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Hangry Half-Blood Bahrain | الـبـحـريــن

thank you for always keeping me caffeinated ☕️ @black22bh.
the true definition of a hug in a cup: @bluebottle ☕️.
we all scream for eyescream! 👀 shared this with my main, naturally our toppings were almost identical.
still dreaming of this spanish latte from @bull_coffee_bh ☕️ if you’re looking for the perfect sweetness to coffee ratio look no further!
clean and green 🌱.
none other than the famed pancakes from @sarabethsofficial ! 🥞 like biting into clouds of happiness.
archive: hesitant to have visited on their opening day, exceeded my expectations both with service and food 🥘. this pomegranate salad’s got the perfect combo of sweetness & crunch!
I’ve been everywhere and back, and this cookie has remained unmatched. 🤩
if you ever need an almost all encompassing appetizer, these curly fries are the answer.
truffled scrambled eggs on brioche toast 🤤 glory be the combo.
shrimp dumplings anyone? 🍤
fried rice with eggs, chicken and veggies! the combo I never knew I needed 🍚. the staff were the coolest and friendliest, s/o to the ladies who served us!
yes, this is the shakshouka of your dreams.
freshly caught, perfectly grilled.
slow clap for the nutella x digestive crumbs combo atop cloud-like pancakes.
“beastie breakfast” definitely spartan fuel right here.
been waiting for the day I’d find a moccacino on the menu again, fitting I found it on the slice of heaven that is santorini.
freshly caught red snapper ft. a massive grilled seafood plate 🐟.
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