repeat. set a timer for yourself and simply focus on your inhales and exhales for 5 minutes. how do you feel after?? . . thank you so much to all the wonderful yogis who joined in 💓 to my incredible co-hosts, @yogajulz , @ninas_yoga , @northernstar_yoga - you ladies inspire me daily. And to our generous sponsors @bekindfolk , @mantraband , @niyama_sports , @ohmat . . . . #igyogachallenge #prana #pranayama #yogagirl #breathe #inhale #breathwork #yogadaily #grounded #meditate #meditation #namaste
just over here taking selfies with my kitten, it’s fine 🐱 . if you’re not already familiar with her, this little lady is Lila and she is the queen of my heart 👸🏻 she’s a little bit sassy, especially when she’s hungry, loves to stick her nose out the window to snoop on our neighbors, adores chins rubs, and hops on my mat with me whenever I practice 🐱I couldn’t love her more. . do you have a furball? tell me something about them below 🐱🐶💛 . . . . . #yogawithkittens #myyoga #yogadailypractice #yogajourney #yogagirl #yogaforeveryone #spiritualgangster #sdyoga #yogalife #catlove #yogacat
happy monday everyone! what is your intention for the week? mine is to express gratitude daily and welcome abundance into my life ✨ . . . it’s day 6 of #NiyamasandBeyond and we are moving beyond the niyamas and into the third limb of yoga: asana or posture. asana is probably the most identified limb of yoga; it is the one we typically think of when we think of “yoga” but it is only one part of it. asana is a powerful way to connect to the niyamas through creating greater awareness and observance of our mind and bodies. . . be sure to check in w my cohost @ninas_yoga . . . Hosts: @eatflowlive @yogajulz @northernstar_yoga . . . Sponsors: @bekindfolk @mantraband @niyama_sports @ohmat . . . #yogachallenge #igyoga #headstand #handstand #inversion #yogaposes #asanapractice #yogaforeverybody #yogaforeveryone #fromthegroundup #myyogapractice #yogajourney #eightlimbsofyoga
love is what the universe gives you without asking for anything in return @gemmatroypoetry 💛 . . . . Alex and I spent yesterday celebrating 3 years together. we started the day with a workout, beachside stroll and tea. then he treated us to 80 min massages, topped off w champagne + chocolate covered strawberries 🥂🍓😍 we did a bit of shopping then went out to dinner at a small neighborhood pizza place where i had the most amazing pie: whole wheat crust, roasted veggies, cherry tomatoes and greens topped w the freshest burrata blobs🤤(see stories). The day was a treat yo self day(for all the Parks + Recs fans out there) but mostly it was about spending the time together. Any relationship, whether romantic or friendship, needs to be nurtured and appreciated in order to grow and flourish 🌱 little reminder to myself and to everyone to take the time to nurture the relationships that matter most to you 💛 . . . . #Lovealways #goddesspose #aloyoga #givelove #yogaforeveryone #dailyyoga #yogajourney #sdyoga #yogainspired #universehasyourback #spiritualgangster #yoga4growth
i have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. i started listening to the teachings of my soul ✨ rumi . . day 4 of #NiyamasandBeyond is svadhyaya or self study. through the study of the self, we become closer to understanding who we really are, we become more conscious of the Ego, more easily able to recognize the distinction between the ego and the divine self. I choose butterly pose, baddha konasana, to physically and mentally turn the gaze inward. Forwarding folding poses help us to move into a more reflective state, to start to bring out awareness to our thoughts and our inner dialogue. . . Hosts: @eatflowlive @yogajulz @ninas_yoga @northernstar_yoga . . Sponsors: @bekindfolk @mantraband @niyama_sports @ohmat . . . . . #forwardfold #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #spritualgangster #spiritualgrowth #myyyoga #yogajournal #yogaforflexibility #soulseeker #yogaforbeginners #yogaforeveryone #sdyoga #yogaposes
there’s always more behind a picture, a story of how it was taken, the history of the people together in it, the struggle it took to get there, or the purpose behind it, or maybe just details that reveal a bit more: . . I woke up early last weekend and ventured to the beach for my morning meditation and to get a few pics for the gram. the beach was quiet, it was still a bit cool from the night, and the clouds covered the sky like a blanket. perfect. . . or so it seemed…because of the seaweed that has washed ashore (i’m assuming) there were SWARMS of fly-like bugs. even after I left the beach a few kept flying out of my hair. needless to say the meditation was short and the pictures were few. . . I’m wearing crane and lion here. when I lived in Boston I remember walking by their storefront in beacon hill and gazing lustfully at their beautiful pieces - now that I’m finally trying they are everything I imagined them to be: the comfiest, stretchiest hug leggings ever did give you. and they bring me sweet memories of Boston 💓 . . . #sandiegoyoga #mindfullness #mindbodygram #dailymeditation #yoga4growth #beachyoga #yogainnature #behindthephoto #healthcoach #fromthegroundup #intuitivemovement #yogadailypractice
be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. when you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you lao tzu ✨ . . day 2 of #NiyamasandBeyond is santosha or contentment. I like to think of santosha as finding peace and happiness in the present moment and with yourself. I chose fire log pose, agnistambhasana, for this as it’s a pose that I have a lot of room to grow in, both in how the asana looks and feels in my body. this pose asks me to find peace and contentment with where I am today. . . be sure to check in with my co host for today @ninas_yoga 💓 . . Hosts ✨ @eatflowlive @yogajulz @ninas_yoga @northernstar_yoga . . Sponsors ✨ @bekindfolk @mantraband @niyama_sport @ohmat . #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #niyamas #yogatheory #yogaposes #myyoga #yogaforflexibility #yogaforeveryone #yogadaily #yogapractice #beginneryoga #igyogis #yogafamily
the more I move through life, the more it becomes clear to me that human connection is above and beyond one of the most important facets of life. this connection brings significance to the mundane. when our experiences are shared, they become all the more meaningful. relationships give us a sense of belonging and place. . when I re-evaluate my life and my future through the lens of human connection, everything gains clarity. the priority is on spending time with loved ones, being there for those you care about, riding the highs and lows of life together, and creating new memories together. . send a little love to your human today, let them know what they mean to you ❤️ . . . #connection #tribe #naturegirl #yogajourney #healthcoach #iinambassador #humanconnection #losangelesyoga #dailythoughts #yogagirls #healthcoach #yogalove #friendship
get out of your head and into you heart think less feel more :: Osho :: ❤️ . . . . . . #yogaposedaily #sdyoga #sandiegoyoga #thegoodquote #lifequote #findyourpath #listentoyourheart #aloyoga #compasspose #yogainspired #yoga4growth
are you passionate about health and wellness? do you want to become the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself? do you want to help others live their most fulfilling lives? . for me, all three of these are answered with a resounding YES. In March, I took a leap towards making this become by reality by signing up for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program. Their mission is to improve the health and happiness in the lives of others, creating a ripple effect that transforms the world. Cool right? . this program has expanded my horizons, taught me so much about nutrition and looking at health through a more holistic lens, and has connected me with like minded individuals from all over the world. I am so grateful that I made this investment in myself and can’t wait to see where it takes me . . if you are interested in becoming a health coach or learning more about IIN’s program, I would LOVE to chat with you about it. I spoke to former and current @nutritionschool students before signing up and found the first hand stories to be incredibly helpful in making my decision . . 💥 BONUS: as an ambassador for the program I can offer you a SERIOUS discount on the program. I took advantage of this when signing up and would strongly recommend it because why not save a little money?? Plus, IIN will send you the ambassador love package for freeeee. double win. link in my bio or message me for details! xo . . . . wearing @craneandlion #healthcoach #wellness #instituteforintegrativenutrition #holistichealth #holistichealing #empowered #yogajourney #wellnessjourney #healthyliving #nutritioncoach #nutritionschool
Hi friends! I am so excited to announce my next challenge with three of my favorites yogis! For the next week, we will be diving into the Niyamas (the second limb of yoga) as well as going beyond to explore asana and pranayama (posture and breath). Each day of the #NiyamasandBeyond challenge, the hosts will provide you with inspiration to embrace and reflect the limb of yoga being explored; you are welcome to chose the same pose as the hosts or provide your own interpretation! To join in: 1. Follow all hosts and sponsors 2. Repost thing flyer and tag a few friends to join in! 3. Make sure your account is public so we can see your beautiful posts! 4. Tag the hosts and sponsors in your post and HAVE FUN!! ✨🙏🏼💓 Join us for #NiyamasAndBeyond , August 1-7. Hosts ✨ @eatflowlive @yogajulz @ninas_yoga @northernstar_yoga Sponsors ✨ @bekindfolk @mantraband @niyama_sports @ohmat Poses ✨ Day 1 Saucha / Cleanliness Day 2 Santosha / Contentment Day 3 Tapas / Discipline Day 4 Syadhyaya / Self Study Day 5 Isvara Pranidhana / Surrender Day 6 Asana / Posture Day 7 Pranayama / Breath . . . . #igyogachallenge #instayogacommunity #instayogachallenge #eightlimbsofyoga #yogachallenge #yogacommunity #yogajourney #yogabeginner #yogalove #niyama #pranayama #asana #igyoga
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