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grateful ✨ . . daily gratitude has changed my life. it’s impossible to be stressed, angry, or overwhelmed while practicing gratitude. and while I’ve come a long way, and am far better equipped to deal with these negative emotions when they arise, they still creep in from time to time. gratitude brings me back, pulls me into the truth and the goodness. today I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in this world, for my loved ones, and for each of you here following along & giving your support. thank you ♥️ . what are you grateful for today? ✨ . . . . pc @palmtreesandgypsys who is not only a fellow #upstatenewyork -er but #redsox fan as well! she’s also Uber talented & super sweet ♥️ #gratitude #dailygratitude #holistichealthcoach #sandiegofitness #sdyoga #sandiego #myyogajourney #mindfulliving #begrateful #selfreflection #stressmanagement
throwing it back today with a picture from one of my favorites trips 🏔⛰ traveling is one of my favorite things things to do. I love seeing new places, exploring the beauty of nature, getting off the grid and out of my comfort zone, and meeting new people with new perspectives. . next up: bali in 2 weeks for @waterthruskin ’s retreat where I’ll finally get to squeeze @maracimatoribus in real life! can’t hardly wait! 😎💓 . . ps. if ya missed it, I’m putting together a Spotify playlist with all of your favorite tunes - new song inspiration for all of us 💃🏼 leave your fav tunes below 👇🏼 pps. tell me where you want to travel to next 🛫I love getting to know you all 💓 . . . #zionnationalpark #splits #livebeyond #myyogalife #lovetotravel #beyondyoga #flexibility #yogasplits #yogainnature #exploretheworld
throwing rules and routine away 👋🏼 from time to time it is SO healthy to let loose a little bit. especially if you have perfectionistic habits (🙋🏼‍♀️), giving your space to have a little fun and “break” the rules you set for yourself can provide joy, freedom, and stress relief. allow yourself to let go a bit. . take a day off of work to do nothing, treat yourself to a mani/pedi, stay in bed the extra hour instead of squeezing in your 6am workout, get that side of fries and enjoy every bite of them, don’t check your email all day, 👉🏼 whatever it is that would make you feel free, 🍟😴⚡️, do it! and enjoy 💃🏼 . . . . #healthcoach #foodfreedom #livingfree #lifecoach #lifeadvice #veganbowl #stressfree #sandiegofitness #holistichealthcoach #iinhealthcoach #healthylifestyles #plantbased
it’s a good day to have a good day 🌞 . perspective is everything but sometimes it’s hard to see the light when stress and life seem to be weighing down on you. . getting outside is my number ☝🏼 tip for releasing stress, getting grounded, and feeling like my best self again 🌳studies have shown spending time in nature can lower blood pressure, heart rate, & levels of cortisol (your stress hormone). . so what are you waiting for? put your phone away, get outside, and have a great day everyone 🌳🙃 . . . . #healthcoach #holistichealth #sandiegohealthcoach #nature #grounding #getoutside #naturegirl #stressrelief #behappy #happinessproject #myyogalife #healthylife
normally I love getting on my mat after work or heading to the gym. I don’t typically feel the need for motivation because its something i genuinely enjoy doing, it’s my “me” time. however lately I’ve been feeling in a major workout rut. here are a few tips I use to help feel inspired & motivated again. Hope they help you if you’re in a rut too! 💪🏼⚡️ . . ⚡️ try a new class. i love barre classes but haven’t been in the longest time. I recently tried @studiobarrebirdrock and was SO sore the next day. . . ⚡️ download a new workout playlist or podcast. if I have great tunes or a podcast I want to listen to it helps give me that extra ummmph at the gym! . . ⚡️ make a date of it! grab your bestie or your significant other and have a workout date. this not only keeps you accountable but makes the workout far more fun. . . ⚡️ look in your area for fitness events. Eventbrite and Facebook are great places to search for free or cheap classes. @corepoweryoga and @lululemon stores typically have free yoga classes each month too! . . . #workoutinspiration #yogaposes #splitsprogress #beachyoga #workoutbuddies #barreclass #fitnessjourney #livebeyond #yogafit #sandiegofitness #holistichealthcoach
growth happens when you’re suspended midair, not knowing if you’ll fly or if you’ll fall. growth happens in the in-between ☁️ @wearesoulsparks . . keep leaping, keep trying, keep growing 🌱⚡️ . . . . #iinhealthcoach #healthcoach #yogaposes #practiceyogadaily #myyoga #yogajourney #personalgrowth #chairpose #sdyoga #selfreflection #holistichealth #yogainspo #spiritualgangster
beauty from within 🍓 . did you know? our bodies regenerate the entire outer layer of skin each month. each month 🧖🏼‍♀️ . . because of that, our skin is one of the places that we can quickly see a difference (good or bad) based on what our lifestyle and diet is like at the time the cells are regenerated. . cells are born at the dermis - the layer beneath - and reflect the nutrients available in your body - what does this mean? beauty really is from within. if you want your skin to glow and look healthy and youthful you have to nourish your body with the nutrient it needs. aim for antioxidant rich foods (berries are great for this!) as well as foods rich in omega threes 🍣 . . . . #holisticnutrition #healthcoach #sandiegohealthcoach #holistichealing #eatforbeauty #clearskin #vegan #acaibowl #iinhealthcoach #naturalbeauty #beautyfromwithin
although in different spheres of the wellness world, I’ve found a lot of similarities between my health coaching program and my yoga teacher training. . I sought both of them out seeking to learn, looking for a way to expand my horizons, and wanting to share this knowledge with others. I went in with the purpose of learning to be able to teach/coach, and while both prepared me for this, along the way I’ve also learned so much about myself, become more in tune with my body, and gained the tools to build a life that brings me joy each day. . . if you’ve ever thought about health coaching, if the idea of being your own boss excites you, if you want to help others live a happy and vibrant life, or if you are seeking the knowledge to build your own health and happiness, @nutritionschool might just be for you. signing up for this program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. interested? have questions? please reach out, id love to chat with you about it ☺️ I’m also offering a major major discount on tuition 😉👍🏼 . . . . #healthcoaching #iinhealthcoach #healthcoach #holistichealing #holisticnutrition #instituteforintegrativenutrition #myjourney #healthylifestyle #changeyourlife #getfit #sandiegohealthcoach #wellnessentrepreneur #wellnesswarrior
as we enter the last quarter of the year, I like to reflect back on the beginning of the year. pull back out my resolutions and my vision board and see what I had envisioned for myself at the beginning of the year 🔮 so much of it has come true and some is still a work in progress. this act of reflecting is really helpful to see how far I’ve grown personally. who was I at the beginning of the year? who am I now? where do I still want to grow as a woman, daughter, sister, girlfriend, citizen, and all around human being? whether you have vision boards, resolutions, or neither to look back on, close your eyes and remember back to how you saw yourself, your future, and your world in January - how has that shifted? appreciate the change and growth you have already accomplished and note where you want to continue to grow. there’s still three months left in the year - plenty of time for action 🙌🏼💥👊🏼 . . . #sandiegoyoga #beachyoga #wheelpose #backbend #fromthegroundup #holistichealthcoach #yogalifestyle #personalgorwth #goalsetting #changeyourlife #yogagoals
slow down. really slow down. stop doing or thinking about 5 things at once. notice your breath flowing in and out. notice the sounds around you, the temperature of the air, the taste of your food, really notice. often we are moving so quickly that there isn’t time to appreciate these details. by slowly down and taking time to soak in your surroundings, you can reduce stress, lower anxiety, and increase mental functioning. mindfulness is available to you any point through your day. first step, slow down. . . how are you finding mindfulness today? . . . #mindfulness #mindfulliving #veganfood #matchalatte #healthcoach #holistichealthcoach #iinhealthcoach #stressrelief #healthinspiration #bemindful #healthtips
do you know your dosha? in my @nutritionschool work this week we are diving into ayurveda. the ayurvedic system has three doshas, or your mind-body type: vata, pitta, and kapha. everyone tends to be dominant in one (i’m vata 🌬) your dosha helps to define your physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. by determining your dosha, you can better assess your current state of being and bring yourself back into balance ⚖️ each dosha is also associated with a season 🌷🌞🍁❄️ right now, we are moving into the season of vata - fall, embodied by dryness, light, cold, movement, and space 🌬☁️ if you’re feeling out of balance or too vata (coldness, anxiety, sleeplessness, spacey) here are a few ways to get rooted: • warming, nourishing foods, such as oatmeal, butternut squash soup, or a stew • establish a daily routine • oil massage • surround yourself with warming colors (think fall foliage - reds, oranges) • stay cozy in comfy knits and soft layers • swap intense cardio workouts for yoga . . want to know which dosha you are? check my stories ☺️ . . . #iinhealthcoach #healthcoach #holistichealthcoach #sandiegohealthcoach #ayurveda #ayurvedalifestyle #vata #findingbalance #holistichealth #healthcoaching
happy sunday everyone! how are you spending your day? I’ve been getting my life in order before the week starts, primarily getting caught up on my @nutritionschool work and trying to figure out all the website things 🧐🧐 #halp . today is the last day of #mindfullightandlove 😭 and I’m so sad to see this challenge come to an end! you have all truly blown me away with your posts and incredible insight 🙏🏼 thank you to my amazing cohosts @ninas_yoga , @nataliasyoga , and for guiding us all through a bit of mindfulness. and a HUGE thank you to @aloyoga for generously sponsoring this challenge. winner will be announced soon - stay tuned 😘 . . . pose variation inspired by my incredible friend @lizfair_yoga 💛thank you for being you. . #yogachallenge #backbend #openheart #camelpose #ustrasana #mindfulness #mindfulliving #healthcoach #yogajourney #sdyoga #aloyoga #igyoga #igyogachallenges
what goals are you currently working towards? • I was listening to a @msrachelhollis podcast yesterday (read her book Girl Wash Your Face & now love her) where she talks about working towards and accomplishing our goals as a path towards happiness. Through achieving our goals we feel a sense of accomplishment, we’ve shown up for ourselves, and we’ve brought something into our lives that we were seeking. Rachel suggests that we always need a goal to be working towards, and as a Type A planner I couldn’t agree more What got me thinking was whether I was setting lofty enough goals for myself, or if I was setting goals I knew I’d already achieve. I believe there’s a balance between the two, you want goals that are attainable and actionable, but you also don’t want to limit yourself before you even begin. 🧐🧐I’ll be pondering this this weekend and goal setting for the month ahead 🎃 • I’d love some inspiration - what’s a goal your currently working towards? . . . . . #yogadaily #goalsetting #sdyoga #yogamindset #dreambig #believetoachieve #healthcoach #lifecoach #healthylifestyle #yogagirl #yogajourney #realstagram #beachyoga
is anyone else really ready for the weekend?!? life is piling it on these days (although all good things!) and I’m in need of some extra time to get caught up 🤯 I am very grateful that the weekend is near, I’m also very excited to bring you day 9 of #mindfullightandlove - #lowlunge . this is one of my favorite poses and almost always incorporated into my practice. i like to start with gentle pulses in and out of a deeper lunge to open up my hips, hip flexors, and thighs. once i feel more open in the posture i will work into backbends, starting with gentle lifts of the heart and working slowly into a fuller expression of backbend. from low lunge, I also like taking twists and hip opening stretches. try exploring different variations of this pose, staying mindful of what feels best for your body! . . hosts ✨ @eatflowlive @ninas_yoga @nataliasyoga and sponsor @aloyoga @alo.moves ✨ . . . #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #aloyoga #yogainspiration #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulliving #heartopener #matsyasana #yogaoutside #sandiegoyoga #igyogis
just a friendly reminder to live you life. take risks. be wild. be free. dance in public. fall in love. make new friends. share. laugh. cry. eat cake. and be nice as hell to others @cleowade . . . . #sandiegoyoga #fromthematup #intentionalliving #mandukayoga #downwarddog #yogaposes #mindfulness #igyogis #sdyoga #myyogapractice #yogadaily
your spirit is the part of you that feels like hope || caroline myss . . . day 5 if #mindfullightandlove is fish pose. this poss stretches across the throat, chest, intercoastal muscles and abdomen. as you enter the pose, keep the forearms and palms alongside your body. chest will lift up towards the sky; gently tilt your head back and guide the crown of your head towards the ground. be mindful to keep pressing into the forearms, allowing little to no weight to press through your head. . . hosts ✨ @eatflowlive @ninas_yoga @nataliasyoga and sponsor @aloyoga @alo.moves ✨ . . . #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #aloyoga #yogainspiration #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulliving #heartopener #matsyasana #yogaoutside #sandiegoyoga #igyogis
finding a bit of greenery in the concrete jungle 🌿 . I’m in NYC for the weekend visiting two of my besties and my sister. NYC is a LOT of city for me, but I love the energy and vibrancy that it has ⚡️one of my favorite things to do when I travel is try out new studios. NYC is the perfect city for that because they have SO many studios with really unique offerings. this trip, I’ve gone to a meditation session at @inscape where I was led through a 30 minute mindful meditation for clarity and attended a sculpt class at @modelfit that used focused, full body movement to tone the butt and thighs. this class was one of my favorite barre style classes that I’ve taken. the class flew by, our instructor was super encouraging but also particular about form, and I left feeling sweaty with my muscle a bit shaky 👍🏼 . . . what are your favorite ways to explore a new city? . . . #nycyoga #yogaeveryday #yogalifestyle #dancerspose #kingdancer #yogainthecity #healthytravel #nycfitness #fittravel #flexibility #yogadaily
feeling aligned △ for the longest time I’ve felt that I was working towards creating a life that I had envisioned for myself. I knew what it looked like and what I wanted. while that vision shifted and changed with the years, I always felt like I was still moving towards it, still creating. currently, I feel content. my job, relationships, passions, and life feel aligned and in place. that’s not to say that there isn’t still plenty I want to do, see, and accomplish, but for now, I’m soaking it all in, enjoying each moment of this amazing life. feeling gratitude each morning for the day ahead. practicing being present. living fully. life is good. . . . . pc @apow81490 😘 wearing @aloyoga . #yogaposes #splits #splitsprogress #sdyoga #alignment #yourbestlife #behappy #seethegood #positiveperspective #gratitude #dailygratitude #happiness #yogadaily #yogapracticedaily
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